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I predict Obama supporters in Florida’s 22nd District will be flocking to the polls in Florida on November 2 to vote for Lt. Col. Allen West, the Republican candidate for Congress.  Here are 10 (ten) reasons why.

1.  Like Obama, West personalizes political opposition, even advocating the use of physical intimidation against his opponents…

…up to and including sending detractors “to the morgue.”

The Florida Democratic Party’s anti-West website claims West encouraged “physical intimidation” when he spoke to a Fort Lauderdale tea party group in March and recounted a scene from the 1987 movie The Untouchables.

“Remember when Sean Connery sat with Kevin Costner in that movie, in that church, and he said you’ve got to understand the Chicago way?” West told the group. “If you understand the Chicago way, you got to understand how far are you willing to go. Because if they send one of yours to the hospital, you got to send two of theirs to the morgue.”

Connery’s actual quote was: “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”

In 2008, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama drew on the same Untouchables scene in speaking to his supporters.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said while campaigning in Philadelphia. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

West last month called GOP primary foe David Brady a “knucklehead” and told the Boca Raton Republican Club: “We’re going to take him out behind the woodshed and we’re going to give him a Southern-fried butt-whoopin’ come next Tuesday. Then after that, we’re going to take Ron Klein out behind the same woodshed and we’ll whoop him too.”

Palm Beach Post News

2.  Like Obama, West both enjoys and simultaneously denies his long-standing close ties with a fringe group whose practices include racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism; and who endorse violence against the U.S. government.

West’s columns, which are reprints of the “Washingtoons” column he sends out for his campaign, appear along with other regular contributors, including Madd Matt, Nuke ‘n Pave Dave, and Chuck On the Right Side.

The monthly magazine is a stew of guys way beyond their prime trying to prove their virility by hanging out with strippers, mixed with a macho editorial content that covers the gamut from middle-school-stupid to just plain vile.

“If Capitol Hill blew up that would make me smile,” Nasty wrote.

Nuke ‘n Pave Dave foresees open fighting on the streets due to “O’Bongo’s” secret plan to take away guns.

This month, West wrote about the degrading politics of “character assassination” while his fellow columnist, Willie Woo wrote about what it would be like to have sex with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Broward County.

“Someone PLEAZZZZZZZZE get rid of Debbie Wasserman Shitz,” Woo wrote. “That yenta annoys the crap out of me with just her whinning (sic) voice. Guys, can you just imagine banging her (UGGGGGGGGG) and she’s screaming at the top of her lungs!!”

West and his bitter band of man-children came to light recently due to an e-mail from a supporter that urged him to stop associating with the dregs of the motorcycle world, especially The Outlaws, a group considered a criminal enterprise by the FBI.

West responded to the e-mailer by saying that “bikers are America” and he defended The Outlaws, which he praised for “guarding” him once while he did a radio interview.

Palm Beach Post

(For more on Allen West and the denigration of women, see the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) web site, which contains excerpts from articles printed in Wheels on the Road, the South Florida monthly biker magazine, to which Mr. West is a monthly contributor) (Warning:  women are referred to as “oral relief stations.”)

3. He, too, employs a private ‘army’ to restrict citizens’ Constitutional rights.

4. He even denounces Constitutionally protected freedoms of press and assembly as un-American.

At an event Thursday, West said “I know here today we have a representative from the Florida Democratic party and he is here to film me and his whole purpose of filming me is to take what I say and allow other people to distort it so they can misrepresent me. You know if we allow those Gestapo-type intimidation tactics to prevail in the United States of America what happens to our liberties, what happens to our freedoms?”Read more:

5. He retaliates against unfavorable press.

Later, West also mentions The Palm Beach Post editorial page’s recent endorsement of his unknown rival in the Aug. 24 Republican primary and (around the 6:15 mark) says, “I have every intention of making The Palm Beach Post pay for endorsing David Brady.”

6.  He says whatever it takes to get elected.

…he would have difficulty disputing that his 22-years Army stint was living the Marxist dream.

West –  the retired Army lietuenant colonel running the second time  for Congress in U. S. House District 22 –  never had to spend a day worrying about corporate bankruptcy, competition, layoffs or a bounced paycheck. Housing, healthcare and food were taken care of by the government.

