Cambridge Dictionaries On-line defines “henchman” as “someone who does unpleasant or illegal things for a powerful person.”  “Like other dictators, he tried to distance himself from the dirty deeds carried out by his henchmen.”

This article is about the dirty deeds carried out by Barack Obama’s henchmen and women leading up to the 2008 election in order to place him in the Oval Office and keep him there, until now.

The title “All the President’s (Hench)men” is a takeoff on “All the President’s Men,” the movie based on the book by Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward describing the rise and fall from grace of President Nixon.  Here’s how IMDb (Internet Movie Database) summarizes the plot:

Factual account of investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post whose reporting of the Watergate break-in eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States. The film focuses on the period from the break-in on June 17, 1972 to Nixon’s re-election in November later than (sic) year. Their perseverance – and the support of their editors – revealed that the break-in at the Watergate office complex was only one small part of a much larger network of intelligence gathering activities, many of which were illegal. The story also focuses on the role of Woodward’s now legendary secret source dubbed Deep Throat (since identified as FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt) and the encouragement he provided when the journalists hit roadblocks in their investigation.

Given the passions aroused when this subject comes up, I ‘get’ that people who believe Barack Obama is Constitutionally ineligible for POTUS might find using the term “dirty deeds” to describe the conduct of his henchmen throughout the ongoing illegal enterprise that not only made him President but also sustains his Presidency; does injustice to their multiple acts of treachery.  But describing their illicit conduct in any other way wrongly gives these scoundrels more credit than is due for pulling off an election fraud of historical magnitude which in large part has only succeeded through sheer dumb luck.

In nine minutes, here is a pretty good edit of snippets from the movie.

You can see how the events of then and now naturally lend themselves to the verbal juxtaposition in these respective titles.

In the present case, the underlying crime is election fraud.  That is, in order to facilitate the election of Barack Obama as President in 2008, people affiliated with the DNC Services Corporation conspired to bamboozle election officials in states throughout the country into believing they had already ascertained the candidate was Constitutionally qualified for the job, in order to get these officials to print his name next to the “D” on state ballots.  Because laws passed in some states only allow the names of qualified candidates to be printed on the ballot.  And while we only elect Electors in the general election, for the time being, I cannot imagine Electors would elect anyone whose name had not first appeared on the general election ballot.

Just like during Watergate, dozens of the President’s henchmen have been implicated in this unlawful conspiracy. So many, in fact, people have proposed it would take a book here, too, in order to keep straight the names of all of these characters and the individual part they played in this more recent crime.

It’s on my “To Do” list.

In the meantime, I have put together this mini cheat sheet examining the roles of just 6 (six) co-conspirators to the fraud in the 2008 election, including selective links to the extensive documentation assembled on this blog spelling out in much greater detail the back story to the dastardly deeds accredited to them.

View this document on Scribd

23 Responses to ALL the PRESIDENT’S (HENCH)MEN

  1. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I glanced through this real fast first time around so I could send quickly to and Oil for Immigration, then I went back to read more thoroughly. The Chart is fantastic. It was hard telling the players without a scorecard (old Chicago expression).
    “It’s on my “To Do” list”, when the book is complete I hope we can lift it.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, but I have a feeling that you were working on this.
    This should clear up a lot of items for many people.

    Michelle: Thank you. Yes; I was working on this for a long time. But I wanted to get it right, which means, I wanted to end up with a clear presentation understandable by first-time readers (especially reporters): we have been duped. Simple as that. (Doesn’t the activity described in this chart remind you of the Watergate burglars and their cronies?) And thank you for getting the word out! ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. azgo told me, he re-reads lines from my posts, too; and even looks up words! (But he has never asked me to change the way I write!)

  2. cjzak says:

    jbjd: I don’t always agree with you nor always like the way you speak to people on the blogs. However,I am very impressed by this document. This is really good, factual information and very well written so it is easy to understand. It’s concise and to the point. It is something I had hoped you would do earlier, as it was sometimes difficult for me to follow what you were trying to convey just reading the blog posts. Crystal clear now with all the players named and their roles explained.

    I would like to suggest(if you haven’t considered this already) that this be sent to all media who may at least study it in private, if not present it in public. Re Beck, Hannity, Rush, Levin and other conservative media spokesmen. Maybe send this to the legal teams still pursuing this matter in on-going court cases also.

