Yes, the premier jbjd’s Civics for Civilians Quiz (1) was tricky. I laud you for not urging me to make the wording more straightforward so as to increase the likelihood you will score better. Seeking to maintain parity with those who would exercise their mastery of words to steal political power, I have devised this second quiz with no less rigor required to understand the questions, as well as to discern the correct answers. Such attention to detail can be historically significant. For example, it explains the difference between those who would describe President Lincoln’s intentions at the time he delivered the Gettysburg Address in September, 1862 was to free the slaves; from those who would contend, he only intended to free slaves behind Confederate lines, that is, in states still in open rebellion against the union as of January 1863.

On July 22, 1862, Lincoln showed a draft of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. It proposed to emancipate the slaves in all rebel areas on January 1, 1863. Secretary of State William H. Seward agreed with the proposal, but cautioned Lincoln to wait until the Union had a major victory before formally issuing the proclamation. Lincoln’s chance came after the Union victory at the Battle of Antietam in September of 1862. He issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22. The proclamation warned the Confederate states to surrender by January 1, 1863, or their slaves would be freed.


Good luck! (And come back here with questions!)

jbjd s Civics for Civilians Quiz (2)

9 Responses to jbjd’s CIVICS for CIVILIANS QUIZ (2)

  1. Mia says:

    Hi jbjd — Totally OT, but I wanted to let you know I posted another comment @ RepubX.com about your research and prepared complaints, with a link your site. I didn’t want to screw it up (again), so I wasn’t too specific. If you want to check out my comment to make sure it’s accurate (and post a correction if it’s not), PLEASE DO! Link to the page where my comment is: If you want to send me an email and school me (again), please do. Won’t do any of us any good if I don’t have it right. I’ll check back soon, but I’m dealing with some personal crap that’s taking alot of time so I don’t know when. Thanks for all your help already 🙂


    Mia: Thank you for spreading the word. Because once people file these complaints, and are ignored by their elected state officials; hopefully, they will get mad enough to do something about it. Nothing says ‘listen to me’ like a personal visit to an AG’s office, with several other voters who also understand how their government works, in tow. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Kelly Canon says:

    Woohoo! I got an 80% on one of YOUR quizes! YES! (doing the happy dance!)

    Kelly Canon: Yeehaw! I can just picture that! Tell me; should I post the answers to the questions? Maybe do a link to another page, so as to lessen the temptation? (I thought about filling in the ‘explanation’ section under the quiz question, provided by the quiz site; but since I don’t know when this answer appears, I decided not to fill in that section. Some people really don’t want to be told the answers until they give up trying to find the answers, on their own.) ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. You can email the question(s) you missed.

  3. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I did the same thing Mia did, I cited “All the Presidents Henchmen” in the same place I think we were in Wednesday’s open comments, I also sent to Breitbart again, and some place else but I forget where, it is because some comments tick me off, so I respond with your facts. We are all trying to spread your great work far and wide, maybe it was CBS news something like that.
    “One of my readers, Miri, is adept at parsing Obama-speak.” A couple of weeks ago I was thinking the same thing we almost need a new dictionary or translating machine for this non-sense language Obama/minions invented or how to say nothing in 10 billion words or more.

    Michelle: I know; I got several hits from those links posted by you and Mia. You know, the more people who can begin to ‘conceive’ that the COLB they spent months obsessing over, is just a paid political advertisement; the sooner people will realize, this was all a sham, and begin channeling their well-founded anger into taking the necessary steps to getting BO out of office. Hopefully, by that point, given the information provided on this blog, they will have thought more analytically about that COLB on FTS; made the connection between the attribution in the footer and the U.S. Code, and understood there is a link between the laws and the political conduct. And that in order to attack the conduct, one must first inquire as to whether such conduct is condoned or proscribed by law. (In other words, just because one is displeased with the outcome does not mean, the conduct violated the law.) ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I just took second test I did much better this time, only 2 wrong. I wonder if we need a visual of the COLB with PAID POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT stamped on it or above it, since the COLB has been seen so much the new visual would lock it in peoples minds-just an idea, I can’t do it but maybe somebody on a web-site could. It would really tick off members of the wise-guy media, and Gibbs is so proud of his slick little move. I think this will just frost peoples cookies that they have been played and treated like fools. I have never met one human being that liked that kind of treatment, just be honest with folks.
    “the sooner people will realize, this was all a sham, and begin channeling their well-founded anger into taking the necessary steps to getting BO out of office.”
    Yes, and I always thought I was the most shot messenger God put on this Earth.
    (In other words, just because one is displeased with the outcome does not mean, the conduct violated the law.)
    Yes, they must get nailed on the laws that they broke as opposed to I don’t like Candidate X or Y, it is only fair. What a perfect storm of ugliness, but by working and working you figured out this horrible riddle, we will do what we can to post far and wide.