I am not suggesting the Army should be any other way or that risking your life does not justify this economic security.

What I am saying is that West is hypocritical to question national health insurance, while having taken advantage of a VA healthcare system where everything is owned by the government and everyone works for the government.

It’s absurd to claim to be a spokesman for free enterprise when you choose a professional career of living off the government teat and are now trying to get another “gummint” job.

7. Despite his 6-figure income, Mr. West could not pay his bills, either.

West fails to pay his own taxes and bills

Fact: Because of his repeated pattern of personal financial irresponsibility, West was hit with an $11,000 IRS tax lien for back taxes, three liens were placed on his home for unpaid bills and a judge ordered him to pay past due credit card bills.

And West’s not even being honest about his repeated pattern of irresponsibility, despite saying that “individual responsibility and accountability is the No. 1 cultural problem we have in America“

Last week, Allen West claimed he had proof that a lien the IRS filed against him for back taxes wasn’t valid. He told the Palm Beach Post he would provide it August 25, but that documentation still has not materialized. Then, West wrote in a public statement posted on his campaign website that he had “honestly resolved every issue“ of his personal finances. Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. West still faces an outstanding lien for unpaid homeowners’ assessments in 2009. In addition a separate, new lien was also filed against him in May of this year.


West Faced Several Liens from Homeowners Association—One has Not Been Satisfied. According to records obtained at the Broward County Courthouse, West was charged with three liens from the Fountain Spring Homeowners Association. The following was produced from court documents:

  • 8/27/04: West owed $295. The lien was satisfied on 11/9/04.
  • 8/27/04: West owed $366. The lien was released on 9/13/04.
  • 2/9/07: West owed $995. The lien was satisfied on 3/30/07.
  • 2/24/09: West owed $611.66 Court dockets do not indicate that this lien has been satisfied.
  • 5/5/10: West owed $964.50. This lien was satisfied on 6/22/10.

(Broward County Commission, Fountain Spring Homeowners Association Lien, (several liens), accessed 8/27/10)

2005: West and his Wife Held $11,000 IRS Lien. According to the Marion County Recorder, while West and his wife had an $11,081 federal tax lien with the IRS. Records indicate that the lien was released in April 2006. [Marion County Recorder, 11/17/05]


2009: West Faced Small Claims Judgment. On June 12, 2009 Midland Funding, LLC filed a small claims judgment on Allen West for $2,832. [Broward County Court, Midland Funding LLC v. Allen West, Case No: COWE-09-2538-82, 6/12/09]

2006: West Faced Judgment from American Express. On September 1, 2006, American Express Travel filed a small claims judgment against Allen West for $5,541. [Broward County Court, American Express Travel v. Allen West, Case No: CONO-06-754, 9/1/06]

West’s Income in 2009: $137,589
[West 2010 Personal Financial Disclosure Report]

West’s Income in 2008: $144,520
[West 2009 Personal Financial Disclosure Report]

West’s Income in 2007: $165,632
[West 2008 Personal Financial Disclosure Report] and The Real Allen West

8.  He is not from the place he seeks to represent.

Mr. West lives in the 20th District, Represented by Ms. Wasserman-Schulz (whom Wheels on the Road calls a “whinning” (sic) “yenta.”  Id.

9.He manifests an inflated sense of self.

10.  He is black;  has 2 children, both girls; and a wife with a professional degree.


  1. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Thank you again for another great informative post. They just showed on our local news Ron Klein voting in Delray Beach. Debbie Wasserman Schultz when I was still a Democrat many times I agreed with her, sometimes not, but I always admired her hard work, her knowledge,her feistiness-those comments about her/women in general just disgusting. If I ever heard any of my brothers or their friends talk like that (which they never did) they would no longer be welcome in my home.
    “The monthly magazine is a stew of guys way beyond their prime trying to prove their virility by hanging out with strippers, mixed with a macho editorial content that covers the gamut from middle-school-stupid to just plain vile.”
    I think that you nailed something right here, FL is always showing the perpetual Viagra commercials-never ending. The down side Palm Beach County has the fastest growing over 62 AIDS population growth.