    Thank you for the hard work you have put into this and I have printed it to save in my personal ‘Obama Eligibility Files.’ I just wish something could make this information useful at this late date to relieve this country of the sickness the Obama era has brought to America. Maybe it can prevent him from running again. Thank you sincerely for all your effort and time putting this together.

    cjzak: Welcome to this blog; and thank you. I allowed your opening remarks, notwithstanding they not only ‘name call’ (through innuendo) but also focus on your feelings toward me, personally. This preoccupation with feelings about ‘me’ versus consideration of the validity of my work has hindered the ability of my fellow citizens to keep in mind, we are all in the same boat. I am aggrieved by the idea that Barack Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS and want him out of the WH. However, this fact of ineligibility alone does not legally justify his Impeachment. What will justify Impeachment is implicating him in the massive election fraud perpetrated by the D’s to get him into office. The only way to do this is to get the word out. And this means, educating citizens like you, so that you can then spread the word. Any harebrained scheme focused on anything other than election fraud, however well-intentioned proponents claim to be; detracts from this mission and prolongs our national disgrace. I call it as I see it. ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Michelle says:

    jbjd-this reminded me so much of Watergate it was unbelievable-not exactly the same crime (break-in as opposed to out-right breaking the law-the installation by fraudulent documents) but the lies and the perpetual cover-ups and the not answering questions, the abuse of power and how the Democrats screamed bloody murder. When it was over I was horrified to learn most of Nixon’s henchmen were lawyers, I was so young then, I really thought as lawyers that they would know the law and obey the law. Boy was I naive, our government just does not understand that when children in school learn about the Constitution they take this document into their hearts,souls and minds and never let it go. Politicians seem to weaponize the Constitution when they enter some magical halls of power(in their minds-DC) which seems to vaporize their consciences, honor and integrity. When the politicians do that DC becomes no better than Hitler’s Germany. Could it be the grandiose buildings? Power taken to pound the people into the ground, which is abhorrent to the American spirit.
    Those of us not educated in the law really have to study this and not because you have not made it clear, we just have to clear out all the lies the government is spewing first. I love the way you write, don’t forget when you first started this more and more information was coming in the whole time that you were writing, so more information had to be folded into what already existed.
    Actually when I re-read what I just wrote I just realized IT’S ALL ABOUT LIES-both Nixon and Obama.

    Michelle: This comment gives me the chills. Yes; as children, we were all so trusting and impressionable, weren’t we. Whose fault was that? As an adult, I internalized that part of my responsibility as a mother is to instill an unconditional sense that everything will be all right, which certainty forms the strong inner core required to confront the world in which so many things are wrong. At what point do I remove the ‘security blanket’ and expose the child to this reality? That is hard to know. But even if it could be said that we citizens had been clinging to our collective ‘security blankets’ for all these years; this still does not excuse the conduct of these lawyers and politicians who stole our power just because they knew better how the game can be played. ADMINISTRATOR

  4. cjzak says:

    jbjd: No intent on my part to’name call.’ Just stating I don’t always agree with what and how you say things sometimes but I do give you kudos for the ‘validilty’ of your work. I think you’re spot on in this case. I’ll respect your wishes in the future and refrain from any personal comments, as that isn’t agreeable to you and it is your blog. I am just wondering how this can actually cause a change to get Obama to be declared ineligible or to prevent him from running again. I have passed this information you have laid out to numerous people and will continue to. Just think it needs to be kicked to the people who can make it happen faster than me.

    cjzak: This is an excellent question, and one I welcome this opportunity to re-answer. (See, for example, THE END GAME.) I believe as a result of his involvement with this massive election fraud, Mr. Obama should be Impeached. Only the House of Representatives can initiate Impeachment proceedings. The question is: how can those of us who believe Mr. Obama merits Impeachment inspire them to begin this process? Well, we can petition our representatives directly, with specific information about this massive election fraud which is more compelling than any of the volumes of information sent previously, which were ignored. The press can play up this election fraud to get their attention. Or state A’sG (in applicable states) can launch investigations into the citizen complaints of election fraud filed with their offices beginning in September 2009 through the present, word of which fraud would surely reach Washington, D.C.. Or, given a critical mass of citizens who fully understand how our political system is intended to work and what was broken in the 2008 election cycle, an understanding I am trying to accomplish through this blog; these citizens can rise up in defiance on the steps of their respective state capital buildings, armed only with knowledge and a love for country, and thereby compel public officials to act appropriately.

