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James E. Clyburn (D-SC) is the only Congressman the citizens of the Palmetto State’s Sixth Congressional District have known since a contentious re-apportionment created the oddly shaped majority minority district in 1992.  Here’s how the Congressman describes the Sixth on his Congressional web site.

The Sixth District contains five of the state’s six poorest counties and has the state’s lowest per capita income.  Many of these counties are found along the I-95 corridor, which bisects the Sixth District.  This two hundred mile stretch of interstate has been dubbed the Corridor of Shame, because it is home to inadequate public schools, high unemployment rates, widespread poverty and alarming rates of strokes, diabetes, and prostate cancer.  Textile plants have closed throughout the district due to outsourcing, and tobacco farmers in the eastern portion of the district have seen their livelihood evaporate…

The Sixth Congressional District has suffered from decades of neglect.  However, Congressman Clyburn is providing the leadership and vision to create a better future for all its residents.

Well, Mr. Clyburn, may I just point out, if the “Sixth…has suffered from decades of neglect,” the last 2 (two) of those “decades” have been at the hands of your “leadership and vision.”  Indeed, the I-95 corridor, contorted to retain its majority minority status, just became known as  the Corridor of Shame under your watch.

Here’s how it earned that name.

The Charleston Tea Party, which wants to replace Mr. Clyburn with Jim Pratt (R) – “If he has made no improvements in eighteen years why should we believe he will be different in the future?” – posted this Map of the Recession in South Carolina (Post and Courier).  Immediately below that is the map of the Sixth District as it appears on Mr. Clyburn’s House web site.

Did you notice how closely the ‘Corridor of Shame’ overlaps Mr. Clyburn’s Sixth District?  (Did you notice that the video advertising the film “Corridor of Shame” features Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) but not him?)

So, why is the Sixth so poor?  Well, as Mr. Clyburn points out, one reason is that industry is moving away.  This means, unemployment is rising.  Property values are falling.  And funding for schools is in large part determined by property taxes.  So, what is the powerful Majority Whip doing specifically to attract new businesses and try to hang onto the old?  Listen carefully.

Congressman Clyburn has been a vocal advocate of improving these negative statistics by focusing on a brighter future for the Sixth District through transportation and tourism.  He has established and secured funding for the James E. Clyburn Transportation, Research and Conference Center at South Carolina State University.  This facility will enhance transportation infrastructure in South Carolina especially in rural areas.  It will conduct research in alternative fuel sources, and educate transportation innovators of the future.

Get that?  He has “established and secured funding for the James E. Clyburn Transportation, Research and Conference Center at South Carolina State University.”  (In his campaign advertising, Mr. Clyburn claims SCSU is his alma mater.) What he didn’t say is that he began securing funding for transportation related research and programs at the school in 1998.  That’s 12 (twelve) years ago.  So, why the dramatic increase in poverty and unemployment in SC’s Sixth under his watch?

Maybe because the funding for the project stopped in 2006 when most of the 50 (fifty) million dollars spent thus far could not be accounted for.

From The Post and Courier, June 14, 2010.

Transportation center stalled

ORANGEBURG — Twelve years and more than $50 million later, the site of the James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center remains vacant, no transportation research is underway and the center lost its federal designation.

The center, a collection of programs at South Carolina State University, was launched in 1998 as one of dozens of such centers around the country with money from the U.S. Department of Transportation. It was supposed to conduct research and train skilled workers, especially minority workers, in the transportation industry.

But the DOT cut off further funding after 2006. The programs have limped along since then with money left over from the transportation grant and other federal grants.


Diane Knich
The future site of the James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg

A federal audit on one of those grants, the National Summer Transportation Institute, found that the school’s financial records were so messed up that accountants couldn’t tell where millions of dollars went.

This past summer, with the actual James E. Clyburn Center building scheduled to break ground, state legislators began asking questions as to what happened to all of that money, some of which was contributed by the state.  University officials just don’t know.  And when asked, the Congressman explained, “He brought tens of millions of dollars to the school for those programs, but that’s where his role stopped.” Rep. Clyburn denies role in lost millions

Clyburn said he and his staff receive many requests for federal funds. They review those requests and decide which ones have merit, he said. Then, if possible, he earmarks federal money to those that do.

After a state institution has been awarded money from a federal agency, “My office, my staff, nobody has anything to do with it,” he said. “The relationship is between the federal agency and the requesting agency.”

In the case of S.C. State University, the money for transportation programs came from the federal Transportation and Energy departments.