    Michelle: You are welcome. It’s this hypocrisy that makes me crazy! If Obama is so bad that you would gravitate toward anyone else on the sole basis, you believe your new hero rejects him and his policies; why run to someone else the record shows is in large part, just like him? Worse, when this record is exposed, why add insult to injury by denying, that’s precisely what you did?

    I wonder how Mr. West explains to his two daughters that he cherishes the company of men who think of them as “oral relief stations”? His wife can rationalize for herself how to reconcile that aspect of her husband with her psyche; but what does she tell the kids?

    Yes, the increased use of Viagra has (arguably) fulfilled a real need; but it appears that the negative consequences, such as increased incidence among the elderly and other HIV-related maladies have been largely ignored. (You don’t hear that talked about much on the campaign trail, do you?) ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Peggy Sue says:


    You should be given a medal for courage with this piece. I just read through some of the responses at the “other” site we frequent [though my participation has been substantially reduced]. I hope you were wearing a flak jacket!

    Though amazed by the vitriol of several posters, I’m not terribly surprised. So much of this alligience to Tea Party candidates, even in regards to the most eccentric, appears fueled by blind rage and jingoistic fervor. Facts are irrelevant and any opposition/criticism is met with absolute hostility. It really does remind me of 2008, when anything negative about Obama was labeled unreasonable, idiotic, traitorous or . . . racist.

    Herd mentality lives on!

    Makes me wonder where the heck we’re headed as a country. It’s hard to be optimistic when so many people are willing to put reason and critical examination aside. And I love the name-calling, you craven, PC Liberal you. :0) Of course, the bandwagon slurs are deja vu moments as well, a classic propaganda tool.

    Oy! I’ll be glad when this election is over.

    Peggy Sue: OMG, am I glad to hear from you! Yes, please, give me a medal! I have to tell you, I was surprised at the level of vitriol! But then, there was this exchange, which explained everything.

    Oa writes, “We need Congressmen who will vote “NO” on Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Stimulus, Bailouts, and any other Progressive bullshit our current “Leadership” dreams up.” And AA, creeper, and T2TP “Like” that comment.

    What on earth do you mean when you insist no matter what, you will endorse a Republican based on the certainty s/he will reject what you describe as a “Progressive” “Stimulus” or “Bailouts”? PRESIDENT BUSH, (R-TX) SIGNED TARP INTO LAW, IN OCTOBER 2008. AND GUESS HOW MANY REPUBLICANS VOTED FOR THAT ‘BAILOUT/STIMULUS’ BILL?

    Can you imagine, they are even unable to discern fact from fiction in their own political ‘wish list.’

    And I left this message for TeakWoodKite, another ‘safe harbor.’

    TWK writes, “Not that it matters, but jbjd is not a troll. You may agree or disagree, but the presentation is factually based.”

    Everyone here knows I am not a ‘troll.’ I am called names not because people here have no accurate sense of who I am and what has been the focus of my work. The venomous personalized dissent derives not just from differences of opinion in this thread or others but because of hidden agendas and vested interests. For example, some of our posters became quite vituperative when I suggested the style of another well-known Birther did more harm than good, as undermining the credibility of those of us who point to the real lack of evidence in the public record on which anyone could have ascertained that Obama is a NBC. Some attacked when I cited their work on caucus fraud had no bearing on the outcome of the 2008 election and was not legally actionable, anyway, as being strictly a private club matter. (They became even angrier when I pointed out, while they were whining about a situation that did not impact the final outcome of the election (but was inherently unfair), unfettered by direct citizen action, TX decided to continue the caucus into 2012,) Some became incensed because I questioned the efficacy of a non-lawyer interpreting laws contrary to standards of statutory construction. Et cetera. And one of our posters just is not very fond of Jews.

    But regardless of the motivation for these incessant attacks, it is clear that rage, real or feigned, has replaced reason, if reason ever existed.

    (Not surprisingly, my specific response, and others like it, which point to the flawed reasoning used to attack me, only heightens the rage of the attacker, carried over to the next post, and the next… until all that survives is the rage. Not a citizen well-versed in how our political system operates and how to make it work better; but one who only seeks to cure what in this instant ails by putting his or her favored candidate into office. And who is this candidate is determined not by individual conduct but, even where conduct is virtually indistinguishable, only by the party designation after the name.)

