I decided to try something new.

I know am always proselytizing that, not knowing as much about how our political system works as those who would use their superior knowledge to steal our power guarantees, they will continue to steal our power. But over the past year, I have inundated you with tomes of information. And, at this point, I have no clear idea how much you have been able to assimilate. But neither do you. So, I decided to give you a quiz. And all of the answers can be found right here on this blog!

No one else here but you will know your score (unless you report back how you did). But I am hoping that these results will inspire you to either keep up the good work informing yourself about our political system; or expend more time and effort to get up to speed.

Keep in mind, I am always available to answer your questions.


Here are some general comments that apply to the scores.


You are a Civic Citizen. You understand how our political system works, and pursue real solutions when it does not. You aggressively seek out information and share your knowledge not only with your closest friends, family, and co-workers but also with strangers on the street and in the blogosphere. A person would not dare to mess with our Constitutional Republic on your watch!


You are a Competent Citizen. You paid attention in school or in citizenship classes and watch the news, curious about the ‘story behind the story.’ You often engage with your closest friends, family, and co-workers about politics and often initiate the discussion. What you don’t know, you usually look up. Efforts to undermine our Constitutional Republic could not get past you.


You are a Convenient Citizen. You remember some lessons from school. You pay attention to the headline news when the subject directly impacts on you, but seldom seek out the ‘story behind the story.’ You occasionally engage with your closest friends, family, and co-workers about politics, sometimes initiating the discussion. You have looked things up. You notice when someone is tampering with the foundations of our Constitutional Republic.


You are a Cavalier Citizen. You obtain most of what you know about our system of government by osmosis, that is, what you manage to absorb just by ‘being there.’ If your closest friends, family, and co-workers don’t discuss and understand something in the news, neither do you. You rarely look things up. When asked, you are willing to work with Civic and Competent Citizens to defend our Constitutional Republic.


You are a Complacent Citizen. You have no idea how our political system operates and you refuse to find out. You enjoy living in a country where you feel safe and free; but when it comes to maintaining this Constitutional Republic, you rely on the rest of us to do your heavy lifting.

Good Luck!

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10 Responses to jbjd’s CIVICS for CIVILIANS QUIZ (1)

  1. Michelle says:

    jbjd-great test, loved it and it really requires thinking. I jazzed up some answers due to speed reading, I’m going to slow down and take it again later to make sure it sticks. Rote, Rote and rote.
    Thank you for the test I liked it.

    Michelle: Phew! Trying something new on the blog sure is stressful! I would really like to make this a weekly event, but I need to work on formulating the right quiz aesthetics! ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Al says:

    What a great idea, jbjd! Took Quiz-1, and suffice it to say I’m glad a teammate wasn’t on 3rd base needing me to get a hit(correct answer)to bring him home to score a run…Did manage to score some runs, but a baseball manager worth his salt would demote me to the minors if I don’t sharpen my batting skills by Quiz-2. Sorry about the sports analogy…nevertheless, jbjd, have a great week. Back next week to lurk and take part in Quiz-2. Again, great idea!

    Al: Ha, a baseball analogy is not wasted on me! When my son was younger, he tended to be ambidextrous. I secretly dreamed he would grow up to be a southpaw for the Red Sox! And this was before they began winning World Series! I am so glad you liked the quiz. Hopefully, this will become a weekly special. (No need to wait a week between visits!) ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Kelly Canon says:

    jbjd… I only got 50%!!! Dang it all… I thought I knew my civics! But in my defense, you threw out a **BUNCH** of trick questions. Wasn’t ready for that. I’ll be more aware of this on your future exams!!

    Now… that being said – could you please elaborate on the correct answer for question #4? To my amazement, I missed this one, and I’m not sure how that’s possible, considering I’ve been following this issue for the past two years. I’m very confused, now. Unless, of course, it was another trick question? 🙂

    Good test!

