June 4, 2010

(UPDATE 06.07.10): Hearst Newspapers, which formerly employed Helen Thomas as their White House Correspondent, today announced her retirement, effective immediately.

(06.04.10, 23:57: SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM)

You first.

(06.04.10, 23:57: UPDATE): Ms. Thomas has issued a statement of “regret.” According to FOX News, Ms. Thomas, who made the initial offensive remarks after covering the Jewish Heritage celebration at the White House on Thursday, May 27; expressed her regret on Friday, June 4, one full week after the fact. (The FOX News headline reads, Ms. Thomas “apologizes”; however, in her statement, she only uses the word “regret.”) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/06/04/white-house-reporter-helen-thomas-apologizes-saying-jews-hell-palestine/ (Note that, since these comments were made outside of the venue, this means, the widely distributed photograph of Ms. Thomas inside the venue, with BO’s arm around her, was taken before she made her ‘regretful’ remarks.)

I feel sorry for Ms. Thomas; she reminds me of Clark Clifford.

After a lifetime of unblemished public service which included a stint as Secretary of Defense, then 86-year-old Clark Clifford was caught up in the BCCI banking scandal. Five years later he died, at the age of 91. This line brilliantly distills the general consensus of his situation: “Few people in Washington, let alone Clark Clifford himself, could have imagined so inglorious an end to so glorious a career.” http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/cclifford.htm

I cannot help thinking, 90-year-old Thomas, realizing her conduct has similarly erased a lifetime legacy of achievement; is desperately trying to rehabilitate her good name, in what little time she has left.

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