    But our other site is not alone in its exaggerated response to this article. I regularly post on FreeRepublic, and in the past have engaged in fruitful discussions with posters there. Tonight I posted this article; within several minutes, my posting ‘privileges’ were rescinded. Oh, I still got hundreds of hits from that site; and several comments over there; but I could not respond. (Luckily, posters can see I have been banned and so (hopefully) do not think I am ignoring them!)

    Imagine, I don’t swear or ridicule or post repetitive comments; but I have been banned from sites left AND right of center, which fact, as you imply, tends to establish how alike are the fringes. ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Peggy Sue says:

    Yes, and that aspect is actually scary. This absolute, toe-the-line attitude, the refusal to look at facts and the unbridled rage only serve to make any rational discussion impossible. Maybe that’s the point. Discussion is unnecessary when a group is convinced it’s 100% correct and any disagreement marks you as a “craven” enemy. Off with your head.

    These are dangerous times we’re living in.

    Btw, the response you noted: We need a Congressman who will say NO to Obamacare, Cap and Trade, yada, yada is being fueled by this nonsense that The Leader is a socialist/Marxist, as well as anything that smacks of reform [not suggesting the healthcare bill fits this descriptive] and God forbid is seen as Progressive. The very word “progressive” has become tantamount to sedition. You cannot talk people out of this idea. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed.

    Meanwhile, I read a article that Corker, Republican Senator from Tennessee, told a group of supporters/donors that the Republican leadership has absolutely no intention of repealing the Healthcare Bill. Reportedly, there was an audible gasp in the room. The Republicans want revisions but they’re not looking to overturn the bill, despite all the hype. Why should they? It’s a grand giveaway to their best friends: Big Pharma and the Insurance Companies.

    I suspect there’s going to be another round of very disillusioned people when this all plays out. It’s one thing to pound your chest on the campaign trail, quite another to follow through in DC.

    From where I sit, the electorate is being played, again.

    Take care and buckle up. I’m guessing we’re in for a very rough ride.

    Peggy Sue: Great comment! I call Obamacare the “Mandatory Purchase of Private Heath Insurance” Bill. Makes sense public officials with R after their name would not repeal it, notwithstanding the will of their constituents. I have written articles pointing to the fact, the R’s have done nothing to redress the fraud in the 2008 elections, either, asking, ‘why are we letting them off the hook.’ Especially in TX. But people are not listening. They jump from one messiah to another, ‘save me, rescue me,’ still missing the power that is vested in themselves to change things.

    Can you imagine the rage expressed on that one thread, against “jbjd,” an anonymous blogger, just because I documented opposition to the candidacy of their favored candidate? No matter I de-constructed the fraud of the 2008 election cycle, so that now, what I first wrote more than 2 (two) years ago is the accepted wisdom. (Two years ago, focusing just on election fraud viz-a-viz the D’s who swore to state election officials in applicable states that Obama was qualified to get on the ballot (how did they know?), also aroused great ire. At that time, people who did not understand the ‘system’ would have nothing less than a court case that compelled Obama to prove he is a NBC.)

    I re-visited that other site and flagged every comment that included swears aimed at me (and not at my opinion). (I noticed, they went after you, too.) But given that none of the writers over there, including the blog owner, intervened to protect me, I doubt they will intervene now. Well, wait till they see my piece on Joe Miller of Alaska… ADMINISTRATOR

    • Peggy Sue says:

      Ooooo, I look forward to the Miller piece. And he’s another TP candidate that’s been touted as: He da Man. But when you lift the corners and start peeking at the man’s history, it’s not very attractive. I don’t find the political philosophy attractive at all, but in Miller’s case there’s personal hyprocrisy involved. And that’s why, I believe, many of these candidates shy away from the press–they don’t want those questions asked.

      Of course, you’re right, I’m not too popular on the old homestead site right now. Can’t win ’em all :0).

      Btw, the spleen directed towards you on the West article was totally over-the-top. It’s pretty classic group-think–there is absolutely no tolerance for criticism or difference of opinion right now. 2008 revisted!

