September 22, 2010

(UPDATE 09.23.10 at end)

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I had wanted to write an article featuring the role played by House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-SC) in orchestrating the race-baiting campaign that catapulted Obama post Nevada and New Hampshire away from becoming just another also-ran in the Democratic Party’s primary and caucus contests; and into position to steal the nomination.  If this was that article I had in mind, I would have opened with this video of Mr. Clyburn’s famous annual fish fry, from April 27, 2007.

But this is not that article.  Because before I examined his role in enabling the Obama Presidency and exposed the reasons behind his race-baiting routine, I wanted to introduce the Representative to you through a brief biographical sketch.  But getting a handle on the educational background of James E. Clyburn proved so slippery, I decided to tackle the piece I originally had in mind, at another time.

First I read the Biography on his Congressional web site.  (I always begin my research with .gov sites since I am paying for these, anyway.)  Mr. Clyburn’s official House site contains no reference to the fact he even attended college, let alone that he (09.23.10) obtained a degree.*

However, his 2009 “Clyburn for Congress” campaign web site reports, he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in History from South Carolina State University (“SCSU”).

Only another Congressional listing shows he received a Bachelor of Science degree, and it was from South Carolina State College (“SCSC”).

Project Vote Smart tells voters the incumbent candidate received a BS in Social Studies from SCSC in 1962 and attended the University of South Carolina Law School from 1972-1974.

An AP site repeats he earned a Bachelor’s degree from SCSU but calls it a BA and not a BS; and now claims he actually received a JD (Juris Doctor) from USC!

(A Bachelor’s from SCSU and a JD from USC?  Well, that would explain this 2007 blurb from The State:

Today, Clyburn will play in the Rudolph Canzater Memorial Classic, a charity event played on five Santee-Cooper courses that honors the memory of his late friend and fellow “golf instigator,” and has raised $370,000 for scholarships to S.C. State and USC, Clyburn’s alma maters.(Emphasis added by jbjd.)

Read more:

Except that the Clerk of the House, whose web site defines a lawyer as anyone holding a JD, doesn’t list Mr. Clyburn as one of the lawyers in the 111th Congress.

And his name is not listed among the distinguished SCSU alumni honorees from 1979-2006.

Or in USC’s notable alumni.

But as you will see, while I am completely lost as to who is the real Jim Clyburn – BA or BS; SCSC or SCSU; law school drop-out or JD – I am certain as to the reason he carried out a well-developed plot based in race,  to rig Obama’s nomination…

(Note:  I want to thank FranSC; Dawn; and azgo for their contributions to this series of articles featuring Jim Clyburn.)

*UPDATE 09.23.10: A reader on NoQuarter pointed out, Clyburn’s House web site does mention, he attended SCSU.  GEESH, even I am confused!  (Actually, the excerpt  was in the background material for the article but I ‘lost’ the note during the transcription.) But here’s the thing.  Why do you suppose the Congressperson mentioned on his official House web site he went to school but did not list a degree?  I can only conclude, he did not obtain a degree.  Because I believe the Congressman.  That is, he only claims he is a college graduate on paid campaign advertising but not on his official House web site, where such ‘misstatements’ could trigger an ethics inquiry under the Rules.



Campaign literature 2009 “Clyburn for Congress” says SCSU Bachelor’s Degree History.  Says, first won election after “reapportionment.”

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