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(See important UPDATE at 21:27, below.)

According to The Fiscal Times; while R Presidential nominee Donald Trump had begun his usual public pablum attack against other speakers featured at the DNC Presidential  Nominating Convention who he felt had maligned him, including his D opponent Hillary Clinton, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Ret. General John Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan from July 2011 to February 2013; as of 19 hours ago; he had yet to attack Gold Star father Khizr Khan. Trump Lashes Out at DNC Critics — Except for One

According to The Hill, as of a couple of hours ago, he still has left Mr. Khan alone. But this doesn’t mean, he left the offensive speech unscathed. Only this time, instead of going after the speaker of the truth-which-stung; rather, Trump went after the man’s wife. Trump responds to Muslim DNC speaker: ‘I’d like to hear his wife’

The comments posted on The Hill are laced with xenophobia and hatred of anything Islam, making their authors easily identifiable as Trump acolytes. Both he and they obviously view the world in the same scary us-versus-them way. And they both miss the obvious point.

Without detailing my life story, let me just say, Mr. and Mrs. Khan are not the first Muslim couple from Pakistan whose demeanor I have been in a position to observe. Perhaps this explains why, rather than seeking out a telltale sign of the stereotypical mute wife pictured in the minds of Trumpettes; I watched Mrs. Khan through the eyes of a mother whose own heart would stop beating if I was to lose one of my sons.

Trump attributed her silence to Muslim female subservience. On the other hand; not surprisingly, I saw a woman who, on the verge of publicly weeping, struggled to retain the privacy of her grief while at the same time proudly looking on as her resolute husband shared recollections of the death of their beloved son for the good of this nation. (Would Trump the Magnificent have us believe he didn’t see her eyes were filled with tears? I mean, I know FOX News did not broadcast the speech, live – Here’s What Fox News Aired Instead of the Speech by Fallen Muslim Soldier’s Father but surely, by now, everyone who missed the live event knows what was said and, has taken a peek.)

Whenever I detected her husband’s subtle touch, or glance, I didn’t automatically pronounce, see, he’s the boss in this Muslim coupling, keeping his wife in her place. Rather, I thought, what profound tenderness, and devotion. I marveled that even addressing the DNC (and the world), this man is not sidetracked from comforting his wife, ever aware she still grieves for her lost child.

Yes, unlike Donald Trump, I watched and recognized their shared pain, manifested differently. I listened and considered the stark distinction between the sentiment expressed here, and the overarching malicious meme of the Trump candidacy.

I cried.

UPDATE at 21:27: Well, well, well. I posted this original article at 2:13 PM EDT. Politico’s Morin published Trump rebuts Khizr Khan: ‘I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard’ 14 minutes after that. In it, she quotes Trump from a taped interview with George Stephanopoulos to be broadcast tomorrow, in which Trump expands his criticism of Mrs. Khan.

But Trump also said Ghazala Khan looked “like she had nothing to say.” He added, “She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

So, I was correct in positing Trump’s seemingly innocuous “I’d like to hear his wife” was just another not-so-thinly-veiled guiding of the masses to augment the pernicious stereotype, all Muslim men subjugate ‘their’ women. And, from the same article, there was this.

Mrs. Khan was interviewed by MSNBC on Friday, the day after the convention ended. “She said she didn’t speak at the convention because she is still overwhelmed by grief.” (Emphasis added by jbjd.) Again, lacking Trump’s anti-Muslim game plan made me right, all along.


My mind is a terrible thing to waste.


  1. jbjd says:

    (I posted this comment on another blog, under an article reporting Trump was receiving negative backlash against him comments about the Khans.) Wouldn’t this be one of the perverse ironies of life, if Trump’s Presidential campaign is finally done in by the courage and sacrifice of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, who became naturalized citizens of the U.S.A.?

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