    Thank you for spreading the word. ADMINISTRATOR

    • cjzak says:

      Thanks. I’ll look at that.

      cjzak: Yes, but… I hate to tell you, that post is just the beginning. You really should peruse the whole blog – Michelle advises people to begin with, OUT of the MOUTHS of BABES – until you ‘get’ all it. ADMINISTRATOR

  5. cjzak says:

    I think the security blankets were around all of us as we lived a life of nonchalant acceptence of our govt. and a belief that in spite of a few waves, the leaders(most of them anyway) would do the right thing and keep the country and our freedoms safe. We believed they had some integrity and love of America and besides we had better things to pay attention to like making a living, buying things going on vacations and other ‘normal’ American life events. Shame on us for ignoring the monsters swimming underneath. Our security blankets have been ripped off and we are seeing the cold truth. Innocence defiled and nonchalance rudely interupted. Now we have to deal with it and protect our children’s heritage and rights. Going to be a long winter’s day into night I think. We must try and so thank you for providing something to begin our journey forward with.

    cjzak: Whoa, chills again. I have often joked – yes, in the midst of my rage at being complacent and allowing myself to be bamboozled, I retain my sense of humor – I should present a bill to my federal legislators for a rebate on that $174,000 taxpayers are paying them to act in my best interest. ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Michelle says:

    jbjd-a childhood filled with wonder and innocence is a wonderful thing, it certainly was in my case. You want children to be aware of the world good things and bad, but not to go to the dark side.
    As much as this Obama and corrupt government thing sickens me I would rather be aware of it than live in la la land and not know. Good thing I like cleaning, our country needs a good scrubbing-like that old saying-Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but around here it is next to impossible.
    Obama/government not only broke trust, they obliterated it, but in so doing showed up all the weak and destroyed areas that need repair. Good days are coming for those who remained honest with their integrity intact. They will be so needed in the new government to be-the Constitutional government re-born and reinvigorated.

    Michelle: I am glad you appended the word ‘government.’ Because as you know, I think people have been so focused on Mr. Obama; they failed to appreciate, he did not steal the D nomination; or submit a Certification of Nomination to the general election ballot, or install himself into the Oval Office. It took a lot more than one person to swindle the Presidency from the American people. And many of the people involved in the swindle were not even public officials! ADMINISTRATOR

  7. AmericanPride says:

    Here is a good link to all the potus cronies.
    (link omitted by jbjd)

    AmericanPride: I could not publish your link for 2 (two) reasons, either one of which would have sufficed on its own. 1) The list of names, while extensive, is not comprehensive. Missing was the first name I looked for. Kenneth Blackwell. (Killerspin, anyone?) As a state senator, Mr. Obama’s ‘quid pro quo’ with the businessman should have resulted in criminal prosecution and incarceration. 2) There is a decidedly right-of-center slant that calls into question the validity of the narrative. For example, I looked up Greg Craig, the man who defended President Clinton against Articles of Impeachment. Scanning the highlights (section) of his career, this fact was missing, replaced by other career ‘milestones’ in defense of left-of-center Defendants not as well liked as the former President. Reading down to the end of that entry, one would eventually find a line referencing his work on behalf of the former President. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. MG says:

    If you read this Lonng article written by Ali Sina regarding O’s make up it down right scary to believe he is the White House:

    (link omitted by jbjd)

    MG: What is your point? That a ‘person’ who has never met the President or interviewed close family or friends; has ‘diagnosed’ he has a problem? Or that it is scary people like you place stock in such attenuated diagnosis, and trade in such gossip? (These questions are rhetorical.) ADMINISTRATOR

  9. Al says:

    Howdy jbjd,

    Have followed your comments over at CW’s blog for about a year now. Whatwith only two years and some months to go before the presidential election of 2012, I have come to the realization that your hardwork and dedication deserves further review. Because I respect you/your work, I am here to alert you that I have linked your website into my blog(under “Quest for the Truth”…”A Legal Perspective”) essentially hoping that others will take the time to explore your work further too. With that said, jbjd, I’ll leave a link back to here unless I hear from you otherwise. Would have emailed you with advanced notice before linking your work on my site, but didn’t find that option. Nevertheless, we have a challenging/daunting task ahead and every avenue needs to be explored to maintain the Republic our forebears created. Best wishes with your continued work on behalf of a nation you love and respect.