      Peggy Sue: Good observation. (“And that’s why, I believe, many of these candidates shy away from the press…”.) (I thought it was because all they had to offer was platitudes, but not specific prescriptions for cures. Because they were too unfamiliar with the issues, and specifics.) I went back to comment on the brouhaha over Juan Williams. They are furious at NPR’s silencing of an opposing view. They say this is a common ploy of “Progressives.” One commenter said something like, ‘They are afraid given the facts, people will begin to have a negative opinion of Muhammad.’ Needless to say, with such a glaring double standard staring me in the face, I added my 2 cents’ worth… ADMINISTRATOR

      • Peggy Sue says:

        jbjd said:

        (I thought it was because all they had to offer was platitudes, but not specific prescriptions for cures. Because they were too unfamiliar with the issues, and specifics.)

        That, too, in many instances. Unfortunately, campaign-speak seems to be how the vast majority of pols preform these days, in or out of office. The TP candidates have simply turned it into an art form.

        One of the few people in recent years who actually spoke specifics on the campaign trail was Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton, whether you liked him in office or not, had and still has the same gift, taking complex, real issues, breaking them down, and then offering ideas and possible solutions in understandable language.

        It’s the difference between true leadership people and flag-waving wannabes. This business of electing people “just like me?” I want to elect people who are smarter, more savvy than me and have a handle on a wide range of issues. I love my dog groomer but I wouldn’t vote her into the US Senate. Nor would she ask me to.

        I haven’t read the specific articles you mentioned on the Williams’ firing but from what I’ve heard and read from other sources, both sides are attempting to make political hay out of the news. Sadly, Progressives [not that there are a lot of true progressives out there any more, and the ones that are frequently get drowned out by all the noise] have become the whipping boy for every evil in the world, every problem with the country.

        I wish people would read their history and recount all the things “The Progressives” supported, sacrificed and fought for over the years, things we [ordinary people] take for granted now. It’s a remarkable legacy being deliberately tarnished through blatant ignorance and misdirection. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me when I hear people like Margaret Sanger called a racist without a single acknowledgement of what the woman did, how hard she worked, struggled, put up with all manner of insult to make things better for immigrant women, all women. No, she’s cast aside by progressive-haters as a racist, period.

        Progressives have become the boogie man everyone is eager to kick around. Instead, we’re suppose to bow down to the Masters of the Universe–the bankers and Wall St. gang, the corporatists, the war mongers and all their political cheerleaders.

        I don’t get it. In fact, IMHO it seems suicidal.

        Peggy Sue: Whoa, what a wonderful comment! One of the many things you said which jumped out at me is this: “It’s the difference between true leadership people and flag-waving wannabes. This business of electing people “just like me?” I want to elect people who are smarter, more savvy than me and have a handle on a wide range of issues. I love my dog groomer but I wouldn’t vote her into the US Senate.” This is the greatest dilemma, for me, too.

        Do we elect from among us officials who truly are representative of the majority of us constituents, as measured by such rubrics as intelligence, income, personal characteristics; or do we elect ‘better’? (I want to remind everyone, we are not a direct democracy, where the majority rules and the minority is ‘on its own.’) I, like you, come down on the side of ‘better.’ With a catch. See, just because each of us cannot contemplate the answers to all of the problems that face us, we at least have to recognize these problems. That is, we have to do some of the work to identify the issues and problems facing us. I could justify this on a practical level. For example, if the government, based on, say, the word of a company that manufactures a product; assures me that product is safe for my children, when it is not; who suffers are my children. That is, the damage of the lie inures to my children. So, I want to investigate the company’s claims independently.

        Another practical reason for being a well informed citizen is that this ensures, my elected official can address those issues I bring to her or his attention. One person, however competent or well-intentioned, will not be aware of every problem that needs solving.

        Finally, keeping tabs on current events and cross-checking against the performance of our elected officials keeps them ‘honest.’ A good public official welcomes the scrutiny of constituents.

        (I could write volumes on the role of an elected representative of the people; I will write more later.)

        The other problems you point to which are associated with the word “Progressives” arise in large part because people fail to understand what that word means and, instead, are associating the word with people or programs commonly misidentified as progressive, or not identified as such when they are. Recall the comment on that other blog, in which several people agreed, they will elect a Republican if for no other reason that this: that official is guaranteed to vote down a bailout or stimulus bill. And I responded that President Bush, R, signed the TARP into law, after numerous R’s in Congress passed it, first. ADMINISTRATOR

        • Peggy Sue says:

          As you have reminded us repeatedly, jbjd, if we want to live in a free society and protect our Constitutional Republic, we need to conclude that: this ain’t a spectator sport. We need to be engaged and informed and stop looking for “saviors.” Even though I admire the Clintons and their leadership qualities, they’re not saints. Electing anyone is only part of the task. Holding their feet to the fire is even more important.

