(UPDATE 09.27.10:  I have been meaning to tell you, just a couple of days after I posted my unusually high “alexa” numbers for Washington, D.C., “alexa” stopped posting all of my domestic numbers.)

(UPDATE  08.15.10:  New “alexa” numbers posted on the bottom!)

I told you from the very beginning, I was right.

Almost 2 (two) years ago, having just begun to figure out what at that time I mostly only still ‘felt’ was wrong with the political process surrounding the 2008 election, I set up this technologically challenged blog so as to have a centralized location to publicly distribute my findings.  No doubt, those of you familiar with “jbjd” have deduced, I am not very computer savvy.  But even without the ‘bells and whistles’ of other blogs which are much more popular, when it comes to understanding that massive election fraud enabled the Democratic National Committee Services Corporation to steal the 2008 Presidential election for Barack Obama; work produced on the technically challenged “jbjd” has made this the ‘go to’ site.  And now, thanks to “alexa,” I can prove it.

I recently became acquainted with “alexa,” a sort of “Nielson” of the internet, which tracks and compares the viewership of web sites, posting such criteria as clicks, length of time on site, and demographics of viewing audience.  What a riot.   Not surprisingly given my low profile – for example, I am not linked to any search engines (?) or social networking – according to alexa, my ranking in the U.S. hovers at around 990,000.  Indeed, I have the lowest ranking of all of the sites I visit.  But guess where is the one place “alexa” points out I maintain “relatively good traffic rank”?  Washington, D.C.!

Yep; even blogs with much better overall numbers than mine, are not nearly as popular in our nation’s capital.  Take, for example, one of my favorite blogs, Afrocity.  (Find her link in my blogroll.)  Like me, she generally posts a substantial article every few days.  Her alexa rank is 448,000.  That is, her blog is twice as popular as mine.  alexa reports she has “relatively good traffic rank” in NYC:  208,000.  My “relatively good traffic rank” in Washington:  42,000.  In other words, the ratio between Afrocity’s overall U.S. rank and her rank in NYC, where she has “relatively good traffic” is 2:1.  The ratio between my national rank and my rank in D.C. is approximately 23:1!

Here’s another way to look at the popularity of “jbjd” in D.C.  According to alexa, my readers are mostly women, over the age of 40, with post-graduate degrees, and incomes over $100,000.  The demographics of Washington generally mirror those of the rest of the country.  (There are 2 (two) exceptions.  Whites comprise 33% of the District population versus 66% nationally; and Blacks are 55% versus 13% for the country.  http://www.fedstats.gov/qf/states/11000.html But alexa did not stratify my statistics according to race.)  In other words, there isn’t a surplus of women over 40 with post-graduate degrees earning $100,000 which would account for the popularity of “jbjd” in that one market.

So, who in D.C. do you suppose is reading “jbjd”? (This is a rhetorical question.)

Look at this partial list of the work I have undertaken and published on this blog in relation to Mr. Obama’s fraudulent election.

•I learned that laws in some states require the candidate to be qualified for office to appear on the ballot.  Members of the D party swore to state election officials in these ‘applicable’ states Barack Obama was qualified for office to get those officials to print his name on the ballot.  But hundreds of thousands of citizens unsuccessfully seeking out Mr. Obama’s vital records confirmed to me, based on documents available in the public record, none of these D’s could have ascertained beforehand the candidate was Constitutionally eligible for the job.  Swearing he was Constitutionally qualified for office without first ascertaining, for example, he is a natural born citizen, just to get his name printed on the ballot is criminal election fraud.

I figured out we could go after the law breakers by filing citizen complaints of election fraud to state A’sG in these applicable states.

First, with the help of “jbjd” readers, we researched state laws so as to identify those applicable states.  Then, we obtained from state officials in these states any documents that were submitted by D officials to Certify Mr. Obama’s nomination and, depending on who had submitted those Certifications, contacted those D officials to request the documents that were the basis for their Certification.  When they failed to produce the requested documentation – and they always failed to produce the requested documentation – I drafted state-specific citizen complaints of election fraud to state A’sG, and posted these for downloading.  So far, hundreds of citizens in 6 (six) states already identified have downloaded and sent these complaints.

•I observed that representatives of Mr. Obama were pressuring delegates pledged to Hillary Clinton to commit to switching their allegiance to him, in advance of the August 2008 nominating convention.  Through research, I found that laws in some states require delegates pledged to one candidate versus another through state primary or caucus contests, to follow the candidate voters elected them to represent, through at least the first roll call at the party’s nominating convention.  (I dubbed these “vote binding states.”) (In researching these laws I found the ballot eligibility laws that became the basis for the citizen complaints of election fraud.) I reasoned in these vote binding states, pressuring these delegates to change their votes was soliciting them to break the law!