    Al: Welcome to the blog; and thank you for acknowledging the quality of the work that goes on here. (Note: my screen name is “jbjd,” all small letters.) I anticipate that in advance of the 2012 election cycle, I will need to devote even more time to this endeavor, explaining how to implement appropriate measures to ensure, this time, we will at least know, the candidate our Electors elect is Constitutionally eligible for the job. ADMINISTRATOR

    • Al says:

      Hat-tip to lowercase “jbjd” for all you’ve done and will do to continue your part in protecting, promoting and preserving our sacred Constitution. If you feel like someone is lurking here every now and then, I’ll be guilty as charged. Best Wishes with your work amid the special challenges/hurdles that come with caring enough to do something worthwhile and right. Hopefully the results you desire will yield a harvest to your liking. Godspeed ahead, “jbjd”.

      Al: Thank you so very much. Psychic benefits help. ADMINISTRATOR

  10. TeakWoodKite says:

    Great job on the layout jbjd.

    TWK: Thank you. I have presented a lot of information on this blog material to exposing the fraud that permeated the 2008 election cycle; but so far, judging by the hits to the blog and, the responses; this has produced only a limited public outcry. I keep thinking, if only I can tell this story in the right way, people will finally HEAR me and raise up their voices in a crescendo of protest too loud to be ignored. (I also keep thinking, if enough people send this chart to the press; sooner or later, someone is bound to ask Mr. Gibbs et al. the right questions.) ADMINISTRATOR

    • TeakWoodKite says:

      Stress not jbjd, Horton was a lone advocate for Whoville.

      Horton tells the Whos that, lest they end up being boiled in ‘‘Beezelnut Oil’’, they need to make themselves heard to the other animals.

      SO in your analogy who is deepthroat?

      And in mine, who is the “very small shirker named JoJo”?

      TWK: “…a person’s a person no matter how small.” If we are choosing roles, I rather fancy myself the security guard who noticed the tape on the door. There are 100,000,000 Jo Jo’s. And, so far… there is no “Deep Throat.” (Harold Ickes, there’s a standing ‘red flag in the flower pot’…ADMINISTRATOR

      • TeakWoodKite says:

        I only meant to imply that it is extremely likely that there be a insider with an piticular motive to expose this.
        ala the passport issue or complete black out on his paper trail. I realize you are taking this very well grounded approach, keep at it. It will pay off.

        TWK: I will keep at it; thanks again for the ‘attagirl.’ ADMINISTRATOR

  11. BuckeyeTexan says:


    I am one of 200 people who filed a legal affidavit with the 2008 Clinton campaign describing the caucus and election fraud (that I personally witnessed) perpetrated by the Texas Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. The things I saw and experienced would blow your mind.

    One of the things that troubles me most about Obama’s name being on the ballot in Texas is that regardless of his eligibility status, Texas election law stipulates that a candidate’s name cannot appear on the general election ballot for a political party unless that candidate won a majority of votes in the party’s primary election. Barack Obama did not win the TDP primary election. Hillary Clinton did.


    BuckeyeTexan: Welcome to the blog, pardner. I was confused by your comment. (Next time, cite to the law.) You appear to be saying, under TX law, only the winner of the popular vote in the primary may appear on the ballot; but the general election ballot is reserved not for whichever Presidential candidate won the local (state of TX) primary but on who won the nomination of the national political party.

    Also, notwithstanding fraud occurred in the TX primary/caucus contest; it has flown largely below the radar as this process is an internal club exercise.

    Have you read any of the several postings dedicated to the election fraud of the 2008 election cycle as this played out in the Lone Star State?






    CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2)

    CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (2 of 2)



    Have you filed a citizen complaint of eleciton fraud against TDP Chair Boyd Richie, with AG Abbott? These can be found in the sidebar of the blog, or in various posts.

