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In what became known as the “Great Compromise,” attendees at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 formulated a bi-cameral Congress, with one body – the Senate – consisting of 2 (two) citizens from each state; and the other body – the House of Representatives – consisting of 1 (one) citizen fronting for each 30,000 citizens in the state. In this way, the Congressional power of the smallest states, whose populations could be said to be ‘over-represented’ when it came to number of citizens per each Senator; was offset  by the power of the largest states when it came to number of Representatives resulting from superior population. The Constitution and the Idea of Compromise

If we Americans better understood that, the Legislative branch of government is predicated on the fact, this Constitutional republic functions through a representational government, which is intended to fairly apportion power among all of the constituent states; and that, Electors are chosen consistent with this principle, that is, the number of Electors in each state equals the number of U.S. Senators (2) plus the number of U.S. Representatives, which varies with population; then, many of us might not be so eager to scrap the current system and replace it with a one-person-one-vote scheme more consistent with what some mistakenly characterize is, in fact, a Democracy.

To say nothing of the fact that when we finally get around to shoring up our election laws so as to guarantee that only the Presidential candidates Constitutionally qualified for the job may appear on the ballot and subsequently be voted for by Electors in any one state; our endeavors will not be offset by lax conditions allowing anyone to get on the ballot or be elected President by Electors, in another.

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