October 20, 2010

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I predict Obama supporters in Florida’s 22nd District will be flocking to the polls in Florida on November 2 to vote for Lt. Col. Allen West, the Republican candidate for Congress.  Here are 10 (ten) reasons why.

1.  Like Obama, West personalizes political opposition, even advocating the use of physical intimidation against his opponents…

…up to and including sending detractors “to the morgue.”

The Florida Democratic Party’s anti-West website claims West encouraged “physical intimidation” when he spoke to a Fort Lauderdale tea party group in March and recounted a scene from the 1987 movie The Untouchables.

“Remember when Sean Connery sat with Kevin Costner in that movie, in that church, and he said you’ve got to understand the Chicago way?” West told the group. “If you understand the Chicago way, you got to understand how far are you willing to go. Because if they send one of yours to the hospital, you got to send two of theirs to the morgue.”

Connery’s actual quote was: “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”

In 2008, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama drew on the same Untouchables scene in speaking to his supporters.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said while campaigning in Philadelphia. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

West last month called GOP primary foe David Brady a “knucklehead” and told the Boca Raton Republican Club: “We’re going to take him out behind the woodshed and we’re going to give him a Southern-fried butt-whoopin’ come next Tuesday. Then after that, we’re going to take Ron Klein out behind the same woodshed and we’ll whoop him too.”

Palm Beach Post News

2.  Like Obama, West both enjoys and simultaneously denies his long-standing close ties with a fringe group whose practices include racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism; and who endorse violence against the U.S. government.

West’s columns, which are reprints of the “Washingtoons” column he sends out for his campaign, appear along with other regular contributors, including Madd Matt, Nuke ‘n Pave Dave, and Chuck On the Right Side.

The monthly magazine is a stew of guys way beyond their prime trying to prove their virility by hanging out with strippers, mixed with a macho editorial content that covers the gamut from middle-school-stupid to just plain vile.

“If Capitol Hill blew up that would make me smile,” Nasty wrote.

Nuke ‘n Pave Dave foresees open fighting on the streets due to “O’Bongo’s” secret plan to take away guns.

This month, West wrote about the degrading politics of “character assassination” while his fellow columnist, Willie Woo wrote about what it would be like to have sex with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Broward County.

“Someone PLEAZZZZZZZZE get rid of Debbie Wasserman Shitz,” Woo wrote. “That yenta annoys the crap out of me with just her whinning (sic) voice. Guys, can you just imagine banging her (UGGGGGGGGG) and she’s screaming at the top of her lungs!!”

West and his bitter band of man-children came to light recently due to an e-mail from a supporter that urged him to stop associating with the dregs of the motorcycle world, especially The Outlaws, a group considered a criminal enterprise by the FBI.

West responded to the e-mailer by saying that “bikers are America” and he defended The Outlaws, which he praised for “guarding” him once while he did a radio interview.

Palm Beach Post

(For more on Allen West and the denigration of women, see the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) web site, which contains excerpts from articles printed in Wheels on the Road, the South Florida monthly biker magazine, to which Mr. West is a monthly contributor) (Warning:  women are referred to as “oral relief stations.”)

3. He, too, employs a private ‘army’ to restrict citizens’ Constitutional rights.

4. He even denounces Constitutionally protected freedoms of press and assembly as un-American.

At an event Thursday, West said “I know here today we have a representative from the Florida Democratic party and he is here to film me and his whole purpose of filming me is to take what I say and allow other people to distort it so they can misrepresent me. You know if we allow those Gestapo-type intimidation tactics to prevail in the United States of America what happens to our liberties, what happens to our freedoms?”Read more:

5. He retaliates against unfavorable press.

Later, West also mentions The Palm Beach Post editorial page’s recent endorsement of his unknown rival in the Aug. 24 Republican primary and (around the 6:15 mark) says, “I have every intention of making The Palm Beach Post pay for endorsing David Brady.”

6.  He says whatever it takes to get elected.

…he would have difficulty disputing that his 22-years Army stint was living the Marxist dream.

West –  the retired Army lietuenant colonel running the second time  for Congress in U. S. House District 22 –  never had to spend a day worrying about corporate bankruptcy, competition, layoffs or a bounced paycheck. Housing, healthcare and food were taken care of by the government.

I am not suggesting the Army should be any other way or that risking your life does not justify this economic security.

What I am saying is that West is hypocritical to question national health insurance, while having taken advantage of a VA healthcare system where everything is owned by the government and everyone works for the government.

It’s absurd to claim to be a spokesman for free enterprise when you choose a professional career of living off the government teat and are now trying to get another “gummint” job.

7. Despite his 6-figure income, Mr. West could not pay his bills, either.

West fails to pay his own taxes and bills

Fact: Because of his repeated pattern of personal financial irresponsibility, West was hit with an $11,000 IRS tax lien for back taxes, three liens were placed on his home for unpaid bills and a judge ordered him to pay past due credit card bills.

And West’s not even being honest about his repeated pattern of irresponsibility, despite saying that “individual responsibility and accountability is the No. 1 cultural problem we have in America“

Last week, Allen West claimed he had proof that a lien the IRS filed against him for back taxes wasn’t valid. He told the Palm Beach Post he would provide it August 25, but that documentation still has not materialized. Then, West wrote in a public statement posted on his campaign website that he had “honestly resolved every issue“ of his personal finances. Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. West still faces an outstanding lien for unpaid homeowners’ assessments in 2009. In addition a separate, new lien was also filed against him in May of this year.


West Faced Several Liens from Homeowners Association—One has Not Been Satisfied. According to records obtained at the Broward County Courthouse, West was charged with three liens from the Fountain Spring Homeowners Association. The following was produced from court documents:

  • 8/27/04: West owed $295. The lien was satisfied on 11/9/04.
  • 8/27/04: West owed $366. The lien was released on 9/13/04.
  • 2/9/07: West owed $995. The lien was satisfied on 3/30/07.
  • 2/24/09: West owed $611.66 Court dockets do not indicate that this lien has been satisfied.
  • 5/5/10: West owed $964.50. This lien was satisfied on 6/22/10.

(Broward County Commission, Fountain Spring Homeowners Association Lien, (several liens), accessed 8/27/10)

2005: West and his Wife Held $11,000 IRS Lien. According to the Marion County Recorder, while West and his wife had an $11,081 federal tax lien with the IRS. Records indicate that the lien was released in April 2006. [Marion County Recorder, 11/17/05]


2009: West Faced Small Claims Judgment. On June 12, 2009 Midland Funding, LLC filed a small claims judgment on Allen West for $2,832. [Broward County Court, Midland Funding LLC v. Allen West, Case No: COWE-09-2538-82, 6/12/09]

2006: West Faced Judgment from American Express. On September 1, 2006, American Express Travel filed a small claims judgment against Allen West for $5,541. [Broward County Court, American Express Travel v. Allen West, Case No: CONO-06-754, 9/1/06]

West’s Income in 2009: $137,589
[West 2010 Personal Financial Disclosure Report]

West’s Income in 2008: $144,520
[West 2009 Personal Financial Disclosure Report]

West’s Income in 2007: $165,632
[West 2008 Personal Financial Disclosure Report] and The Real Allen West

8.  He is not from the place he seeks to represent.

Mr. West lives in the 20th District, Represented by Ms. Wasserman-Schulz (whom Wheels on the Road calls a “whinning” (sic) “yenta.”  Id.

9.He manifests an inflated sense of self.

10.  He is black;  has 2 children, both girls; and a wife with a professional degree.

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