    In sum, I am pursuing election fraud as this relates to swearing to state election officials a candidate is qualified to get on the ballot without ascertaining first he is eligible for the job, in states like TX that only print the names of eligible candidates on the ballot.

    And I could sure use your help! ADMINISTRATOR

  12. kjTX says:

    Hi, jbjd! I was hoping I’d find another great article from you on your blog, and I was not disappointed! Fantastic “score-card”! You and I spoke at great length about the subject of your latest blog entry, over the phone last month. (I thoroughly enjoyed our talk by the way, and you were VERY informative!) As you know, being another ANGRY Texan (not someone to tangle with, I assure you!), I also submitted a request for documentation to Richie. As of today, still no word. Not even from Abbott’s office. Using your thoughts on the impeachment issue, I have a rather off-beat theory I’d like to share with you… see if I’m on to something: You said that impeachment proceedings can only be initiated by Congress (House of Reps or Senate), right? What if “key” representatives or senators (republicans and possibly a few dems/indys) are simply biding their time until a more right-leaning majority is actually in-place after the 2010 mid-term elections? What if they are waiting on a majority (in both houses) to finally tip the scales towards impeachment proceedings? Right now, they wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-toothpicks, because of the dem super-majority in both houses (although Scott Brown killed one seat in the Senate). Right now, any impeachment attempt would be voted down without batting an eye. Do you think (perhaps) they are sitting on this until they have a more favorable chance of passage? (I’d call that a house FULL of “henchmen”, wouldn’t you?) According to several sources, Republicans are destined to win back a sizable amount of seats – enough to have a majority – in both houses. This same theory certainly lends credence to why the dems are working at break-neck speed to ram as many devastating bills down our throats as they possibly can. (i.e., HC, immigration, finance reform, cap & trade, etc.) They know they won’t have their super-majority after November, so they’re doing all of their damage as quickly as possible, while they have “control”. Food for thought?

    kjTX: Hello; yes, I recall our exchange. Thank you for appreciating the work. As to your ‘theory’ about the failure of the House of Representatives to introduce Articles of Impeachment, well, your guess is as good as mine. But I cannot imagine that we would go from no one in office mentioning the fact, the COLB is just a PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT; to introducing the Articles that could begin the formal investigation of the legal status of the man in the Oval Office. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. I did not see a significant spike in hits to this blog; I will assume that you have not as yet addressed these issues with your local TP group, correct?

  13. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I read kjTX comments which were interesting. I was thinking if her Tea Party group links with other Texas Tea Party groups if they could e-mail your articles to every reporter, editor (newspaper) in the state of TX that would be really cool. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a master list of TX newspapers and you could send all the e-mails at once, but I don’t think it could be that convenient.
    My thinking on the above article was WE THE PEOPLE should do things because they are lawful and legal not popular, cool, historic etc.

    Michelle: Know what? There are so many things to do! Of course, people can get these materials to newspapers. And surely, some members of the TX TP’s especially, must know some press! I also began looking up the contact information for the FOIFT; another project put on hold. Plus, kjTX got me to thinking; in IF DROWNING OUT OPPOSING FACTS IS “un-AMERICAN” THEN IGNORING UNPLEASANT FACTS MUST BE un-AMERICAN, TOO; I listed members of Congress who fobbed off constituent concerns that BO was Constitutionally ineligible, with references to that on-line COLB. Well, now that document has been thoroughly de-bunked as just a PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT; these public officials have no basis to assume BO is a NBC, right? We need to re-contact these people now, too. I have begun looking at Senator Barbara Mikulski, D-MD. She is up for re-election this year (although there were rumors she might retire). MD is also an applicable state for election fraud (and there was that trouble in Baltimore with the illegal A.C.O.R.N. operation. ADMINISTRATOR

  14. jtx says:

    “Dirty Deeds”, indeed!! That greatly understates the matter. There are some hugely serious implications involved in election fraud and simple slaps on the wrist and “don’t do it again” will not suffice.

