Know that movie “Groundhog Day,” with Bill Murray, where he plays a t.v. weatherman doomed to repeat the same inane moments of his life, over and over and over again, until he ‘gets it right’?  Here, let me show you.

Well, it’s ‘groundhog day’ in Texas.  Boyd Richie was just re-elected Chair of the Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”).

Mr. Richie’s record in electing D’s to fill state and county offices in Texas is 0-29.  That’s not a typo.  Not counting him, no D’s have been elected into these offices under Richie’s leadership of the TDP.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.

Contrast this record, against the message he delivered in his first speech as Chairman after his 2006 election:  “Our job is not win arguments, but to win elections.”  I would ask, ‘Oh, yeah, Mr. Richie?  How’s that going for you?’  But I can anticipate his reply.  ‘Swell, thank you.’  Know why?  Because just like the title of this post implies, with him, it’s not about winning and losing; it’s about repetition.

Here’s another example of  ‘more of the same.’  Right out of the gate of his re-election, Chairman Richie again filed suit to keep a Republican out of office.

Democrats question Texas Sen. Brian Birdwell’s eligibility

AUSTIN – Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, who won a special election this spring to replace the retiring Kip Averitt, will have to defend his freshly minted victory against charges he is ineligible to hold the seat.

Birdwell had been living in Virginia and working for the Pentagon and moved to Texas in May 2007. State law says that you must be a resident of Texas for five years before you can run for the Senate.

Democrat John Cullar, appointed by the party to run for the seat, and the Texas Democratic Party have filed a petition in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals asking the court to resolve the question. If they prevail, Birdwell’s name would be removed from the November ballot, probably giving Cullar an easy path to victory.

“I’m going to run a comprehensive campaign, and part of that is analyzing if my opponent is eligible to represent the people of Senate District 22,” Cullar said. “I look forward to seeing that question resolved by the court. In the meantime, I’ll be out talking with the voters of the district I’ve been proud to call home for 26 years.”

Birdwell maintains that he is legally entitled to the seat. But questions about his residency and whether he was eligible were raised during the special election, which he won in a runoff with 58 percent of the vote.

Birdwell, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who was critically burned in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, voted in Virginia until 2006.

But the law is still in question because active-duty members of the military can live one place and still vote in Texas and consider the state home. Birdwell bought land in Texas in 2005, where he eventually built his house.


Remember, he filed suit against the Chair of the Republican Party of Texas (“RPT”) in 2006, the same year he was first elected Chair of the TDP, which forced the R’s to keep the name of Tom DeLay on the Congressional ballot in November, notwithstanding at the time of the lawsuit, Mr. DeLay had moved to VA and was a legal resident of that state.  (CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2) and (2 of 2); and IDIOMS!)

So, let me ask you something.  Assume in 2012 Mr. Obama is the Presidential nominee of the DNC.  Given Mr. Richie’s historical penchant for consistency; what do you suppose are the chances he will refuse to Certify Mr. Obama’s Nomination to state election officials, on the grounds, no documentary evidence in the public record establishes he is a NBC?

P.S. Speaking of disrespecting people serving in the military (and parents of young children, and shift workers, and the elderly, and the physically challenged…)… In addition to overwhelmingly re-electing Richie, guess what arcane practice the D’s voted overwhelmingly to keep for the 2012 election?  Yep; the infamous Texas two-step, that combination of primary election and caucus free-for-all that managed to award Obama more pledged delegates than Clinton with less votes per delegate required.  And I can find no reports that anyone, R or D, with any evidence of widespread caucus fraud produced any public protests to try to change their minds, let alone  anyone in possession of a documentary film that preserved eye-witness narratives of this conduct from the citizens of Texas who had attended and participated in (or at least tried to participate in) these fraud riddled events.


Freedom costs.

8 Responses to “GROUNDHOG DAY” in TEXAS

  1. Michelle says:

    jbjd-“fraud riddled events” is a good name for all this activity. I hope the citizens of TX take their power back, along with their votes as soon as they possibly can. It makes me wonder if Boyd Richie is dirty (innate character flaw) or he just takes bribes (per event or a package deal) and does he come cheap or does he hold out for the big bucks? I have to admit as a Chicago girl that I am Mr. Richie does sleazy very well.
    As a former Dem (now Tea Party) due to the pattern of these and other criminal activities I cannot tell you how ashamed I am of ever supporting this party. They have become truly disgusting, shameful and un-American.

    Michelle: Yes, but, Boyd Richie is just one man. The Texas caucuses discriminate against the groups I identified; isn’t anyone affiliated with either party sufficiently piqued by this fact to ruffle anyone’s feathers? And what about the well-documented election fraud perpetrated by Mr. Richie. Why weren’t people handing out flyers with articles from this blog, detailing the conduct of the man who would remain Chair? Know how many citizen complaints of election fraud have been filed against him (based on downloads)? More than 100. Why weren’t they picketing the state meeting of the TDP? Why aren’t they picketing the state headquarters of the RPT (which, by the way, just elected a new Chair, too) to get them to compel Chair Richie to declare BO is not a qualified candidate for the ballot? http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/politics/3808-texas-gop-convention-elects-chairman-opposes-amnesty Guess how many Texans have donated to this blog? Five. (I would bet you in FL have forwarded more information from this blog, to press in TX, than Texans. But as the cheerleader for the blog, you cannot be expected to actually go there to rally the troops!) ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Michelle says:

    jbjd-and didn’t you just give me another good idea. This will be the next article I send to Lt. Col Allen West-The United States of America cannot have free and fair elections if the system is corrupt from top/down or down/top (depending on your point of view as in oppressed American voter)-it would be logistically impossible and nothing could possibly change because no new people would be allowed at the table, some new form of discrimination being employed? Honest and incorrupt need not apply? somewhat like the old “Irish need not apply”? Can it be that TX is as corrupt as Obama’s old stomping grounds the Cesspool of Corruption Chicago’s Southside? I hope people understand “cesspool of corruption” in not a figure of speech it is that corrupt, think Rome in its most corrupt, deviate years.

    Michelle: You have absolutely no idea how many ideas jump out at me from exchanges with readers! Or based on links they send. Or on how many idea they directly propose! When it comes to the “jbjd” blog, the less talk, the less work. ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Michelle says:

    jbjd-this isn’t the article that was going to complete the (now novel in length) of the election fraud in TX is it? This article re: Boyd Richie was written due to his re-election as chair correct? This is how Dicken’s novels were first published when they came out too, so you’re in good company.

    Michelle: No; I have not completed attempts to compel Boyd Richie to answer for the election fraud he committed in 2008. I just wanted everyone to see, it’s now 2 (two) years after the BO coup at the DNC nominating convention and, while I have been trying to get people to redress the situation that put him in the WH the first time, preparations are obviously under way to bamboozle us again. UNLESS WE STOP THE PEOPLE FULLING WILLING TO STEAL OUR POWER A SECOND TIME! (Yes; I am shouting.) ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Shouting is good, I just sent this article to Lt Col Allen West so that his election does not get stolen (I don’t have must trust in the process anymore) and I sent it to the League of Women Voters National headquarters, I’m trying to send it to the Texas chapter but it looks like that e-mail does not want to go through. I’ll try them again later.

    Michelle: Thank you. Plus, I am laboring over the definitive tome on the Convention fraud. Mr. Richie also was involved in this. (No surprise there!) The Republican Party of Texas needs to step up to the plate. I hope people stop letting them off the hook! ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Michelle says:

    jbjd-now the League of Women Voters in TX have this article.

    Michelle: I am getting punchy. I kept thinking, you forgot to include the link to “this article” about the LoWV in TX. Then, I realized, you meant, you had forwarded ‘this article’ to them! Thank you again for spreading the word. ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Susiepuma says:

    Hi jbjd – I have a question for you – I saw somewhere on the net (cannot for the life of me remember which one) a little note about Supreme Court Justice Brennan who slipped a little extra notation into a decision made regarding the 14th amendment & that this addition is what has made all the ‘anchor babies’ possible…………

    If this is true, how the hell could he do that?? Doesn’t any change to the Constitution have to be voted on by the people? I’ve tried to find it but my knowledge of the legal decisions is limited at best..

    Where should I look to find any info on this for sure?

    Susiepuma: The SCOTUS interprets the Constitution under the principle of governmental separation of powers. If the legislative branch thinks the court overreaches, Congress can always rein in the judicial branch by enacting new legislation. Not surprisingly, this happens all the time. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Al says:

    Another interesting and informative post, jbjd. Thanks for caring to sound the alarm to prevent an election-theft sequel. The likes of Mr. Richie and their audacity to insult the intelligence of the American people conjures up a word like treason. Whatever happened to open and fair elections in this great Republic?!

    Have a good week ahead, jbjd. Back next week to lurk and learn some more.

    Al: When you come back, do you read the posts and comments you missed? Maybe you could help me “to sound the alarm to prevent an election-theft sequel” by distributing some of my articles to where you think they would do the most good. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. azgo says:

    Oh boy, Boy(d) Richie lost this one.

    August 19th, 2010

    This afternoon, the Dallas County Court of Appeals ruled against the Texas Democratic Party in our petition to remove Brian Birdwell from the ballot due to ineligibility. Texas Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirsten Gray issued the following statement:

    “The Texas Democratic Party believes in following the law and maintains that Brian Birdwell is ineligible to serve. Rather than dealing with the overwhelming evidence making that point clear, the Court made an overtly political decision using technicalities and loopholes to avoid ruling that a Republican officeholder is ineligible. Neither the Court nor the Republican Party of Texas argued in support of Birdwell’s eligibility, which remains in question.

    “Today’s decision is about politics and not the law, and confirms that in Texas, cynical Republican politics controls every branch of government that has been corrupted by complete Republican control.”


    “The Texas Democratic Party believes in following the law…”
    …Since when?

    You are right, the TDP is a lawsuit factory…

    September 2nd, 2010


    azgo: OMG! Thank you so much for sending this to the blog! This calls for an update. As soon as I post COUP (3 of 3), which is almost perfected, I will get on this. I keep saying, an action originating in TX is going to fix the abuses of the 2008 election. Boyd Richie is ripe to go down. (He also features prominently in COUP (3 of 3).) How people keep letting the RPT off the hook, that is, not pressuring them to compel Boyd Richie to declare BO ineligible for the ballot, is anyone’s guess. ADMINISTRATOR

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