    Michelle: You so get it. Know what else people could do? Bombard that radio station where Bill Press works. Remember, he’s the ‘reporter’ who asked Gibbs why people did not believe BO is a NBC; and Gibbs referred him to the on-line COLB. What kind of reporter would not follow up with ‘Yes, but, FTS is just a paid political announcement’? And when Rep. Clyburn wanted to complain the winner of the D primary, Alvin Greene, was a R plant; he did this on the Bill Press show. CAROL FOWLER is CRYING “FOUL!” in SOUTH CAROLINA (and I can’t stop smiling!)

    People need to go after Bill Press! Let’s see how long he stands up to the scrutiny of an outraged public! Let him explain why it’s okay for Kathy Hensley to Certify BO is a NBC, in the election office, with a stroke of her pen, because Carol Fowler’s list of candidates which she dropped off to be printed on the ballot lacked the legal language of eligibility required under SC law!

    Congratulations on the quiz. (Did you figure out what you got wrong?) ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on the quiz. (Did you figure out what you got wrong?) Yes I did, I love your quizzes. I hope one of the contributors here can attach the words PAID POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT on the COLB, then we could bombard that Bill Press and everybody with the back-up documentation-it’s almost like me and my construction family (the boys) sometimes you have to hit them over the head with a 2X4 or a sledgehammer (the big one) and I do know how to swing it-Mom taught me-it’s all in the leverage. When my father did not want to take down a wall, when he went off to work, Mom used the sledgehammer sort of made the decision about the wall-so that’s how I learned about sledgehammers and life. I keep hearing Gilda Radner saying “It’s always something”, have we been through it or what? I think we are getting close-but reverse mind games with the COLB could put it over the top.

    Michelle: …not that we are advocating violence though, right? ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Michelle says:

    “not that we are advocating violence though, right?”
    God Forbid, No-if we can’t solve this fraud crime without turning to violence something is wrong with us, it’s always been about our Constitutional Republic, we have to solve it by the law(s) we are supporting. You can’t say those South Side crooks aren’t slick with what they have been able to pull off so far.
    My ultimate weapon was a paint can-sounds crazy, I had my brother’s construction company in my basement, the company started out small but grew until I had like 70 guys in and out everyday, plus I had my own job, if they got too pesty I would just look at the paint can and pretend I was going to start painting (meaning work) and they all split as fast as they could.

    Michelle: Have you managed to ‘change’ any minds on the basis of information you obtain here? Are you able to convey this information to your wide circle of ‘characters’ in a way that they at least understand what you are talking about? Maybe this election fraud is too ‘unbelievable’ to contemplate, even when you know exactly how they pulled it off. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Michelle says:

    jbjd-“Have you managed to ‘change’ any minds on the basis of information you obtain here?” My Democrat friends that voted for Obama are very quiet on the subject of him. My other friends are Republicans/on the conservative side, they are just shell shocked from all his stupidity. At least 3 Democratic friends tried to “convert” me into voting for him up to the last minute, I just said “I cannot vote for that man”. My main reasons were he comes from the South Side of Chicago, his career as a “community organizer” slum landlord when I saw the Grove Parc videos that he was responsible for, he and Jarrett I got sick, they just stole all the federal, state and local money that was set aside for these folks, they didn’t need to freeze, broil or have any vermin all over the place, plus he used these people in many bad ways. I saw Phil Berg’s material-then Texas Darlin, then you-with all that info I couldn’t vote for him if he paid me $100 trillion to do it. The things that bug me most about him corrupt, incompetent and stupid the order changes depending on the day. I will be the therapist when this yutz finally gets caught, runs out of luck whatever…my Dem friends won’t believe how badly they have been used, but I figure Reps must have felt the same way about Nixon. Did you notice America got over that in about a week. I think when Obama leaves America in general will be glad and then we can start the repair work necessary. One thing we learned a lot of people do care about our country, sad to say the government sure has acted weird this whole time.

    Michelle: Thanks. You know, you hit on something that really bothers me about the attacks against the press by BO’s detractors. You knew about BO, having lived in Chicago. I knew about BO, having researched tomes of information from Evelyn Pringle’s well-cited materials; to the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass; to looking up the biographies of his foreign policy advisers, especially Samantha Power. Of course, I already knew all I needed to know about his alliances with people like Louis Farrakhan. What is it these people who failed to appreciate the _______ (fill in the blank) of BO think the press did wrong? The news was always out there; you just had to read it. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Speaking of the ‘press,’ I am about to post an article you will love.

  8. Al says:

    Yes, yes! yes! Thank You, jbjd, for an opportunity to redeem myself with Quiz-2. Also, enjoyed reading your Bill Press post. Back next week to lurk and take Quiz-3 should you post one. Have to agree with everyone else, the quizzes are a great idea. Was so proud to see these words below my score today…”You are a Competent Citizen. You paid attention in school or in citizenship classes and watch the news, curious about the ‘story behind the story.’ You often engage with your closest friends, family, and co-workers about politics and often initiate the discussion. What you don’t know, you usually look up. Efforts to undermine our Constitutional Republic could not get past you.”

    God Bless America!

    Al: …and we are proud of you! And yes, I will be publishing another quiz – wow, we’re already on (3) – shortly. ADMINISTRATOR

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