April 21, 2011

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Why, in April 2011, is Bill Press, a D among D’s – after all, how many D’s rise to the top of the CA state party? – still touting that July 2009 WH presser when he pretended to ask then WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and Mr. Gibbs pretended to answer, this question:  Why do people still not believe President Obama is a NBC?  (And how was Mr. Press able to recall the date of that session off the top of his head, anyway?)

Watch this.

Did you catch when Mr. Press claimed Barack Obama first released his HI birth certificate in 2007 –  “In 2007, the President produced his birth certificate…” – but then checked himself and said this – “…asked the state of HI to, they did; they put it up on line; that’s what they do in HI, end of story.”

Notice that, in this present exchange, Mr. Buchanan asks Mr. Press for the reason that the WH press corps is not asking Mr. Obama why he chooses not to release his birth certificate; but that Mr. Press responds by saying, ‘I did, a year-and-a-half ago; Google it!’  Actually, in 2009, Mr. Press did not ask why the President does not release his birth certificate.  Because releasing this document was not the point of that dog-and-pony show.  Rather, the point of that charade was to reinforce the meme, such document had already been released and was posted on line.  In fact, Press only asked Gibbs this question:

Is there anything you can say that will make the Birthers go away?

thus cueing Gibbs to repeat that the electronic image of the COLB mock-up appearing on the paid political ad called “Fight the Smears” really is Obama’s birth certificate, which he – Gibbs – told Obama to post to silence questions as to whether he was “born in this country.” Id.

(It’s all here; read this.  PRESS BILL PRESS to EARN his  PRESS CREDENTIALS)

But know what really jumped out at me?  Even after Press caught himself, now crediting HI with producing the COLB rather than Obama; and ambiguously using the pronoun “they” to mean either HI or Obama’s campaign; he still acknowledges, this document that was obtained in 2007 was posted on line.  (Does he mean to falsely imply that, once the document was obtained (however it was either ‘obtained’ or ‘fabricated’) it was immediately posted?)  So, here’s the question I would ask Mr. Press.

Given your acknowledgement that this document was obtained in 2007 and subsequently posted on line; and given the fact that the attribution in the footer of the FTS web site containing the electronic image of this document, evidences this was copyrighted in 2007; and given that Mr. Gibbs claims he asked Obama to release this document; then why did the D’s wait until June 2008 to release it?  (This is a rhetorical question.  As I have answered previously, this tripe called “Fight The Smears” would never have seen the light of day if Obama and his co-conspirators hadn’t bungled the theft of the D Presidential nomination so that even after the primary/caucus season ended, no clear winner emerged.  If they had been better crooks then, with the over-weighted caucus votes and accompanying shenanigans, they could have wrapped up the nomination before people started asking questions about whether he was Constitutionally eligible for the job.)

P.S.  And when Gibbs said back in July 2009, ‘I asked Obama to post his birth certificate a year and a half ago’; this really jumped out at “Miri.”  (I told you, the Comments here at “jbjd” can be as intriguing as the Posts!)

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