I researched all 50 states and found 13 (thirteen) such vote binding states, including California.  Then, I drafted state specific letters to the A’sG of those states, in advance of the Convention, complaining of the criminal conduct carried out by Mr. Obama’s representatives, trying to ‘turn’ Ms. Clinton’s pledged delegates in advance of the Convention.  In at least one state (GA), the AG wrote to remind pledged delegates to obey the state’s vote binding law.

•(The only major fraud I have yet to present is the story of how the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, acting in the civilian role of Chair of the 2008 DNC Services Corporation Nominating Convention artfully suppressed votes from Clinton pledged delegates from vote binding states at the Convention, as the final act in the conspiracy to deprive her of the Presidential nomination.)

•(In addition, throughout these 2 years, I exposed several deceptive practices.  For example, I showed the online COLB was merely a paid political advertisement under the U.S. Code; that the ‘contemporaneous newspaper birth announcement’ was only a ghost image pilfered from an anonymous internet poster; and that Dreams from my Father was likely authored by Bill Ayers.)

The fact that postings like these appear on “jbjd” must explain why people in Washington are watching.  Because here’s a sample of the stories I left out.

I have promoted no action with respect to grand juries; or Mandamus; or the quo’s, warranto or tam.  I have published no statements from ‘witnesses’ to a Kenyan birth or a Kenyan birth document, or neighbors in HI.  I have posted no interviews with ex-workers from the HI  Department of Health; or with ex-students from Columbia; or anyone’s ex-lover.  I haven’t blamed the results of the 2008 election on the rigged caucuses; or the acquiescing MSM; or Muslims or the Jews.  All topics that have made other blogs more popular than mine in places ‘outside the Beltway.’

So, you see, they are reading me in D.C. because whether identifying the problem with the 2008 election cycle; or formulating redress; or proposing preventive strategies, I have been writing about them.  The same people who stole the 2008 election.  And they are curious as to what aspect of the massive fraud they perpetrated I am going to detect and expose next.  (For example, I just posted a comprehensive article on the frantic push to forestall new state legislation that could require Electors to only vote for a President who is Constitutionally eligible for the job, by passing the National Popular Vote in advance of the 2012 general election.  And while the NPVI will not eliminate Electors, it will certainly circumvent their Constitutional role.)  But even though they are reading; they are not too worried. See, unfortunately for those of us working to preserve the essential nature and legal construct of our Constitutional Republic; these D.C. readers know they are safe from the threat of exposure laid out on my blog just as long as the ‘cure’ I prescribe remains dependent on the work of citizens acting as individuals; and on their individual donations to support my work.  Because for whatever reason, a handful of would be ‘saviors’ have managed to sidetrack millions of citizens into believing, only the agendas they propose can cure the problems they claim ail our Republic.  For the price of a court filing; or a candidate ballot registration fee; or a bus ticket to Washington (instead of, for example, to the state capital building which houses the office of the AG refusing to investigate the charges of election fraud lodged in those citizen complaints).

Judging by my viewing audience, the people in Washington, D.C. know better what will work to fix what’s wrong with the electoral process.

Meanwhile, as I reported in a special fundraising appeal posted in the sidebar on July 27, my computer caught a virus.  As a result, some of my work is now quarantined ‘over there,’ while I was able to sneak in ‘over here’ as my “Guest.”  This means, before I can continue the work of de-constructing our electoral system for our mutual benefit; and answering your questions, and drafting your documents, I need funds to pay for an overhaul of my trusty old computer. But in the 5 (five) days since I posted that appeal, only 2 (two) readers even ‘clicked’ on the PayPal button.  And neither of them actually contributed funds to the blog.

So, why is it that the people in Washington who arguably have a vested interest in my not unraveling the mess they created, flock to this blog?  But the people for whom I created this blog, those citizens frustrated because they did not know how to quantify what went wrong with the electoral process or, how to fix it once they did; refuse to support this blog notwithstanding it provides the product that satisfies those consumer needs?

I understand why readers in D.C. might only come here to look at the goods.  Or why my efforts are largely ignored by the ‘movement gurus’ whose latest greatest gambit they assure you for a price paid to them will return to you the Republic that was ‘stolen’ in the last general election.  But the rest of you, those who, armed with the knowledge you gain from the materials posted here, not only confidently convey what you have learned to your family and friends but also authoritatively petition our government officials to start living up to their oaths of office; need to start putting your money where your mouth is.

