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Freedom costs.

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  1. louisianacajun says:

    When I read this article, I just wanted to cheer, “Yeah jbjd, you’re amazing!” Where does this “steel trap” mind come from? By the way, there are plenty of us reading your blog and I will donate now!

    louisianacajun: Welcome; and, may I say, phew! See, this is a very long post; and I had no access to the computer all day and so, had to get it out tonight. (I had intended to get this out on Sunday but, my son and his friends got into some drama Saturday night which needed tending. Everything turned out fine IN THE END but, I was way behind.) Anyway, you are the first person to read this beside me. I am so glad you like this.

    Politijab provided the first real ‘peer review’ of the work. As their attacks helped to demonstrate, it’s solid as a rock. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Michelle says:

    jbjd-sent to Oil for Immigration, and so far. Will do more tomorrow.
    That overused racism accusation just gets on my last nerve, they should look around at the people of our country, all of us have been multi-hued for a long time and my family is part of that group. I think we are very blessed-my mother and I both cracked up laughing when Jesse Jackson called us the Rainbow Coalition-we both said together that’s us. Love your new posting by the way.

    Michelle: Thank you; and glad to hear you love this post. (It’s so long! I know you said you sometimes read these tomes more than once until you really understand. Are you getting smarter or is my writing getting clearer? Hmmm…

    FYI, I always get several hits from your posts on Breitbart. ADMINISTRATOR

  3. connie says:

    Thankyou for all your hard work…I hope we can get him out sooon!

    connie: Thank you; me, too! ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I’m so glad that you are getting hits from Brietbart, good to know. I wish Andrew would pick up on this, but I guess he’s a busy guy. jbjd-actually I read and study your posts-you are educated in the field and used to the paperwork-we have to use our imagination but that’s ok all industries have their own special paperwork. You reminded me of a lot of concepts that I had forgotten over the years, but I agree with your philosophy go back to the scene of the crime. It is clean and expedient-Pelosi and Bauer and with their own mouths and pens they convicted themselves (best) some people thought they were being a wise guy and wouldn’t get caught. Sorry, Sheriff jbjd caught you-can’t take it back now.
    Your son and friends I hope the boys are ok-are you entering the teen years or pre-teen years? I have 4 brothers-what did Gilda say “It’s always something”. My father made them go to work with him, that cooled their little jets.
    I have a feeling that your are going to get a lot of hits. Best to you and your son.

    Michelle: It still boggles the mind that people don’t realize the true nature of our electoral process. Pulling this off was so easy; people had no idea how the system worked in the first place. ADMINISTRATION

  5. Michelle says:

    jbjd-just sent over to hillbuzz “what’s on your mind Tuesday”, I hope you get a minute to read the comments.
    “Pulling this off was so easy; people had no idea how the system worked in the first place”
    I’m not making a criticism of the average citizen including myself but I thought about this later-with all our folks who are in government how could they have missed all of this-our government dictates billions of rules regarding safety (OSHA, FDA etc.) throughout our country but have no safeguards in place themselves? Any way you look at this problem it is scary-this same group is charged with our national defense.

    Michelle: Ha, know what happened? I read your message here and thought, whoa, someone else has hit this realization and is waxing philosophical. Then, I realized, in that first line, you are quoting me! ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Michelle says:

    jbjd-what I realized today is our country has layers of government employees (Fed/State/Local) paid by the taxpayers who missed/ignored all this criminal activity by Obama and minions, worse this activity was pointed out to them by you and others during the election cycle. These people are lawyers, judges-folks who work within this system all the time-the citizens trusted them. I see now BIG MISTAKE.
    Almost forgot to tell you I sent this posting to Defend our Freedoms too.

    Michelle: I cannot speak for anyone else but, if someone came to me with a charge that the election is being stolen, I would not believe this. If I saw people zealously complaining both parents of the candidate must be American citizens for him to be natural born, notwithstanding the Constitution does not say this, and no (federal appellate) court has ruled this, in a case on point; or filing Mandamus suits in court to get the court to compel state officials to perform FUNCTIONS WHICH ARE NOT SPELLED OUT IN THE LAWS WITH RESPECT TO THEIR JOBS; I might be predisposed to doubting the next person who says, the candidate is ineligible, for whatever reason.

    I tried to tell people for over a year; pursuing the issue of BO’s eligibility for POTUS in the ‘wrong’ way is hurting the chances for the rest of us to have our voices heard. I have been saying since the summer of 2008; given existing laws including the Constitution, the only way to prevent BO from entering the WH is to pursue election fraud, that is, challenging his qualifications to appear on state ballots; and now, this is the best way to get him out.

    Fortunately, as the word gets out, more people seem to be listening, now. ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I know that you have been saying this as of summer of 08-I was following your blog sometime after August-I think TexasDarlin was pursuing this line also, I remember I kept reading both of you.
    I try to look at the bright side-had people listed to you-Obama would not have gotten in and the country and the people in it would have been spared a lot of unnecessary suffering. The good news they committed the crime and it has been documented to death by you. All the government has to do now is apply the laws currently on their books.

