February 18, 2011

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Considerate readers have contacted me to make sure I have seen the latest greatest revelations from World Net Daily, that robust rag orchestrated by Joseph Farah, who rose to infamy at The Center for Western Journalism.  First, a word about WND, before I translate their latest hyperbolic fund raising gimmick.

I have previously pointed readers to “The Return of the Western Journalism Center” in Huffington Post to learn more about Mr. Farah’s own publishing ‘bizzaro world.’

I have also charged that WND features ‘writers’ whose work products have been outed on several bogs as merely being the intellectual capital stolen from others, which pattern of theft is so blatant readers have noticed!

DABIG says:

Fabulous jbjd, just fabulous!
OT; isn’t this YOUR work?!

Take care lady and have a good day tomorrow :)

DABIG: Hey, nice to see you! Thank you; I am really proud of how this turned out. And yes; that work is mine, copied by the infamous Mr. Williams, who shares my first 2 (two) initials, although he capitalizes his. (Even the title of his work parroted mine.) He claimed publicly, on the radio, he received these documents “anonymously.” And anyone who reads WND, or CFP, or any of the other rags that publish work under his name needs to take notice, there is absolutely no guarantee the work printed under his name, is actually his.

Adding insult to injury, because he only steals my work but does not bother to learn what he stole, he misstates what the materials mean. Thus, he knowingly expands the knowledge deficit of his audience as to how our political system works; in contrast to the people who used their superior knowledge to steal the 2008 election. This leaves his audience even less well equipped to combat the ‘usurpation’ of the government from the people who created that government.

You would have to ask him why he has determined to sacrifice the best interests of his audience in this way. ADMINISTRATOR

P.S. (09.09.10): Thank you for having my back throughout the blogosphere. Protecting the integrity of the work is everything.

Given this background, you can understand, I would not have clicked on the link to WND but for the referral by my reader.  Here’s what I found: 


Stunner! Supremes

to give eligibility


another look

Challenge to Obama getting 2nd conference before court

Following was an article about the doomed Hollister appeal, one of dozens of dead ‘eligibility cases,’ along with the perfunctory appeals for funds.

Ha,  as usual, Mr. Farah is hyperbolically manipulating the emotions of WND readers into clinging to the revenue generating lie, the case it cites, already denied a hearing by the SCOTUS, has a legal chance in hell to be re-heard on the merits.  Worse, that such re-hearing could finally force Obama to vacate the Oval Office.  Not the least bit true.

In fact, assuming the ‘fact’ of the reported re-hearing is true, all it means is this.  The SCOTUS is saying, ‘We were so eager to turn down your completely infirm case  involving Obama’s Constitutional eligibility for President; that we failed to issue a separate ruling denying your Motion for Recusal, as required by the Rules.’

It’s a shame so many WND readers, reasonably outraged at the election scam that gave us Obama; fail to recognize they are still being had.

Even assuming any legal case involving the President’s Constitutional eligibility for office could survive judicial scrutiny on all other procedural bases required, try to remember these facts.  No law in 2008, or any provision of the U.S. Constitution, required Electors to only elect a President who was Constitutionally eligible for the job.  (But laws enacted in several states required Electors to only elect the Presidential nominee of the Party.

Got it?

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