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If you assume you have a right to know how Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade determines which Presidential candidates are qualified to appear on the 2012 general election ballot; think again.

I received the following email from Kelly C., in which she documents the disheartening results of a follow-up call yesterday to the SoS, 14 (fourteen) days after visiting that office to hand-deliver a letter detailing the problematic meeting she had earlier with Attorney Keith Ingram, the SoS’s Director of Elections, who had dismissed in its entirety her petition to improve access to voter information.


As I write this, it’s really hard to see the screen & keyboard because of all the steam shooting out of my ears…

I called the SoS offices (the one located at the Capital building, in Austin).  I told them who I was, and that I had hand-carried a letter to the Secretary back on Tuesday, May 1st, and was following up on it.  I first verified with this receptionist what she had done with the letter  – “to whom did you initially give my letter for review that day?”  [I had remembered (barely) upon dropping the letter off that day, that she had told me she was going to give it to the “Deputy” (something-something) currently in the office at that time, but I didn’t remember the name.] Well, I was wrong about the ‘deputy’.  The receptionist said she gave it straight to the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, Liz Harris.  I asked to speak to Hope Andrade, and the receptionist said that not only was Ms. Andrade NOT there, she hadn’t been there all this week or last, and she’s not expected back in the office until “AFTER MAY!!!”  But here’s where it gets “ironic”.  The receptionist offered the following tidbit of info on Secretary Andrade:  She’s on a state-wide tour of Texas, EDUCATING VOTERS ABOUT THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS!  <…deeeep breath…>  “Okay”, I said… “May I please speak to Deputy Shorter?”.  Nope.  Not in either, and isn’t expected back at all today.  I then asked to speak to Liz Harris.  Cha CHING!  Progress!  She was in!  I was transferred.

After explaining who I was, and why I was calling, I grilled Ms Harris with the following:

Me:  Has Secretary Andrade even laid eyes on my letter?

Liz:  “Well, I’m sure that when we received your letter, it went through the normal routine of being reviewed….”  stutter, stammer, stutter… “certain process”… blah, blah, blah…

Me:  “No, that’s not what I asked.” So I repeated my question.
Liz:  I’m not sure.
Me:  Where is my letter physically sitting right this moment?
Liz:  In her inbox.
Me:  So you’re telling me that my letter that I PERSONALLY delivered to your office two weeks ago, is sitting in an inbox, that may or may not be seen (much less read) until maybe sometime in June?
Liz:  Well, the Secretary gets a lot of letters…..
Me: I’m very well aware of that. But you see…  the information that I am trying to get to her is pertinent to the very nature of her current tour.
Liz:  Yes ma’am.
Me:  Can you PLEASE have Deputy Shorter return my call at his earliest opportunity? (I gave her my number.)
Liz:  I will certainly give him the message, Ms. Canon,
That’s where the call ended.
I did some more digging…  here’s another story of the Secretary’s tour:  http://www.themonitor.com/articles/andrade-60550-month-county.html


I told Kelly a long time ago; any answer IS an answer. Only – obviously – the answer you get might not be the one you wanted to hear.


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6 Responses to TX VOTING ‘RIGHTS’ on HOLD in the “IN” BASKET

  1. Native Texan says:


    I am running into the same stalling tactics in my attempts to get the attention of state officials. I haven’t been able to get a reply from my State Senator since the initial contact. His assistant says “he is not in but will contact me when he returns to Austin”. Kelly and I, however, will be PERSISTENT in our pursuit of these supposed representatives of “The People” and are not going to take no for an answer.

    • jbjd says:

      Native Texan: Okay, we are now saying that both our executive and legislative branches of government are slow to respond to our concerns. Who has the most immediate ability to remedy the problems we have uncovered? The executive branch. So, while the legislature must at some point weigh in – with input from testimony offered this summer at the House interim election committee hearings – for now, concentrate on the executive branch, specifically, the office of SoS Andrade. And this is where we need numbers of Texans, voting with their feet and dialing fingers.

      Kelly and I have been given a ‘permanent’ slot on Saturday morning on blog talk radio, to discuss these election issues. This Saturday, I have several proposals to trigger appropriate action from the SoS. (More about that later…) ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Native Texan says:

    One more thought. Maybe we should find out where Ms. Andrade is going to make her appearances and help her truly educate the voters on how our election process works. I think I will get right on it.

    • jbjd says:

      Native Texan: Ha; I bet you will! My only concern is this. Will voters at any of these forums be more apt to understand the system if you disrupt her presentation; or will they discount what you say outright because, not knowing the ins and outs of these issues already; they merely assume, you are a troublemaker (as opposed to an advocate for a sane electoral system)? ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Haters will hate says:

    I thought, according to what you taught school children, that “natural born” meant both parents were born in America.


    What does it mean that Rmoney produced a COLB? Where is Texas Darlin? Where are you and other such gutter snipes?

  4. Haters will hate says:

    Romney is a Mexican anchor baby.

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