July 8, 2010

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Newspapers in South Carolina are printing the fact Ms. Carol Fowler, Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party (“SCDP”) – she is also the wife of Don Fowler, the former Chair of the DNC Services Corporation – just announced she will not seek re-election to that post in 2011; but they still are not printing the real news:

Ms. Fowler’s resignation represents the departure of the last of the 2 (two) key officers in the state Democratic party – Ms. Fowler and Kathy Hensley, Treasurer – implicated in falsely certifying to the SC Election Commission, candidate Obama was qualified for the office of POTUS in both the 2008 Presidential preference primary and Presidential (Electors) election, which Certification of eligibility is required under SC election law before election officials may print the candidate’s name on the state ballot.

Of course, no documentary evidence exists in the public record to support he is Constitutionally eligible for the job, which fact could explain why both Ms. Hensley and Ms. Fowler refused to respond to voters who asked on what documentary basis either woman had ascertained such ballot eligibility.  Given this record of obfuscation, what D in his or her right mind would dare to step up to the SCDP plate in 2011 and swear Mr. Obama is a NBC?  (And keep in mind, in order to skirt admitting to the charges of election fraud already filed with AG McMaster; SCDP cannot now produce documentation they claim is the basis for Certifying the candidate is qualified for office in 2011; unless this documentation existed in 2007, when Kathy Hensley first swore BO was qualified to get on the SC Presidential preference primary ballot.)  See, for example, CAROL FOWLER is CRYING “FOWL” in SOUTH CAROLINA (and I can’t stop smiling!); IF IT LOOKS LIKE a DUCK…; and OPEN LETTER to THE HONORABLE HENRY McMASTER, ATTORNEY GENERAL of SOUTH CAROLINA.

No, instead of real news, we get this.

From the Sun News:

The Sun News reports, State Democratic leader to call it quits come spring

Party chairwoman Carol Fowler told The State she won’t seek a third term in the spring of 2011. Fowler said her decision not to seek re-election is not due to Greene, the party’s surprise U.S. Senate nominee, who is facing a federal obscenity charge.

From The State:

S.C. Democrats planning changes

Party’s leader won’t seek new term; rules might be amended in wake of U.S. Senate nomination

The S.C. Democratic Party will have a new leader next spring following the Alvin Greene political debacle.

Unlike some parties in other states, the S.C. Democratic Party does not endorse primary candidates, meaning the party could not go on the offensive against Greene nor could it aid Rawl.

“I am very squeamish about having the party take official acts to endorse or attack a candidate in a primary,” Fowler said. “We’ve always been more open than that, and I’ve been reluctant to start down the path where party insiders choose the nominee.”

Still, the state party is in talks to mend its rules because of Greene’s win.

“It has been suggested that we require candidates have a (criminal background check) done on themselves when they come to file,” Fowler said, “but no decision has been made.”

After Greene filed, Fowler and her staff researched Greene on the Internet because they had never heard of him . They did not turn up information about his obscenity charge, she said.

From the Post and Courier:

Fowler won’t seek 3rd term

Some Democrats, including state Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg, say the party has learned from the Greene nomination.(jbjd note:  Ms. Cobb-Hunter is black; according to her state government biography, she was a licensed social worker.

“This has been a teachable moment,” Cobb-Hunter said. “In hindsight, of course, some vetting should have been done. Is the Democratic Party responsible? Of course, we are. We fell down on the job.”

Cobb-Hunter said Greene’s opponent, Rawl, also shares in the blame for failing to run an aggressive enough campaign to raise his name identification with voters. And Democratic primary voters share some blame too, Cobb-Hunter said, for blindly choosing a candidate without knowing much about either Greene or Rawl.

“We have a lot of people who are not paying attention to politics, who are uninformed about candidates and who don’t do a lot of homework on their own to see what people are about,” she said. “People didn’t know either one of these guys. This was not just a case of black folks voting for Alvin Greene because his name sounds black. I’ve talked to white people who voted for him as well.”

(“jbjd” readers, what do you think this state representative means by pointing out, black folks who voted for Mr. Greene could not have done so just because they thought his name sounded black since white people voted for him, too?  Is she saying, since white folks voted for this candidate, this means, his name is not obviously black (because recognizing he is black, whites would not have voted for him)?  Or that the fact he is black could not have accounted for all of his black votes since whites also voted for him (and whites who vote for black candidates don’t do so just because they are black)?  Did it ever occur to her, both blacks and whites voted for Mr. Greene just because he is black?  Or worse,  that she is only validating the free choice of black voters, ill-conceived as she finds their choice to be, by pointing out, at least they are not the only dumb voters in her state?)

Interestingly, the coverage of the Greene affair I find most newsworthy – this preceded Ms. Fowler’s recently announced prospective resignation – was this piece published last month in the New York Times.

Back on June 17, the New York Times reported that the Executive Committee of the SCDP rejected the appeal filed by Mr. Greene’s opponent, Vic Rawl, who charged  voting irregularities had tainted the process and could only be cured by a new primary election.