(UPDATE  08.15.10:  New “alexa” numbers!)

I posted the article, A COUP, THROUGH and THROUGH (1 of 3), the series detailing the coup pulled off at the 2008 DNC nominating convention, and saw a huge increase in hits on the blog.  In addition, I was cross-posted on NoQuarter, whose blog boasts a significantly higher alexa score, both international and domestic, than mine.  I checked my “alexa” score this morning.  You can imagine how surprised I was to see the following image:

Yep; not only are my international numbers going down, but also  my domestic viewership has disappeared, completely, including D.C.  I interpret this to mean, I must be doing something right.


  1. azgo says:

    Hello jbjd,

    I just donated and I want to thank you for your never ending diligent and comprehensive work. I have been reading your web site for nearly two years now and have learned so much about how our state and national governments work. Just for one thing, in 2008, I had no idea that some states’ election laws, how different they may be, require the president to be eligible for office for ballot access and how all of this ties together from the primaries, to the party nominating convention, to the election and beyond.

    I think it is the hidden and unknown activities, procedures and paperwork, behind the scenes, that you have brought forth through the laws and facts in your articles that has educated me and brought the mystery out the election process for me. Your work has changed my whole idea of voting and getting involved, I am now and have been writing my state and federal representatives regarding these issues and the current issues and laws since I began reading your blog.

    I challenge anyone to find another blog which compares to this blog in its educational factuality and comprehensiveness of the issues presented here. …I just haven’t found one.

    Also, I am very curious about NP as ‘Chair of the 2008 DNC Services Corporation Nominating Convention [who] artfully suppressed votes’. (Only you would use such nice words.) You have mentioned some of this in some of your articles and replies to people’s comments, but I don’t have a full picture yet.

    Thanks again, get that computer fixed. It must be humiliating to sign onto your own blog, only as a guest.

    azgo: Wow; your words provide the psychic benefits that energize this tired bunny. Hearing that you have learned and used that new found knowledge to ‘go out into the political world’ to do the hard work, is exactly the conduct I described in this article. And I believe, the higher are our standards of knowledge about our political system; the better public officials we will attract and retain. It’s like what happens in teaching: students generally live up to expectations. But don’t forget, “jbjd” is an interactive blog. And you certainly have provided several hours of research that have gone into some of the articles posted here. Scroll back to see the note at the top of one of the articles wherein I alert readers to find the exchange between you and me regarding the attributions in the footers of the “Fight the Smears” on-line advertising platform. (Whoa, that was so long ago now, I forget which article this was on!)

    But the donation will help to rehabilitate the computer. As for feeling humiliated signing in as my “Guest,” know what’s funny? My “jbjd” sign-in shows the scales of justice. For the Guest sign-in, I chose a goldfish because I like the color (reddish) orange. But, I just realized, the fish has scales, too!

    As for providing more of a preview of the article on suppressing votes at the Convention, well, this will have to wait till the computer is fixed. I could probably recreate some of the narrative; but since I was not there at the Convention, I had to fill in details as best I could, using several linked sites. And those, I spent hours assembling. (You know how I like to get my facts straight, even if these are only evidence of a strong circumstantial case for my allegations.)

    I thank you so much for remaining a loyal reader and contributor and for appreciating and promoting the fine work we do on this blog. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Michelle says:

    “Thanks again, get that computer fixed. It must be humiliating to sign onto your own blog, only as a guest.”
    Since I was a Democrat (now Tea Party due to DNC chicanery along with 50 per cent plus of the party) and Hillary supporter I know the meaning of humiliated. I never in my wildest imagination would have thought that the Democratic Party would stoop so low, and after they were so critical of Nixon/Republicans. I still find it shocking. On a news program today I heard this tiresome phrase “We are a nation of laws” that makes me sick too.
    DC-let us hope and pray to God Almighty that there are some moral, ethical and people who take their oaths seriously in that town. I would be so ashamed if I were any of them-a bad reputation tends to smear all, the ball is in their court and a nation is watching.
    I am going to try the donation attempt again later this evening. What a journey this has been. I wonder how DC has the nerve to legislate laws and then become the biggest lawbreakers of all? Hypocrites I guess.