          I’ve enjoyed the back and forth conversation! Btw, I liked your “swarm” comment over on the other site. Tried to insert a “like.” The page wouldn’t accept it. But it was a good zinger!

          Peggy Sue: As you can imagine, keeping up this blog, and commenting on other blogs, takes up much of my life. I could not continue this endeavor if I did not achieve the satisfaction of knowing, what I do helps people to understand how our political system works. And that, regardless of how people feel NOW, at some point, even my most ardent opposition might take a second look and learn something. Luckily, I never feel I am in a sort of ‘us/them’ dichotomy. To me, we are all ‘us.’ Even those of us who would use our superior knowledge of this system to take advantage of those of us who are less informed. But I admit, I do get discouraged when people fail to intervene to curb the bullies. WWII ended more than 90 years ago now. But Pastor Martin Niemoller’s words are no less timely today. (‘They came for the Communists but I am not a Communist and so, I did nothing…’) (I just discovered this site; it looks worth investigating further! jbjd) ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-because I grew up in a construction family-the only analogy I can compare this with is this is the foundation of the problem. Laws were broken-with both the D’s and R’s complicit, involved etc. No messiah can fix this, all that can be done now is obey the law, follow the law, let the law(s) handle these problems-isn’t that why they are enacted in the first place? (talk about wasting money), respect for our laws must come from all of our citizens no matter party affiliation.
    “I have written articles pointing to the fact, the R’s have done nothing to redress the fraud in the 2008 elections, either, asking, ‘why are we letting them off the hook.’ Especially in TX. But people are not listening. They jump from one messiah to another, ‘save me, rescue me,’ still missing the power that is vested in themselves to change things.”

    Michelle: Perfect. Thanks for the ‘cover.’ ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Mick says:

    (Disclaimer from jbjd: This comment contains many of the literary ploys – personalized attacks including name-calling and lack of specific citations, for example – usually removed from posted comments, if I post such comments at all. But this comment was such a prototypical example of such a problematic comment, I decided to post it, anyway, for comparison’s sake.)

    I have known for a long time that you are merely a leftist feminist whiner, absorbed w/ your main girl, Hillary, and how she was screwed out of the nomination by the Kenyan Usurper. Your posts about fraudulent State Nominations and Nancy Pelosi’s fraud are simply sour grapes that your ‘girl’ Hillary lost. You go round and round saying the same thing over and over until the post becomes a puddle of mud, then protest that people are stealing your intellectual property. In the end you are nothing but another leftist lawyer w/ self serving agenda (like Berg). Where is your citique of Klein? He and Wasserman Schultz are the worst kinds of statists, and they need to be separted from the government Teat. That you support them speaks volumes. They are the worst sort of cancer in the Federal Government, and need to be cut out immediately. As for your legal theory about fraudulent state nominations, why aren’t you representing someone using that theory as we speak? And if you live in Fla. then why are you not pursuing the much more plausible theory that Fla’s. Federal Candidate’s Oath of SS 99.12 has been fraudulently ignored by the Presidential Primary Selection Committee. Answer: because you are much more interested in getting your fellow feminista elected, than unseating the Usurper.

    Mick: One of the lines in this comment evidences you have at best only an incomplete idea what goes on here. You ask, “As for your legal theory about fraudulent state nominations, why aren’t you representing someone using that theory as we speak?” Huh? Criminal election fraud is a state crime, and not a civil tort. Since the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement person in the state. citizens are ‘complaining’ to their state A’sG this crime was committed. In this regard, the citizen is only the state’s witness to a crime (committed against the State).

  6. Mick says:

    Then your blather and Prototypes and complaints of stealth of intellectual property are all alot of nothing aren’t they? I don’t have to post specific citations, this is not a class. Any objective reader of this blog (not the PUMAS) can find all examples of my anaysis of your silly blog. You ramble on and on and say basically nothing.