State Party in S. Carolina Rejects Bid for New Vote

State Senator Robert Ford, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for governor, called Mr. Rawl’s protest “just pure nonsense.”

“People didn’t know Alvin Greene from Adam’s housecat, and they didn’t know Vic Rawl from Adam’s housecat,” Mr. Ford said in a telephone interview. “They are picking on an innocent veteran who doesn’t have any clout to look out for himself.”

Mr. Greene and Mr. Ford were the only black statewide candidates in the primary.

Since his victory, Mr. Greene has been reluctant to speak to reporters.

But Mr. Ford, who said he met Mr. Greene while filing to run, offered insight into the motivation behind his bid for the nomination. He said Mr. Greene told him he had looked to the office of Senator Jim DeMint, the Republican incumbent, for help in dealing with his disability, but had received no response.

Mr. Ford said Mr. Greene had told him: “Senator, I’m not interested in campaigning. I’m just trying to send a message to DeMint: I don’t like to be mistreated.”

Hmmph.  A citizen inspired to activism after being mistreated by a public official. Great concept.  I wish Mr. Greene’s idea would catch on, and that SC  voters, black and white, who have tolerated continued attempts by the SCDP to undermine their electoral franchise, and who have petitioned AG Henry McMaster for redress and been ignored; would finally arise as one fed up electorate on the steps of the state capital in Columbia and proclaim, “We don’t like to be mistreated,” too!

And bring the press.


March 25, 2010

Attorney General Henry McMaster has joined several other states in a civil suit to stop Obamacare, based on various claims that the scope of the legislation exceeds the authority reserved to the federal government under several sections of the U.S. Constitution.  But given the mechanism by which the South Carolina Democratic Party certified the eligibility of candidate Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States, Mr. McMaster would have a much easier and less expensive route to contest this monstrosity if he would just exercise his discretion to investigate the charges of election fraud already filed with his office by the citizens of the Palmetto State.

Here’s how Democrats Certified Barack Obama was eligible to have his name appear on South Carolina’s ballot.


I recognized that the language of her handwritten note mimicked the SC statute. So, I wondered, how did Kathy Hensley come to hand write the statutory language that appears on the bottom of Carol Fowler’s typed candidate certification memo? Enlisting Dawn’s help, I can now answer that question.

Turns out, Kathy Hensley hand-delivered Carol Fowler’s November 1, 2007 memo to the offices of the SCEC. Garry Baum said so. He remembered that someone in the office – he could not recall whether he or another staffer – pointed out, ‘she’ “forgot” to add the statutory language that the D candidates listed to get their names printed on the SC primary ballot were eligible for the job. He said she had not noticed this language was missing, on her own.

So, Ms. Hensley added the required language, then and there, along with her signature. And that explains the unusual appearance of the state D party Certification of names for the Presidential Preference primary election.

Please, urge Mr. McMaster to spend your money more wisely by investigating your complaints of election fraud.

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd



October 2, 2009

This will teach me.

Here’s the bad news. I was so anxious to draft the SC Complaint of Election Fraud to the AG, that I assumed Ms. Carol Fowler, Chair of the state D party had submitted the requisite Certifications of Nomination for BO to the SC Election Commission. After all, 2 (two) weeks earlier, she had forwarded the letter confirming the names of D candidates to go on the ballot for lesser offices, Certifying all of these candidates were eligible for the jobs sought. So, even though I hadn’t yet obtained the exact documents for SC I just had to see before I would write a complaint for any other applicable state; in SC, I merely assumed, Ms. Fowler must have submitted BO’s bona fides, too, either Certifying his eligibility independently, as was done in TX; or by forwarding the Certifications signed by NP, Chair of the 2008 DNC Convention.

But I was wrong. Very wrong.

In fact, I just received a document from a reader who calls herself Dawn, which completely blows my assumptions out of the water. Listen to this.

In South Carolina, unlike in most other states (AZ, RI, and NH, for example), the candidates who want to run in the Presidential Preference primaries must have their names submitted to state elections officials by the state parties in order to get their names printed on the SC ballot! And those parties must not only provide these names but also Certify, the candidates are at the time or, will be by the time of the election, eligible for the job. In SC, Barack Obama’s name was on that list of primary candidates who, according to state party Chair Carol Fowler and Treasurer Kathy Hensley, were Constitutionally eligible for the job. But as the evidence indicates, there appears to be no basis in fact on which they could have ascertained he is a NBC. As a result, in addition to alleging fraud against the people responsible for getting the state to print BO’s name on SC’s general election ballot, Mmes Fowler and Hensley are also charged with committing election fraud in the primary election.

And wait till you read who is charged with committing fraud in SC’s general election.

The good news? No one downloaded the old SC complaint! So, here’s the new complaint for election fraud for SC. As always, download the complaint from Scribd by clicking the link below. Fill in your name and address and fax the complaint to AG McMaster, with copies to Marci Andino at the Election Commission; and the 6 (six) named people from the DNC.

View this document on Scribd

And here are the supporting documents referred to in that complaint.

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