July 11, 2010

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Being an ‘in your face’ kinda gal, I always admired the no-nonsense approach indicated in Missouri’s unofficial sobriquet:  the “Show-Me” State.  But the sense of plain dealing that name conjures up is missing from this latest dog-and-pony show coming out of Missouri, involving an unknown candidate for the Republican U.S. Senate primary who is hitching his campaign wagon to the passions he hopes to arouse with complaints the MO Secretary of State discriminated again him by compelling him to prove he is an American citizen or else she would remove his name from the ballot.

It all began when “jbjd” blog cheerleader, Michelle, sent me this video of an interview with U.S. Senator wannabe Hector Maldonado, conducted by Karen Berka from Branson Radio on July 5.  Watch for yourself.

Catch anything funny about this?

Here’s a summary of material claims presented in the video.  Hector Maldonado said he registered with Secretary of State Robin Carnahan to get onto the Republican ballot for U.S. Senate.  (This is the hint that he is is referring to participating in the August primary, where there are both Republican and Democrat ballots, and not the November election.)   (Incidentally, he informed us, Ms. Carnahan is running on the Democratic ballot for that same office.)  She sent him a letter in early May, telling him to provide to her office evidence he is a U.S. citizen, a qualification for office spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.  He ignored the letter.  She followed up with a registered letter, notifying Mr. Maldonado to provide the requested proof of citizenship or be removed from the ballot.  As the result of this 2nd request, Mr. Maldonado provided such documentation, in the form of his U.S. Naturalization papers.  However, he objects to the fact that while he had to produce documentation tending to establish he is a U.S. citizen before Ms. Carnahan would agree to leave his name on the Republican primary ballot; Barack Obama was not required to show evidence of his status as a NBC before his name reached the ballot in the 2008 Democratic Presidential preference primary (and Presidential (Electors) election).  (While not directly addressed in the video, presumably, Mr. Maldonado asked Ms. Carnahan to provide any and all records related to Mr. Obama’s eligibility for office, under Missouri’s open records laws; and was informed, no such records exist.) Mr. Maldonado argues that by requiring qualifying documentation from him but not from Obama, the office of SoS is violating the law.  (I checked; Ms. Carnahan was the SoS for both the 2008 primary and general election.

In other words, Mr. Maldonado charges SoS Carnahan demanded documentary evidence he is a U.S. citizen or else, she would remove his name from the R primary ballot but since no evidence exists in the public record she compelled Mr. Obama to undergo similar scrutiny in 2008; he wants to know why.

I can tell him why; but I suspect he will not be too pleased with my answer.  Because as soon as I got over my initial excitement at the thought Mr. Maldonado’s ‘revelations’ could attract press attention to the massive election fraud pulled off by the D’s in the 2008 election cycle; I started to smell a rat.

Question:  Given that the basis of Mr. Maldonado’s explosive public charges of disparate treatment from the MO SoS are the letters he claims she issued demanding evidence of his qualifications for office; why didn’t he show his audience the letters?

And why didn’t the interviewer, Ms. Berka, ask him to?

I may not be from Missouri but, I am not going to believe a story as easily verifiable as Mr. Maldonado’s tale unless he ‘shows me.’

Figuring he might have posted the letter(s) on his campaign web site, I checked that out.  No letter there either.  Not even a reference to the supposed inequity of this citizenship verification situation.

The absence of any documentary evidence his story was true told me, it was not.  After all, I began insisting more than 2 (two) years ago now, on that same basis, no member of the D party could have ascertained BO was Constitutionally qualified for office.

Now, to see whether his story is even plausible!

I accessed the web site of the Missouri Secretary of State to examine how candidates may register to appear on the party primary ballot.

Notice the options listed under the heading, “Documents Needed for Filing,” number 2, Proof of Identity:  Voter identification card; Missouri driver’s license;  birth certificate; or other form of certified or photo ID.

In other words, when the prospective candidate shows up to register, s/he needs to prove s/he is who s/he says and no more.

Next, I clicked on “Candidate Qualifications,” which displayed this information.