  7. Michelle says:

    “who so wrong and tried to right it” upon the murder of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy-
    I see a wrong and I’m trying to right it-
    I am an NBC Chicago-Dem until the election fraud of 08
    documented and witnessed by millions of Americans.
    Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy
    The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.
    Presidential hopeful, residents’ complaints
    (Boston Globe) At a dilapidated Chicago housing project, some see problems with Obama’s favored housing policy.
    This is the primary reason I did not vote for Obama among many others-the cesspool of corruption Chicago’s South Side is notorious even in the all the suburbs–20 years a slum landlord a record to be proud of “community organizer” just code for stealing the taxpayers money (federal, state and local) payola to political cronies.
    Ultimately this is a fairness issue-as a Chicagoan one thing I was not, was a sports fan but one thing I can say about sports fans they will fight a perceived injustice-bad call by an umpire. How I wish our government (all branches, all states) was so into seeing wrongs and righting them-no human can fight God’s truth. The truth never changes it is the one constant-so lies-cover-ups etc., can continue but the truth will remain a constant.
    One particular episode sticks out in my mind-after the Bears won the Super Bowl thing-a police officer ticketed Iron Mike for drunk driving. Some Chicago sports fans wanted to “kill” the officer (their words not mine) for ticketing Mr. Ditka. I had the radio on when Iron Mike himself had to tell the sports fans on the radio to cool it the officer was just doing his job and Iron Mike deserved the ticket(I think not long after Iron Mike sought help for his drinking problems).
    Moral of this-it is a moral and ethical responsibility for all citizens of the United States of America to just do their jobs. God Almighty is watching.

    Michelle: Spot on. If only for the City of Chicago public housing fiasco, which I knew all about because I read read read the Chicago newspapers and pundits; I would have voted AGAINST Obama. (I would bet you and I are not the only two people who think of eternally 3-year-old Curtis Cooper when we think of public housing in that town.) But as far as I am concerned, this was actually a criminal enterprise whose underlying purpose was to launder money with the aid of Obama’s now-former employer, the David Law Firm.

    I recall that DUI/DWI incident with Mike Ditka. But he is a man’s man and so, when he says, ‘Lay off the cops, they are doing the right thing,’ people listen. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. Michelle says:

    I’m going to remember Curtis’ parents at Mass tonight, babies go straight to Heaven. I wonder how many other babies and other people were killed in 20 years in those slum buildings, so unsafe the properties themselves, the vermin, the freezing in winter, the baking in summer, water/plumbing that wouldn’t work, inadequate stoves (fires)-Blood Money that is what it is-Blood Money. I believe Blood Money is cursed money just like the Nazi Blood Money nothing good comes from money like that.

    Michelle: You are a kind and gentle soul. I wish Curtis’ mom could know how many of us keep her and her beloved son in our thought and prayers. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. Al says:

    Hi jbjd

    Another interesting post, and after viewing Col. West’s website and observing his mannerisms further, yes, have to agree with much of your prediction/assessment, especially with No. 9(he and the “Messiah”/Prez Obama couldn’t be in the same room with their hugh egos intact–maybe an outdoor stadium together, but appearing together in the same room may present a challenge).

    Have a good week. Back next week to lurk and learn some more.

    Al: I am glad you ‘got’ the similarities. As you might have gathered from reading references in some of the comments here, to comments which appeared on another blog that features my work; some people were incensed that I had undertaken to criticize Mr. West, let alone that I had done so by contrasting/comparing his conduct and manner to Mr. Obama, the man ‘we’ love to hate. I pointed out (over there), when I post information that could tend to reflect poorly on Boyd Richie, or Nancy Pelosi, or Jim Clyburn – his next piece will be up tomorrow; it’s a doozie – no one objects. (Of course, over here, we tend to criticize with reasoned objections and not hyperbolic rants that end with “f*** you.”

    I know people are angry; but the vitriol of this targeted attack only confirmed to me, the messianic nature of the man’s supporters. (I need to add that to an update!) ADMINISTRATOR

  10. bob strauss says:

    jbjd, scuttlebutt over at CW is something is happening in South Carolina that has the democrats scurrying for cover. I was wondering whether any of your research was being put to use, to use election law, to repair the damage this last election has caused?

    bob strauss: Thank you so much for bringing this information to my attention. (Michelle) forewarned me yesterday, too.)