    Kelly Cannon: When I compiled this quiz, I was concerned that some of the questions were too tricky. But then I thought, they would only be tricky if one had for a long time assumed the wrong answer, was true. Being technical is necessary. Remember, we are not ‘playing’ against ourselves but against those people who use their superior knowledge of how our system works, against us. For example, that question about how much was the registration fee for the SC D primary for U.S. Senate. Three different figures appear in my story. However, the true figure is connected to the law that spells out how that figure is determined; and what the money goes for. People need to start thinking about the WHOLE process, including how to become a candidate! Do barriers to entry exist, which prevent ‘ordinary’ people from becoming candidates? Why? So, even when the questions are technical (or tricky, if you prefer), they are not arbitrarily so.

    As to your specific question, re-send the question to me, just so that I am sure which one you missed. (As for the others, you need to look up the information you got wrong, until you know the information!) ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. My son just said, ‘Mom, how many did you get right?’ I said, ‘All of them; it’s MY quiz!’ He said, ‘You are such a good teacher. You figure out fun things to do on your blog for your readers.’

  4. Kelly Canon says:

    Thanks, jbjd! I think I just needed a good kick in the pants regarding my level of civics knowledge… also (I have also realized) that you are an attorney, so you are already programmed to think in the technical sense. Therefore, the technicality (or “tricky”) aspect of asking questions comes naturally to you. Not so, for us lay-persons. 🙂 But I digress…. On the quiz-question #4: “Federal law requires that in order to be a “Natural Born Citizen” both parents of the citizen must also be American citizens at the time of the birth.” I think I can understand now that you were really focused on the first part of that question, “Federal law requires…” and I made the mistake of thinking this was a true statement, because I was focused on the latter half of the question. In actuality (and hind-sight is 20-20!), this statement should have read “according to the founding fathers, and author(s) of the Constitution and the Federalists’ Papers…” then THAT would have been a “truer” statement/question. There is no statutory (or federal) definition/requirement of “natural born citizen” that anyone can find (to date), and this is the reason we find ourselves today with a POTENTIAL usurper in the Oval Office – because the phrase (NBC) has been left to a plethora of interpretations over the years, and nobody knows who is right and who is wrong. Personally, I believed that the last part of question # 4 was CORRECT, because of what I’ve been able to understand by reading the federalist papers, “Law of Nations”, and other writings of the founding fathers. But the only choices for that question were “true” or “false”. And since the FIRST part of the question was false, it made the WHOLE sentence/question false… WHEW! I think I’m beginning to think like a lawyer!?!? YIKES!! I’m clearly a “left-brainer”.

    Kelly Canon: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Great answer. Yes; regardless of what we might construe from reading contemporaneous writings. neither the Constitution nor any other federl law defines NBC.

    Having said this, let me clarify some of your dicta, that is, further narrative not directly on point.

    While we may not know what is the definition of NBC, clearly, we know the definition of C. And no documentary evidence I have seen in the public record even establishes this. Plus, you say, this (meaning the fact we don’t know whether he is a NBC or even a C) is why we have a President who may be a usurper. (I like that you used the word “potential.”) My problem is, the word usurper implies BO is in the Oval Office because he stole the vote of the Electors. Of course, he did not. No one compelled those Electors to cast their votes for him, ignoring the public clamor that he might not be a NBC, or even a C. He did not submit his own name as the D nominee for POTUS, so that state election officials could print this on the general election ballot. He did not cast 50 million votes for himself. See what I mean? ADMINISTRATOR

    • kathy says:

      All that you say may be true, but is he not at the very least, a conspirator who is complicit in the crime?

      kathy: Welcome. You are absolutely correct. But the conspiracy cannot be established without first establishing the underlying crime, which is election fraud. The case is quite strong against the D’s who Certified BO is qualified for the office of President in order that election officials would print his name on the ballot, notwithstanding no documentary in the public record; and no documentary evidence any of these D’s is willing to produce; establishes there is any basis to such Certification. ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I meant to compliment you regarding your son, this child is very charming, what a lovely thought I like how you both think.
    “My son just said, ‘Mom, how many did you get right?’ I said, ‘All of them; it’s MY quiz!’ He said, ‘You are such a good teacher. You figure out fun things to do on your blog for your readers.’”

