December 19, 2010

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Regular readers of “jbjd” already know that documentary evidence available in the public record establishes Barack Obama stole the 2008 D Presidential nomination and then snookered a slight plurality of the American people into voting for him by tricking election officials in several states that require eligibility for office as a precondition to printing the candidate’s name on both primary and general election ballots, to print his name on the ballot, notwithstanding neither he nor anyone else who vouched he was qualified for office disclosed documentary evidence available in the public record that would establish, he is eligible for the job.   But you might have missed this.

Mr. Obama has begun wiping the 2008 slate clean, thereby announcing he intends to preserve the option to do this to us all over again in 2012.

Way back in August 2009 I published an article on this blog entitled, RUMORS, LIES, and UNSUBSTANTIATED ‘FACTS’ in which I established that Annenberg Political FactCheck (“APFC”), the source often cited by members of Congress to their constituents whose work they wrongly assert has ‘proven’ the ‘fact’ Obama is a NBC, does not actually check facts.  For example, I showed the image of a ‘newspaper birth announcement’ displayed on APFC’s web site which they accredited to the Honolulu Advertiser claiming the information they were posting on the APFC site had been uncovered by a “researcher” whose results an anonymous commenter then posted on the td (TexasDarlin) blog.   Based only on this chain of custody, that is, unnamed researcher->anonymous blogger->td blog->APFC, APFC now opined that this image they had thus obtained proved Obama was born in HI.  Just to be clear, clicking on the fourth hand image on APFC did not bring me to the work of this “researcher” or, to the birth announcement page of the edition of the Honolulu Advertiser APFC claimed was printed on “Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961.” Instead, it took me back to the td blog.

Yep; APFC claimed to authenticate Obama was born in HI with the use of an unauthenticated image of text they named “Obama’s birth announcement” only viewable through the aid of a computer screen. 

Well, since I first posted that article ‘outing’ APFC in August 2009, a couple of noteworthy changes have occurred.  First, the Honolulu Advertiser is now the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. (The paper ceased publication in July 2010.)

Second, APFC has amended that suspect link so that clicking on the image of that fake newspaper announcement posted on their blog now takes the reader not to the td blog but to the current front page of the recently formed Honolulu Star-Advertiser!  (H/T azgo.)

(APFC has posted several updates on that same page I referenced in my August 2009 expose. But, for some reason, while they note the date and reason for these other updates, they notably fail to mention they updated the link in the fake birth announcement image.)

For those people who bother to verify such information, winding up at the site of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser would be enough to end their search and to assume the information posted on APFC was true.  But we know better.

If you try hard, you can find a link on the front page of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser to Archives from the old Honolulu Advertiser. However, this archive  function only allows readers to trace articles back to 11.30.02.  So, even if this fictional Obama birth announcement was real, readers still could not locate this birth announcement via the on-line Archives, anyway.  If any birth announcements were published on Aug. 13, 1961, evidence of such publication might be found by researching microfiche or microfilm holdings of earlier publications.  These could be ‘screen captured’ and posted on the APFC site.  But they are not.  (Maybe that’s because the State of HI Libraries keep no copies of the Honolulu Advertiser from way back then.  http://www.state.hi.us/lrb/serials1/serialsh.html and http://ipac2.librarieshawaii.org:81/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=129F790MT7494.375&menu=search&aspect=basic_search&npp=10&ipp=20&spp=20&profile=main&ri=1&source=~!comres_train&index=.NK&term=honolulu+advertiser&x=9&y=8&aspect=basic_search)

So, it would seem even with their surreptitious tweaking, APFC again clearly intended to provide inquiring minds with no verifiable evidence the old Honolulu Advertiser carried a birth announcement for Barack Obama on Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961.  On the contrary, if they had meant to support their claims with verifiable documentation, they could have given readers more information than just their word, now or the last time they pulled such tripe.

Then again, why bother, when just their word was good enough to fool people the last time.

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