September 26, 2012

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Whether supporting Israel means, endorsing its people as individuals or, its government; one cannot support Israel without supporting Muslims.

They are in the Knesset, the Israeli counterpart to our Congress.

From the Jewish Virtual Library:

Here are the names and bios of current members of Ra-am-Ta’al, from the official web site of the Knesset: Talab El-Sana, Masud Ganaim, Ibrahim Sarsur, and Ahmad Tibi.  And, as you can see, all are native Israelis. (That is, they list Israel as their place of birth.)

Know what this means? That charging the subway posters championed by Pamela Geller, which do not mention Muslims, are nonetheless anti-Muslim because she is a Zionist, that is, she is zealously pro-Israel; makes absolutely no sense.



September 12, 2012

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It is noon here on the east coast; the news is flooding in on events in Libya and already, the propaganda is saturating the airwaves along predictable partisan lines. And, as usual, unless you take in divergent viewpoints, you will get the story all wrong.

First, especially for those of you who have only gotten your news from blogs; please, listen to Secretary Clinton’s live briefing from the U.S. State Department.


Secretary Clinton’s remarks can help to place in their proper perspective those reports and images found on the likes of  Drudge on the one end or The Boston Globe on the other; I was particularly struck by the clarity offered by just a few lines, not necessarily spoken in this order.

When the attack came yesterday, Libyans stood and fought to defend our post, some were wounded. Libyans carried Chris’ body to the hospital and they helped rescue and lead others to safety.

(Just because you see an image of a man being carried by crowds does not mean, they are doing him harm.)

…we must be clear-eyed in our grief. This was an attack by a small and savage group, not the people or the government of Libya.

(According to the CIA, Libya is 97% Muslim, Thus, it is safe to say, most of the embassy attackers and murderers were Muslim. If you agree that in using the word “savage” to describe those Muslim Libyans who attacked and murdered embassy staffers, Ms. Clinton referred only to the conduct of the brutes and not to either their nationality or religion then, please, leave Pamela Geller alone.)

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