    Michelle: Thank you; I will tell him. As you know, he is high functioning autistic. In some ways, he retains a simple sweetness more typical of a younger child. He is my blessing. ADMINISTRTOR

  6. constitutionallyspeaking says:

    suffice to say, I do not know who certain people are in certain states and I do not know the laws of all states, (remainder of comments omitted by jbjd because they contained generalized accusations as to the quality of the quiz but failed to include specific references tending to support these accusations)

    constitutionally speaking: Welcome. True, laws differ in each state. But readers finding out about laws in one state often begin to question the content of the laws in their own state. Plus, the fact that I posted the SC law regarding how the state calculates the fee to register to get on the ballot in, say, the U.S. Senate primary; demonstrates the mechanism by which any state may set this fee. And, as I said in another response, citizens who know these facts might want to lower the costs, which seems to me to create a ‘barrier to entry’ by ordinary citizens.

    The political parties know the laws in all states; maybe if we knew more about the laws look like in other states, we would not be so quick to believe the hype of hucksters on the internet who promulgate hyperbolic myth as fact. For example, the person who stole my work last fall, then falsely claimed, the fact that Nancy Pelosi and the DNC submitted Certifications of Nomination containing different wording in different states evidenced fraud. Plus, he erroneously claimed NP submitted the Certification in all 50 states. Indeed, this thief incorrectly claimed the ONLY state that required specific wording of eligibility was HI.

    But more than one state requires eligibility language in the Certification of candidates to get on the ballot. And it depends on the laws citizens passed in the state. I corrected this person’s false information, often, posting the Certification in SC whose election laws also requires a statement of eligibility. I also posted the Certification submitted in Texas, signed only by TDP Chair Boyd Richie. But he repeats his wrong information to this day. While such misstatements of fact lend themselves to sexy conspiracy theories; they do nothing to inform the public of how our political system works, for example, making the connection between writing and passing election laws; and language on Certifications intending to ensure only eligible candidates get on the ballot. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Aqeel says:

    I think everyone should have some know how of the political system of their country as it helps us to know what is going around us.

    Aqeel: Welcome! Yes; while some people think this quiz contains ‘tricks’ or, opinion; I worked very hard to ask questions that only dealt with facts and practice in individual states. Because I know the people who rigged the 2008 elections knew more about this back then, than the rest of us. We sensed something was amiss, long before our understanding of the political system caught up. I am doing my best to ensure, this won’t happen again. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. Al says:

    Ha, there’s no Quiz-2 posted yet, so I can take another week to study/brush up on all things as it relates to being an informed, productive citizen. What a relief after last week’s dismal showing. Thanks for sharing your secret ambitions for your son, jbjd (I imagine it would be icing on the cake to have you in attendance while he pitched a deciding Game 7 victory in the World Series for the Red Sox someday, but sounds like he’s already a genuine hero in your eyes already). Back next week to face the truth about how prepared I am for Quiz-2…have a great week. God Bless America!

    Al: Sorry to tell you, Civics for Civilians Quiz (2) about to be posted! (I need to figure out how to give the answers to prior quizzes without spoiling the surprise for ‘honest’ quiz takers!) ADMINISTRATOR

  9. Aqeel says:

    I think I fall in the category of competent citizen.

    Aqeel: Very good! Do you know the correct answers now to the questions you got wrong? If you email these to me, I will not post… unless you want me to. Because at some point, you will work your way up to being a Civic Citizen. You have to, so that others who know more than you will be unable to steal your power. ADMINISTRATOR

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