    Your “All the President’s (Hench)men” deserves and should get get wider distribution and I believe it would greatly assist in doing so if you were to: (1) put your web address on every page of the document, and/or (2) make the document available for download instead of just printing it, which is all we can do now. Media mavins who receive a printed copy of your table have no way of knowing the source because your website address is not listed anywhere, only your initials (and they certainly will not take time to Google those). Also, if all they have is a printed document, they cannot access articles linked in the right column. If we could download a *.pdf, we could EMAIL it to the media, which would allow the recipients to click your links.

    If you could realign the information along the lines I mentioned it would surely help get the wider attention it deserves. Too many media members plod along all fat and sassy thinking the election was “just like any other and all’s right with the world” and as your information shows, that is anything but the case. The thing needed is to reformat things to assist in the wider dispersion of the knowledge.

    Just a thought based upon my observations of the media … they’re a lazy bunch until they get a whiff of the Woodward/Bernstein fame and fortune possibilities for themselves in making the public aware of what has been perpetrated.

    jtx: Thank you; done and done. And I ‘fixed’ Pooh-poohing Pulitzer and ‘IDIOMS’ as well. (I, too, thought some enterprising reporter would grab this story. Ha, assuming you are correct in your analysis that, reporters are lazy; the fact that so much of the groundwork is already done for them, should make ‘running’ with the story even more enticing.) ADMINISTRATOR

    • jtx says:

      Let’s certainly hope so. Many Americans will be watching those “reporters” for results …

      jtx: People have indicated to me, these articles clearly spell out the obvious fraud of that COLB. I have been telling people for almost 2 (two) years, concentrating on de-bunking the ‘physical’ composition of that ‘document’ was a waste of time. Obviously, contesting the substantive information appearing on the document was equally ridiculous. But I wonder what the general public has to say. Have you discussed these articles with others? If so, what is their general opinion? ADMINISTRATOR

  15. Al says:

    You pose some good questions, jbjd, but without legitimate investigative journalist like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein(of Watergate fame)it’s not easy to publicize information for public review/consumption. Those were the good old days when the press simply reported the news to the American people, and allowed the chips to fall where they may. This present administration seems to have ordered a gag order upon the present day MSM.

    As always, jbjd, best wishes with your continued push/advocacy for legitimate elections…and all things legal.

    Al: Welcome; and thank you. I not only have not found either a ‘Woodward’ or ‘Bernstein’; but I cannot even get those people who otherwise credit my opinions on other matters, to explore my work in this regard! (See WITH FRIENDS LIKES THESE, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?.) ADMINISTRATOR

  16. Al says:

    Good point, jbjd, but(sadly), it’s not always what people do to determine where they may stand, sometimes it’s what they don’t do. It may not be so much about you or your brilliant work personally, there just seems to be a blanket of censorship covering many matters that may lead back to Obama in a negative light. Sooner or later, something in his airtight bubble may burst, and when it does hopefully capable professionals like yourself and others will be prepared to pounce. Back next week to lurk about again…Meanwhile, hoping a few “Woodwards” and “Bernsteins” will emerge on the modern day scene. Best wishes!

    Al: Yes, I know the lack of mainstream media coverage of the work I have produced regarding election fraud in the 2008 Presidential (Elector) election; and the lack of a documentary basis that would establish BO is Constitutionally eligible for the job, has nothing to do with the quality of my work. (FYI, psychic benefits help.) ADMINISTRATOR

  17. coastal says:

    Thank you so much for the work you do. The chart is fantastic and great for first time readers.

    Another person of interest who I know in my gut has ALOT to do with the election fraud. No one, not one blog I can find has ever investigated nor implicated Ms. Donna Brazile, DNC Vice Chair of voter registration.

    The entire Florida/Michigan delegate hearing (8 hours on a saturday morning) was orchestrated by back room deals with Ms. Brazile in attendance. It was unbelievable what happened on that day to the delegates for Clinton and obama.

    The term, “better watch the quiet ones” comes to mind. I just think there is something there. Hope I am wrong.

    coastal: Thank you; and welcome. You know, it’s funny how so many of us have our ‘favorite’ bad actors in this fraud related to the 2008 election cycle. Yes; Ms. Brazile no doubt had her hand in manipulating the outcome of the primary. However, as you can see, sufficient wrongdoers have been identified who are directly involved with rigging the general election; that I haven’t yet explored the culpability of these ‘second tier’ culprits! ADMINISTRATOR

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