2010 Elected Officials Qualifications

U. S. Senator – Art. I § 3 U. S. Constitution
  • At least 30 years of age
  • Citizen of United States for 9 years
  • Resident of Missouri
U. S. Representative – Art. I, § 2 U. S. Constitution
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Citizen of United States for 7 years
  • Resident of Missouri

That is, “Qualifications” merely rehashes the Constitutional standard for the federal office sought. (Note:  the qualifications for POTUS do not appear on this mid-term primer.  However, if you are interested, here are instructions for candidates who would register for the Presidential preference primary held in 2008.

According to the requirements posted above, candidates must register for the ballot in person; and identification must be provided at the time of registration.  Hector Maldonado registered to appear on the August ballot, on February 23, 2010. So, even assuming SoS Carnahan sought the requisite identification documents in May; why would she have waited until that time to determine Mr. Maldonado is the same man who registered for office in February?  What about the documentation that accompanied his registration?

Because according to the information posted on the SoS site, not every prospective candidate registering for the ballot must do so, in person.  Which candidate is exempt from registering in person?  Why, a member of the military on active duty!   And according to the press release issued by the newly registered candidate, Mr. Maldonado was on active duty until February 28, 5 (five) days after submitting his registration.

This means, his story appears on its face to be not only untrue; but also highly implausible.

It gets worse.

Assuming my hunch is correct and, this is all a big con; who stands to benefit?

Well, back on June 11, 2010 the candidate did a telephone interview with Jonathan Cousar from A Google search obtained this definition of the site: politics, conservative, republican, libertarian, reagan, christian, faith, freedom, ann coulter, michelle malkin, gingrinch, sarah palin, rush limbaugh.”  During the show, both men admitted their close personal ties didn’t start there.  No; as they tell listeners, they traveled together to Washington to protest against ‘Obamacare.’  (Maybe their pre-existing non-professional relationship explains why the interviewer did not ask Mr. Maldonado to provide evidence of his claims of harassment by SoS Carnahan, either.)  The show ends with a plea for cash to be sent to Mr. Maldonado’s campaign web site.

Indeed, dozens of web sites began begging for money with a tie-in to Mr. Maldonado’s passion play out of Missouri.  And I have no doubt that, notwithstanding I have been spelling out for you on this blog for 2 (two) years now the massive fraud Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Bauer, Axelrod, Gibbs, and other players in the DNC Services Corporation pulled off in the 2008 election; many of you were still suckered by these latest ‘save America’ pleas.  (In contrast, PayPal contributions over the past month to “jbjd” totaled $100.)

Thus, as in most big cons, the moral of this story is, ‘follow the money.’

But the lesson of the story is this:  the only way to stop the ‘Chicago combine’ from stealing the election again in 2012 is to seriously examine how our political system works, now.


A bit of good news came out of this wild goose chase, anyway.  In doing the endless research, I learned that MO is an applicable state for citizen complaints of election fraud to the state AG!  That’s right; in 2008, candidates for POTUS from the major political parties had to be Constitutionally qualified for the job! CALLING ALL MISSOURIANS! Contact me ASAP, please, so that I can draft a citizen complaint of election fraud for the “Show-Me” state! (UPDATE 02.13.12: Well, since no one asked me to prepare a citizen complaint of election fraud in MO, which would have required me to cite to the applicable candidate ballot eligibility law; I never focused on verifying that law. But I just read that Mr. Maldonado is filing a ballot challenge in MO, based on President Obama’s ineligibility for the job. So, this time, I honed in on that state’s eligibility law, as it applies to candidates for President whose names appear on the primary ballot BUT WHO ARE ELECTED THROUGH A NOMINATING CONVENTION. And, turns out, the ballot eligibility laws do not apply to them. Thus, no cognizable cause of action exists under those laws with respect to their alleged ineligibility.)


Well, well, well.  Curiouser and curiouser.  I received a Comment from a “jdirt” – s/he uses the name “jd” for short, get it? – who has somehow come up with an image s/he claims is that infamous letter from SoS Carnahan to Mr. Maldonado.  Here is our exchange.