    What a riot. I post numerous articles about SC election fraud and Jim Clyburn, including a video of JC’s fish fry in 2007 that looked just like an Obama endorsement cum campaign commercial; hand written scribbles to the SC Election Commission that Obama is eligible for office; and more such facts after facts that something rotten this way comes. But HillBuzz spreads rumors something is up in SC; and now, they claim they are getting death threats, and publicly challenge their supposed harassers with taunts of ‘bring it on, “bitch.”‘

    Anyone can do a search on the “jbjd” blog for articles/comments mentioning Jim Clyburn or SC. From the CBC’s college scholarship ‘hedge’ fund to the missing millions channeled to the JC Transportation Center at SCSU; to contributions to his Bridge PAC; I have covered it all. And tomorrow I will post the final Jim Clyburn article, which reveals what he got in the quid pro quo for introducing the race-baiting campaign that ensured Obama would wind up in a position to steal the D nomination.

    I have received no threats. Ha, HillBuzz won’t even post comments from “jbjd.” Ever since I pointed out on that blog, one of their favorite ’causes,’ the purveryors of the film “We Will Not Be Silenced” are wasting their time attracting investors to enable them to complete the film, and whining about caucus fraid if their real goal is to fix what went wrong with the 2008 election cycle and to prevent it from happening again, and not just notoriety. (Here’s a comment I posted on AtlasShrugs which sums up my opinion in that regard.)

    Hillbuzz Boys are still promoting “WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED,” which chronicles caucus ‘fraud’ in the 2008 election cycle. But what they call caucus ‘fraud’ is not against the law, as the conduct they allege merely implicates the rules of a private club, the DNC Services Corporation, and not state law. Why this focus on the abominable conduct that seems to have occurred at caucus sites? I don’t know. A different voter outcome at caucuses still would have failed to give either leading candidate the number of delegates required for the D nomination. (In the end, it was the bought and paid for oral commitment of the unpledged PLEO’s (party leaders and elected officials) or, super delegates, that persuaded even Clinton pledged delegates from vote binding states, she had no chance, and resigned them to switch their votes to him. Thus, Obama, who began with not enough pledged delegates to win the nomination; took the nomination without one single recorded vote from a paid off super delegate. (This is all documented in my COUP series.) Yes, caucuses are unfair; that’s nothing new. By their nature – scheduling, organization, and time commitment – they exclude discrete segments of the population, for example, elderly, single parents of young children, disabled, shift workers, and the military. So, how have these people associated with this film actually used the information they assembled to eliminate this unfair caucus system they rail about? Well, other than hawking the film to various national news outlets and soliciting funds in the blogosphere to complete filming (?), nothing. When the Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”) held its convention in June 2010, there were no public screenings of the film in the parking lot; no introduction of the film in local media; no state delegates invited to view the film either inside or outside of the venue. The TDP voted to keep the Texas 2-step (the name given to the joint primary/caucus contests) for the 2012 election. The Tribune called this “another Texas victory for Barack Obama.”

    Both producing and consuming the work that goes on here is labor and time intensive. There is a concerted give-and-take wherein people who have re-read my articles trying to grasp the full implication of the research ask questions until they are satisfied, they really ‘get it,’ and, therefore, can use their new found knowledge to assume tighter oversight of their electoral process. But HillBuzz peddles in gossip that attracts death threats and “thousands” of readers that thus far have bypassed “jbjd”? Hmmm… go figure.


  11. bob strauss says:

    maybe the people at hillbuzz are just waking up to the criminality of the Obama regime, two years too late.

    bob strauss: You used the operative word: “criminality.” Election fraud is a criminal offense. (And so-called caucus fraud is not criminal election fraud, as caucus conduct only implicates internal club protocol.) Even if just the web sites who have charged Obama stole the Presidency but fail to endorse my work or to even allow my comments on their blogs, had championed the filing of the citizen complaints of election fraud to state A’sG in applicable states which I drafted and posted for free download… well, when the truth I have exposed here on this blog finally comes, let’s see what excuses these other blogs offer for their failure to help me expose the truth. ADMINISTRATOR

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