December 29, 2010

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Judging from the outpouring of articles and comments on those other blogs whose focus has included whether Barack Obama is a NBC, the overwhelming consensus is that the latest statements from Hawaii’s newly-elected Governor Neil Abercrombie concerning the President’s Constitutional eligibility to hold that office merely add to the subterfuge forestalling exposure of the fraud that tainted the election cycle of 2008.   But donning my ‘glass half full’ spectacles, I considered the utterances relating to his old pal Barry in a completely different light.

Rather, Governor Abercrombie’s recent pronouncements indicate to me, he believes no documents were available in the public record which could have provided a basis for the oath taken in 2008 by his Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz, then Chair of the HI Democratic Party, to HI election officials guaranteeing then candidate Barack Obama was Constitutionally eligible for the office of POTUS, which sworn statement was required under HRS  §11-113 before these officials could authorize his name to be printed on HI state ballots.  (See Memorandum of Complaint of Election Fraud against Brian E. Schatz, Chair, Democratic Party of Hawaii and Request for Investigation by Attorney General of Hawaii, in sidebar.)

Indeed, judging by his public displays of emotion when the subject is raised, I would say, having realized for the first time that his running mate is a crook, he also realizes by implication, people could consider him crooked, too; and the First Gentleman of HI is steamed! This would explain why the man has been desperately trying to get on the record as having played no part in the sordid affairs of his partner-in-crime, hoping that when the ‘fecal matter’ finally ‘hits the fan,’ his hands will remain clean.

If I am right that he is motivated by penal self-interest, this could be the basis for orchestrating a media saturation just weeks after being sworn in as Hawaii’s 7th Governor making unambiguously clear to numerous news outlets including the New York Times, the AP, and HawaiiNewsNow, citing a similar story in the LA Times, that he is legally prohibited from accessing Obama’s records in the custody of state agencies.   On the contrary, he promised to use his office as Governor to consult with the AG to seek out any legal means by which he could release Mr. Obama’s personal birth information. (Actually, I heard this admission as a ‘twofer.’  That is, on the one hand, confirming that even the Governor cannot access such records, he is reminding voters and law enforcement alike, he is not now (nor was he ever) in a position to rectify (or forestall) Mr. Schatz’s apparent misdeed. Simultaneously, he is pointing the finger directly at Mr. Schatz, begging the obvious question: ‘Since I cannot access these records, how on earth did you?’)

Having to work so closely with the man who likely committed criminal election fraud to fool state election officials into printing Obama’s name on the 2008 ballot, Abercrombie so far has demonstrated he can adeptly straddle the line between accuser and defender.  For example, in an apparent attempt to mitigate against the penalties Mr. Schatz could incur as the result of future prosecution, Abercrombie hinted at demonic possession as a possible defense strategy, citing events may have been influenced by forces from the “dark side.”

Now, I know that other Birthers are also hypothesizing various ‘coincidence’ theories in the timing of what they would characterize is the Governor’s whitewash campaign, for example, possible links to events related to the 2012 election cycle.  But I find Abercrombie’s pronouncements make complete sense merely in relation to his assuming the new office.  Keep in mind, until now, he was only a U.S. Representative, whose sole legal responsibility viz-a-viz Obama’s election was to ratify the procedural vote of the Electors.  Now, as Governor, according to the state constitution, he “shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws.”  State laws, that is.  Including HRS  §11-113.  Could just be that he takes this job seriously.

And  there’s something else I suspect motivating his campaign to ‘come clean.’

In addition to being confronted with the real life consequences of that legal axiom, “the buck stops here,” I imagine the septuagenarian is motivated to “do the right thing” by a panic all too familiar to men and women of a certain age, that is, that a defining event, in this case, implication in criminal election fraud, will become his legacy.

After all, what could be worse for anyone who has dedicated a lifetime to public service, than having one’s legacy in the end be likened to that of, say, Clark Clifford, eternally remembered for his involvement in the international banking scandal known as BCCI?

P.S.  I will tell you what I do find coincidental.  The complaints of election fraud filed by citizens of HI against then Chairman Schatz were addressed to AG Mark Bennett.  One week before Abercrombie and Schatz were sworn in, Mr. Bennett, having spent 7 (seven) years in the office of the AG, announced he was leaving to enter private practice.

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