    Michelle: I think of that phrase all the time. (Now, I have to look up who said that… be right back… ) Okay. President John Adams: “We are a government of laws and not of men.” http://www.bartleby.com/73/991.html But I believe, except for the uppermost officials and policy wonks in the D Corporation; most people even now are like azgo was a couple of years ago, BEFORE he began reading this blog. That is, they have no idea how disparate are the laws of the several states regarding elections, including laws in primary and caucus contest with regard to voting obligation of pledged delegates. Because the party keeps this a big secret. After all, in the “Call to the Convention,” which contains rules for delegates, they just have to vote according to their “good conscience.” There’s no caveat that says, ‘unless you are from one of those vote binding states.’ Then, to use a colloquialism, you have to ‘dance with the gal that brung you.’ That is, follow the candidate voters of that state elected you to represent on the first roll call vote at the Convention. But now that we know people in D.C. are reading this blog; perhaps they will learn what others in the party did to manipulate the votes in the 2008 election. Then, presumably, they will take steps first as citizens and then as members of the party, to make sure this never happens again.

    Did you see my answer to azgo about signing in to the computer as a fish, with ‘scales’? ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Stay Alive says:

    Why might you be having difficulty getting contributions? Failure to disclose your actual name, etc. I note that I too am unwilling to publish my name, etc. However, I am not requesting external financing.

    BTW, following info on your site I earlier requested various doucments from the CA Secretary of State’s office proving BHO’s eligiibilty to be on the ballot. They provided nothing. Apparently candidates for the office of POTUS in the primary and/or general elections in CA are NOT required to provide evidence of eligibility nor is the SOS required to ascertain such.

    Stay Alive: Apparently the information you read on this blog was unclear. In 2008, no state law required the nominee for President from the major political party to provide evidence of eligibility for office. The documents we needed to file citizen complaints of election fraud in those states with laws that say, only eligible candidates can get their names printed on the ballot; are the documents submitted to get BO’s name on the ballot. Because different people in every state signed and submitted these documents to state election officials.

    But keep in mind, not every state requires candidates to be qualified for office so as to appear on the ballot. CA has no law saying the candidate must be eligible for office to appear on the ballot. But TX does. Again, TX had no law saying, the candidate must provide evidence of eligibility. But, we knew, no documents available in the public record could establish BO was Constitutionally qualified for the job. So, we wanted to file citizen complaints of election fraud against whoever submitted documentation to get his name on the ballot, which requires such eligibility. Citizens contacted the SoS and obtained these documents, both the Certification of Nomination and the letter forwarding that Certification. And both of these were signed by Boyd Richie, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. So, the complaints charged Mr. Richie with criminal election fraud.

    As for your speculation that those people who refrain from donating to “jbjd” are motivated by the fact, they only pay for products when they know the person(s) who produced these products; well, this is too easily de-bunked. Besides, the hundreds of citizen complaints of election fraud downloaded and sent to state A’sG clearly had some value to the people who sent them, regardless of their personal acquaintance with the author. If you derive no value from this blog then, don’t contribute to its continued operation. (The information published here that motivated you to contact your state election officials to learn more about the electoral process that got BO’s name on the ballot in your state, is on me.) ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Stay Alive says:

    “The information published here that motivated you to contact your state election officials to learn more about the electoral process that got BO’s name on the ballot in your state, is on me.”

    It is that type of sarcasm that can easily turn off potential contributors. Was it ever mentioned that your publishing this website/blog was for some reason/purpose other than informing the body politic, that you sought reimbursement for your time/effort? If so, I missed it.

    Would publicly disclosing your identity harm your fund raising? I don’t think so and it would definitely help.

    FYI, I was one of the original contributors/purchasers of Larry Sinclair’s book and have no problem contributing to those individuals/causes that I believe assist our Great Nation. However, those who wish to stand behind anonymity while asking for contributions will not receive any from me.

    Regardless, I wish you continued success in your efforts to obtain contributions to this website/blog in your own way, in the quest to correct our election process, and in bringing justice to those who perpetrated the 2008 election on us all.

    Stay Alive: Your comment speaks eloquently, for itself. Thank you for your best wishes. ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Yes, I finally got the pay-pal to work, please look for the donation. Thank you for all that you do. I never order on-line, but this was an emergency. I wrote down the confirmation number just in case. Poor little lap top, and battery-now they can retire and jbjd can get some much needed upgrades. Sent a special St. Michael the Archangel prayer, St. Michael has work cut out for him in DC.

    Michelle: You of all people appreciate the importance of the work we undertake at “jbjd.” I trust you were already secure with the knowledge, I value all of the ongoing help and support you provide to this blog, independent of this much needed financial infusion.