    Michelle: I absolutely agreed with you. If the DNC – and that’s what I used to call the D Corporation until I knew better – hadn’t stolen the nomination from HRC to award to BO AND the press hadn’t failed to report news I was picking up from the internet; I never would have investigated ad nauseum the in’s and out’s of how this political system works. And if people hadn’t been so frustrated that they were bombastically petitioning for help from both public and non-public sources, I would not have dedicated such a large portion of my life over this same time period, with all of the inherent pressures and pitfals this entails, to trying to help them out by simplifying the issues and offering solutions. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. Miri says:

    Once again, great work, jbjd. Thanks!

    You remind me of one of my very most favorite fictional characters–Kinsey Milhone. Familiar with her? You’re just THAT spunky. And smart. Those politijab elitists don’t stand a chance.

    Now to get the TRP off their complicit butts. How do we manage that?

    Let’s hope they don’t change those Texas laws before 2012.

    Miri: Thank you; and no, I have not heard of that character. (Actually, besides textbooks, I read historical non-fiction, especially biographies; and, lately, books about finance. I know; but this brouhaha has made me realize, I can no longer leave anything up to the ‘experts’ in Congress. And that’s a shame (for more than the obvious reasons, such as, they are getting paid AND it’s their job). Because they have access to so much more information than I do; and I already bought that information for them!

    No one can change those Texas laws if Texans don’t let them. But keep in mind, even if legislators manage to sneak one past the voters; while this MIGHT alter a legal outcome; this actually points more to the fraud and now, a cover-up. Voters would never stand for this; and their outrage will spark action from the House of Representatives. I have faith in the citizens.

    I know how to get the RPT “off their butts.” But this is not my job; it’s theirs. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. b fuller says:

    I had to re-read this piece twice to make sure I was understanding what I was reading. I only recently discovered your blog but I have used more of your direction and instruction in the last few weeks than in the previous two years. I was distrustful of BO from the first moment he was trotted out by the D’s and proceeded to learn all that I could about the person. The only person who even made an attempt to follow some of my questions about BO was Sean Hannity. After a while, even his team stopped listening and thought I had gone off of the deep end. Prior to the 2008 election, I was contacting the election folks for Texas inquiring about how to question the eligibility of a candidate. I was stonewalled to the point of total frustration. In reading your articles, I can see that I was on the right track just not knowledgeable enough to reach your conclusions. Now, however, armed with your “sword”, I am going back to work at the Texas AG and SOS offices and I will not be deterred. I already have a direct line to Senator Cornyn’s office and have begun to educate several of his staff. I now read your blog everyday and will be following your pieces closely. Thank you for the re-invigoration. Keep up the good work.

    b fuller: Welcome; and thank you. I’m glad you found us; it can be lonely out on a limb. Have you read past posts, too? Also, make sure to read the comments. We are an interactive site; readers provide great insights and comments. Our questions and answers could be independent posts!

    Come back with any questions. There is a lot here to ‘get.’ ADMINISTRATOR

  10. kjTX says:

    I echo B Fuller’s sentiments to the tee! It’s been a crazy two years… I also have a direct line (speed dial, actually) to Cornyn’s office, as well as my congressman (Joe Barton). Barton’s staff is probably sick of hearing from me… Anyway, I just received my return receipts from the post office from Abbott, the SoS, and Richie’s offices, which means that they DEFINITELY have my documents, and the clock is now ticking! We shall soon see what happens!

    kjTX: Did you just listen to the show on Revolution Radio with drkate? Because if you did not – and it appears you might not have, as you did not mention this – your sending in this comment at this time is quite a coincidence. Because drkate asked me about you (well, about the ‘person from Texas who contacted state officials’ (she reads the blog AND the comments) – and I said, I had not heard anything since that first comment!

    Whoa, good for you! You will let us know what happens. ADMINISTRATOR

  11. kjTX says:

    One more thing… I’ve looked and looked for your email address. Can’t find it anywhere on your blog. Any chance you could send me an email? I’d love to keep you posted “off line” on any new developments.

    kjTX: The email for the blog is (I need to work on the blog! Imagine, not knowing how to reach me by email! Geesh!) ADMINISTRATOR

  12. Michelle says:

    jbjd-just after drkate. Excellent suggestion re: do snippets for the non-lawyer set (like me). I have to read a couple of times, but once you get it you get it, plus for some of us it was a journey of discovery starting summer of 08 until now, like a product being built.
    You were great as usual.

    Michelle: I was waiting to hear from you; you have become my ‘touchstone’ in these matters. (Sort of like, yes, I know it sounded good here ‘but, will it play in Peoria?’) ADMINISTRATOR

  13. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I had to share-I hope you enjoy this compliment as much as I did. It was from the notification of the drkate interview that I sent around everywhere.
    ATTN: ALL PATRIOTS – By Michelle
    Jim // Apr 15, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    I listened to the entire interview……this lady is on to something here! Well done. Good way to get the guy impeached !