Clearing for the Center building began in August. even though grant funding for the center was not renewed by DOT in 2006, effectively ending further funding for the center. “A federal audit of one grant, for the National Summer Transportation Institute, found financial records were confusing and accountants could not tell where money went.” Id.

But not to worry.

Sure, most of the citizens of the Sixth are in dire financial straits; there are few if any good jobs, property values have plummeted, and the state of the education system documented in the movie has earned the District the moniker, ‘Corridor of Shame.’ But there is still some good economic news coming out of the District:  Representative Clyburn is raking in the dough.  First, there is his annual $174,000 Congressional salary for overseeing this economic disaster zone.  Then, there are these millions in unearned income spread out on culled from the myriad reports compiled by the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”), our watchdog agency for contributions to and expenditures by federal officials.  (Keep in mind, these are only preliminary figures from 2010.)

And even using just these few millions his BRIDGE PAC has taken in, Representative Clyburn could still buy enough influence to put a dent in the problems plaguing the Sixth.  Regardless of whether anyone is able to track how the money is spent.


  1. azgo says:


    That is one sad video, Corridor of Shame. That hits home hard, knowing James Clyburn doesn’t want to even know what happened to that huge amount of money set aside for his state.

    Your articles on Mr. Clyburn should be written up in the states ‘voter guide to candidates running for office, resume’s and accomplishments’, …if they only had one. lol!

    What a headache, $50 million unaccounted for, …sounds like a need for a Congressional Investigation.

    And Mr. Clyburn should be the one to at least ask for a Congressional Investigation since he doesn’t want to know where the money went and besides as Mr. Clyburn has already acknowledged;

    ‘My responsibility ended when I got the money’.

    Maybe Mr. Clyburn’s opponent, Jim Pratt will be elected and will ask for a Congressional Investigation. …probably more lol’s!

    azgo: The arrogance of this man is palpable through the printed page. You should take a look at OpenSecrets. The money he has been raking in is obscene. Notice the uptick since Obama was elected. Where else could he remain in power but in a District so downtrodden… ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Clyburn was elected House Whip in November 2006. That bump up in power also probably had something to do with his increased ‘earnings,’ that is to say, contributions to his PAC. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Well isn’t this all odd-money from various tax entities-millions of dollars-ear-marked for citizens disappears into the politicians hands, no one can account for expenditures-this South Carolina story is the identical story for Obama’s South Side Cesspool of Corruption. Odd that they were both doing this for the past 20 years, and under their “leadership” the situations went from bad to worse at an alarming speed. I’m starting to see a pattern here-now I’m wondering how many other communities have the same problem. What a fraud on all taxpayers-and a crime on the citizens especially the most powerless-the little children. I wonder how far away legally they are from out right abuse? Seriously. These teachers are making heroic and valiant efforts with the little funding that trickles down to them. Thank you so much for this timely article, I had no idea so much corruption is going on in our country and how deep and pervasive it has become.
    “Well, Mr. Clyburn, may I just point out, if the “Sixth…has suffered from decades of neglect,” the last 2 (two) of those “decades” have been at the hands of your “leadership and vision.” Indeed, the I-95 corridor, contorted to retain its majority minority status, just became known as the Corridor of Shame under your watch.”

    Michelle: You write, “I had no idea so much corruption is going on in our country and how deep and pervasive it has become.” Me, too. When you actually look at just the money changing hands according to the records… and what is not on record? Another politician who never held a real job… ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Michelle says:

    jbjd-as a young person involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s I feel that at that time minority citizens were denied their citizenship and all it stood for overtly, now they are being denied their civil rights covertly-that isn’t sickening enough but it is being done by people who should have these citizens best interests at heart-instead they line their pockets. Maybe on some level some of these elections frauds could be handled as civil rights suits, that could launch an investigation re: monies-allocation, expenditures etc.
    Charming how some in government target and stomp the least of our citizens (small children and schools).

    Michelle: Especially in a district so poor; I wonder how many residents have access to the technology that would make ‘keeping up with the news’ more convenient. I hope anyone running against this man in the Sixth has enough volunteers to go ‘door-to-door’ to speak to the people directly. Because I suspect this is what it will take to unseat this prototypical ‘slippery’ politician. ADMINISTRATOR

  4. FranSC says:

    jbjd, you are to be commended (and then some)for this amazing and revealing post. I just hope the people who most need to see this information, will have that opportunity.