    (I acknowledged your gift under separate cover.) ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Al says:

    Good-afternoon, jbjd! Just want to echo the sentiments of the others who have shared their respect for you and your tireless efforts on behalf of the nation you love. Pretty impressed too with your keen analysis from what the actual, specific high-volume of visitors to your site is projecting…a genuine concern from within the beltway near and around Washington, D.C., that you are indeed on the right track, and they had better sit up and take note, and be prepared to react/respond to the threat of being exposed for what they are, traitors–guilty of treason. Thank you for caring enough use your vast knowledge and skills to do your patriotic duty to rid our nation of treason. Sorry your hardwork came under cyber-attack, but am encouraged that like a genuine patriot you can bounce back and still prevail in the end. Back next week to lurk and learn.

    Al: Honestly, that “vast knowledge” about how our political system works is relatively new found. That is, I knew before the spring of the 2008 election cycle; only a small percentage of what I have learned since. Yes, “skill” had something to do with being able to figure out how the R’s allowed the D’s to steal the election. (I have tried to point out, ‘it takes 2 to tango,’ for example, with the Republican Party of Texas; but people are still far to willing to let the R’s off the hook. Thus my re-phrasing of the responsibility for this mess.) And as I said to P-P, the cyber attack was random and certainly not directed at either me or my work. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. laptops price says:

    We are looking forward to more.

    laptops price: HA HA HA HA HA. I cannot publish a direct link to the advertising site you provided because I cannot vouch for its product reliability. As for my trusty laptop, I will take it back to the store where I bought it, to be de-bugged. However, the warranty has long since expired, which explains this emergency fundraiser. (The age of the battery most likely explains why it no longer charges; but the overhaul will confirm this, too. At any rate, the battery will have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer.)

    Oh, and welcome to the “jbjd” blog. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. AbigailAdams says:

    Hi jbjd,

    I am awed by the amount of work you’ve done on these issues. Truly. I am usually a very careful researcher and now embarrassed that I don’t remember reading any of your work in the past two years. Thank you for cross-posting to NQ. I am eager, if I can, to take up whatever assistance I can bring through my own state. Have you got any information of what other readers have been doing in their states? You asked me to get in touch with you here. I may be less wonkish than you about how that’s done. Do you get my email address just by my posting here or do I need to get it to you some other way?

    P.S. I’m so glad you quoted J. Adams. It’s the reason I chose AbigailAdams as my “name”. He was a wonk, too. He was unpopular because he preferred the facts over the expediencies of ideological spin.

    A2: Welcome. And thank you for acknowledging the hard work. Yes, I have been very busy. As people who have been reading me already know, I reasoned, if I was challenged to figure out how the D’s were stealing an election then, others were at least equally in the dark. So, as soon as I ‘learned’ something about our political system that would shed light on events, I wanted to get it ‘out there.’ But I had no idea how to start a blog; and besides, I spent so much time doing research and posting on other blogs, I could not take the time to figure out how to start my own. Once I did, well, I had a centralized location to deposit my new found knowledge. Now, I cannot stop…

    Before I can tell you what is going on in your state, I need to know the state! Also, I now have your email and, if you want to communicate to me privately without posting, just put that in your next comment. All comments are in Moderation.

    Finally, let me remind you, I commented on NoQ that one of my favorite books is Those Who Love, a biography of John and Abigail Adams by Irving Stone. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. szooo says:

    So many blogs, so little time… but I am moving yours to the top of my bookmarks so I will be sure to visit it at least several times a week instead of every few months. Thank you for all your hard work nd your excellent writings. I will be sending something via PayPal as soon as my unpredictable self-employment income permits.

    As for using your full name: there’s no reason to. I suspect that the person who wants you to identify yourself intends to harass you directly (and, of course, anonymously). Most of us intelligent grown-ups understand the hazards of using our real names online.

    szooo: I intend for the work produced on this blog to speak for itself, and to succeed or fail on its own merit. I try not to get more personal than to ask, what state someone is from so as to determine whether I can provide any state specific information which could help. For example, citizen complaints of election fraud from several states are available for download in the sidebar. Or, I might need help from this person. For example, I am still looking for citizens from MO and AL to help complete the groundwork that will enable me to draft complaints in these states, too. (We already know these are applicable states.)

    Interestingly, I have noticed an uptick in hits to ‘oldie but goodie’ articles posted here. Maybe some of these clicks are from you! ADMINISTRATOR

  10. TeakWoodKite says:

    Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
    Winston Churchill

    I am so greatful you didn’t.

    TWK: You and me both. But this has been so hard a labor of love, as you can imagine. Not just because putting everything together is an arduous task; but also because some people who did not ‘discover’ the truth themselves, are still misdirecting millions of citizen ‘groupies’ who could otherwise become actively engaged in self-advocacy. ADMINISTRATOR

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