Trudeau Trumps Trump’s Trade Tirade

©2018 jbjd

I just read an opinion piece in the Washington Post, written by a Canadian, excoriating Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau for claiming the high ground in President Trump’s trade tirade.

Here’s where I think most pundits are doing a disservice to the general(ly under-educated, under-informed) public, in both the U.S. and Canada, when it comes to matters of trade.

Before we engage in an analysis of trade between our two countries, even before we consider political affiliation or bent; we should consider the legal basis for the President’s unilateral decision to impose tariffs on Canada, bypassing both Congress and our other traditional trading partners. Taken at his word; Trump unilaterally imposed tariffs on the basis of the legal rationale, this is for national security. And, it’s a good thing he did because, under Article I of the Constitution, which delineates the powers of the Legislative branch, Congress controls trade, a power only partially ceded under Article II, the Executive branch, for reasons of national security, as determined by the Executive. Okay, so far. But all state action additionally requires at least a “rational basis.” So, here’s my dilemma.

Currently, Canadian forces stationed in the U.S., are helping to protect the national security of the whole continent.

 North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) – established in 1958 and based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, NORAD is a Canadian and U.S. bi-national organization tasked with aerospace warning, aerospace control and maritime warning for North America.

Where are the news and opinion writers addressing this seeming “national security” contradiction, even setting aside their apparent indifference to the implications of Trump’s actions on the integrity of our Constitution?

I will be curious to see what “jbjd” readers on either side of the public trade debate think of that.

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