I am a little taken aback by the tone of your skepticism. Not because you are skeptical, that’s a good thing, but because I perceive that you “smelled a rat” just because the letter wasn’t readily available to you. I almost feel that you automatically rebuffed the story without any due deference.

While you point out that there was no evidence anywhere to confirm the veracity of Mr. Maldonado’s statements, it doesn’t appear that you asked him either. People normally don’t post things all over the place. They don’t naturally assume no one will believe them. All you had to do is simply ask.

Here is the letter that you need to prove his statements are true:

(link omitted by jbjd)

Here is an article I wrote about it:

(link to FR posting omitted by jbjd)

(offensive sexual innuendo removed by jbjd)

Here is my response.

It appears that you are attempting to bamboozle FR readers – no a priori moderation there – and subvert my nom-de-plume in the process. “jdirt”? When you chose that moniker, you effectively announced to your audience that any forthcoming work product was suspect. (The sexual remark, while indicating you have a problem with women; did not signal to me you necessarily have a problem with the truth.) You claim to have a letter that “proves” charges lodged by Hector Maldonado against the SoS of MO, related to confirming his eligibility to appear on the R primary ballot (for U.S. Senate), given that under law, all candidates whose names appear on the ballot in MO, must be eligible for the job. Indeed, several questions arose even before I clicked on the Scribd link to that letter you sent to this blog. Who are you? What is the provenance of that letter? In other words, how did this letter ostensibly addressed to Mr. Maldonado, happen to come to you? Why isn’t this letter posted on the candidate’s U.S. Senate primary web site? I looked at the letter which you linked in a comment to my web site. Seems you created both that page and your new name just for this purpose. Immediately visible were ‘cosmetic’ concerns. What happened to the state seal (and the address in the footer and several words clearly missing from the margins)? Where is the designation this was a Registered Letter? Even with these telltale warning signs as to the authenticity of any letter you provided, nevertheless, I read the letter. Again, more questions. The election official in your letter says, ‘We could have accepted voting records to verify the 9-year citizenship required to be a U.S. Senator but you only registered to vote in 2008. Now, we need further evidence you have been a citizen for 9 (nine) years.’ This would indicate to me, the question was never whether Mr. Maldonado was a citizen but rather, was he a citizen for 9 (nine) years. It appears from the clear language of this letter; he could have established this 9-year citizenship with his voter registration alone.

jdirt, given that you are shilling for citizens’ votes for Mr. Maldonado so that he can become a U.S. Senator – did the candidate authorize your efforts on his behalf? – both you and he will have to provide better evidence of his veracity than this, before I will concede, he is exactly who he says he is, let alone subject readers of this blog to such obvious subterfuge.

Ironically, having to re-visit the documentation on which I had relied for this story, in order to respond to claims from “jdirt” Mr. Maldonado had been telling the truth; instead, I found more evidence he had lied.

I said in my article that Mr. Maldonado claimed to have received a “Registered” letter from the SoS.  However, a review of the video from the Branson Radio interview shows clearly, he said, the letter was “Certified.”  (The WND article by Chelsea Schilling often linked throughout the internet to spread Mr. Maldonado’s story also quotes him as saying, this was a “Certified” letter.  However, in all fairness to Ms. Schilling, it would appear she merely transcribed the video of that Branson interview, which accompanies the piece, and did not actually check on any of the claims therein before posting her article.) Oops, I made a mistake and will issue a correction.  (I have been so tired trying to keep up with the work…) But just to be sure, I checked the tape of the radio broadcast of the interview Mr. Maldonado instigated with his pal, Jonathan Cousar, on FreedomTorch, back on June 11.   Guess what?  In this recording, Mr. M. clearly says, he got a “Registered” letter from the SoS.  Listen.

The moral of this update is clear.  If you do not want “jbjd” to catch you trying to con the American people, you will need to get your stories straight.

UPDATE:  07.25.10:

Mr. Maldonado has now posted the theme song for his U.S. Senate campaign.

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