    His poor mostly black constituents wait to hear who ‘Mr. Clyburn’ tells them to vote for. Little do they know. It’s no wonder now that Clyburn was able to translate his many slight-of-hand *skills* into making sure Hillary was not only defeated in SC but that his race-baiting handiwork would bedevil her entire campaign causing mistrust from AAs nationwide as well as deeply troubling democrats in general who incorrectly thought Clyburn as well as the media had it right.

    BTW, Clyburn was considered for Transportation Secretary in the 0bama Admin. In light of all he did for this illegitimate POTUS, I’ve been very puzzled as to why he didn’t get that post. It would appear that he groomed himself for such an appointment. We need to thank our lucky stars that he did not – for whatever reason.

    And, oh, yes, Clyburn and his wife created an endowment for South Carolina State University. Could that be where some of that $50 million went? This is a case for the courts if there ever was one. Good luck on getting the DOJ and Eric Holder to go anywhere near this mess.

    FranSC: Wow, thank you very much. Nice to hear from a South Carolinian, I got it right. As to getting out the word, well, hopefully, people will share these posts with Mr. Pratt, as well as other contacts in the Sixth.

    There is still another post on Mr. Clyburn, which gets to the reason he needed Obama to win. And it might just explain why he did not take the position as Secretary of Transportation. In addition to the fact, with this Clyburn Transportation Center fiasco hanging over his head, he never would have survived the vetting process, of course. ADMINISTRATOR

  5. confloyd says:

    jbjd, That is one fine post…Clyburn is dirty…well it fits! I just really like to know who Obama’s backers really are?
    I did hear that Ahmandinajab had dinner with Farrahkan before flying back to Iran…I wonder if any money changed hands…Farrakhan is Obama’s neighbor in Chicago.

    confloyd: Thank you. It gets the point across, huh. (Here is a link for your statement about Ahmadinejad’s dinner with Farrakhan. Next time, please support all statements of fact, with a citation!) ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Al says:

    “Well, Mr. Clyburn, may I just point out, if the “Sixth…has suffered from decades of neglect,” the last 2 (two) of those “decades” have been at the hands of your “leadership and vision.” Indeed, the I-95 corridor, contorted to retain its majority minority status, just became known as the Corridor of Shame under your watch.”

    Well said, jbjd…no one could have said this any better. Do these career politicians have any shame? Even a lil’ bit? It’s way past time for the career politicians to stop voting themselves salary raises at the expense of the American people.

    Back next week to lurk and learn. Great post! Have a good one.

    Al: Thank you. I only used Mr. Clyburn’s words, against him. Given the conditions in the Sixth, they jumped out from the page. You ask whether “these career politicians have any shame.” No; only hubris. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Michelle says:

    jbjd-just a short note to say, Thank you for all that you do, saw your work at No Quarter-lots of interesting responses as usual. Good. I know a big storm hit the East Coast so I hope you guys did NOT get flooded. Here in FL, forecasters were expecting 10″,we just got clipped but then it went by all of you all. Yuck, I saw some major flooding on the news, but I hope the flooding did not include you. Hope your son is happy in school, Rosary in Church tonight you and your fine work always included in it. Take care. Someone included a reporters e-mail address on a web-site (can’t remember which one) so I sent him everything on “A Coup through and through”.

    Michelle: Thank you; I am glad readers here go there, too. When my articles are posted on NoQuarter, I spend hours at the computer providing answers to comments. I know I say things in one place I leave out in the other! ADMINISTRATOR

  8. Alvin says:

    These are our neighbors, and they deserve better representation than what Congressman Clyburn has provided.

    Alvin: I know; it breaks my heart on the one hand and boils my blood, on the other. I am not done with Congressman Clyburn, not by a long shot. (I hope those of you from SC are sending my materials to Clyburn’s opponent, Jim Pratt. And volunteer to go door-to-door handing these out!) ADMINISTRATOR

  9. FranSC says:

    jbjd – I had a long conversation with 6th District Congressional Candidate Jim Pratt’s wife a few days ago. I sent her the links to your two Clyburn posts. Mrs. Pratt said the polls have Clyburn at 46% which we know is within striking distance. She informed me the district’s demographics have changed some. They think the dems in their district as well as Clyburn and other dem leaders don’t seem to have a clue as to what we have been led to believe is about to happen on Nov 2. Let’s hope that state of denial continues through Nov 2!

    Still no home computer – hope to be back in business soon.

    FranSC: I have begun posting comments asking people to volunteer to go door-to-door for Mr. Pratt. And drop off flyers containing the information from my articles. (I really need to get the third one out…) I agree; especially given the overwhelming D voter registration in the Sixth, 46% sounds promising… ADMINISTRATOR

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