    Michelle: Thank you; I got an email saying the same thing. Hopefully, people who understand and appreciate my work will spread the ‘word.’ (Obviously, these 2 are ‘first timers.’ The rest of us know, I have been shouting ‘election fraud’ since the summer of 2008.) ADMINISTRATOR

  14. Michelle says:

    This is strange-normally when you google your latest posting is right at the top of the page. Now I have to be careful to type in idioms when I want to retrieve it and send to other web-sites. Just wanted you to know, also this has never happened before.

    Michelle: Know what? I updated a post and moved it to the front, forgetting that in the past, when I updated posts, I left them where they were. And I had no idea this impacted a Google search. I will rearrange. Thank you so much for your care and concern for this blog. Again. ADMINISTRATOR

  15. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I want the whole world to see your fine work and due diligence beyond the scope of well our entire media and a government at large. I know all the hard work that you put into this, many of us respect the value of hard work and a virtue that we all hope makes a come back-integrity.

    Michelle: Know what really bugs me? The whole scenario is right here. Obviously, members of the D club perpetrated fraud on the states in order to get election officials to print the name of BO on the ballot. Obviously, Bob Bauer perpetrated fraud on the court (and here, I am talking about dishonesty to the tribunal, which deceptive conduct is expressly prohibited by the canon of ethics) to try to get notice, his client, BO, is for real. Obviously, BO is up to here in this conspiracy of fraud. Why aren’t the ‘tea parties’ focused on this fraud? Even blogs on which I post comments, often lengthy and often at the request of other commenters and, in one case, at the request of guest authors; have never featured my work. Why do you suppose that is? People claim to be ‘incensed’ at the process of the 2008 election cycle, which produced an outcome they say they believe is at odds with the Constitution. I have not only identified the problems with that election but laid out solutions to prevent this from happening again. If they were paying attention here, we would see massive rallies at state capitals (or in Texas, at RPT headquarters), and not in empty fields.

    Know who does read my work and appreciate its value? All of those people involved in stealing the 2008 election. And they’ll do it again in 2012. Who is going to stop them?

    Don’t get me wrong; I am not giving up. Just frustrated that even with the radio show last Wednesday and this latest post, IDIOMS!, so few people comparatively, seem to be ‘getting’ the word. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. I said earlier, “Even blogs on which I post comments, often lengthy and often at the request of other commenters and, in one case, at the request of guest authors; have never featured my work. Why do you suppose that is?” Well, this turns out to be prophetic. Because one such blog today featured a post from a new commenter on the blog. (By “new,” I mean, I only started seeing his name within the last couple of weeks.) And yet in the past, I have asked this blog to feature my work. On the other hand, some blogs to which I never contribute have featured my work, having received this from readers of “jbjd.”

  16. Michelle says:

    jbjd-what amazes me is what Act of Congress is needed to get the Attorneys General to do their jobs and act on the citizens complaints that have been filed with them. A class action suit by the taxpayers who are paying their salaries while they do not do their jobs?
    and you are correct the Tea Parties are avoiding this issue for reasons unknown to me because it is the issue, not that you just don’t like somebody. Fraud brought Nixon down-lies and cover-ups no difference here, except I think the Obama fraud is much, much worse, that is larger and more dangerous in scope.

    Michelle: Apples and oranges. For the purpose of investigating citizen complaints of state election fraud, the AG is a state actor, entitled by the state law creating that office, to exercise discretion in which ‘cases’ to investigate and prosecute. Class action lawsuits have no bearing on this exercise of discretion. The vote is the only statutory ‘pressure’ which can be brought to bear on the AG’s manner of exercising discretion. for example, in Texas, if you don’t like the way AG Abbott ignored citizen complaints of election fraud then, don’t vote for him again. But in the meantime, I would imagine, many other means of persuasion may be used to get him to listen.

    One of these informal means of getting AG Abbott’s attention would be to gather on the state house steps, in numbers he found impossible to ignore. Another way is to educate the press to the election fraud in Texas and, through their spotlight on the issue, recruit the numbers of people whose presence on the state house steps, both literally and figuratively, would make ignoring this problem impossible in Texas.

    Of course, if the problem of election fraud can be made so loom so large, it is impossible to ignore in Texas then… ADMINISTRATOR

  17. Michelle says:

    jbjd-when this came on the news tonight, I immediately thought of you and our Laws. This is almost mystical or something….
    George Washington Owes NYC Library $300K for Overdue Books
    One of the books was the “Law of Nations,” which deals with international relations. The other was a volume of debates from Britain’s House of Commons.
    Both books were due on Nov. 2, 1789.

    Michelle: Hmmm… President Washington was inaugurated in April, 1789, in NYC. What do you want to bet, some low level civil servant was sent to one of Ben Franklin’s newly conceived public lending libraries – – and just forgot to get it back from the boss? ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Now know what you made me do? In order to see whether GW was POTUS when the book was taken out, I checked to see exactly when he was sworn in. I discovered, I had incorrectly said in “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES” that he was sworn in, in March. But turns out, I had misread the text. He was sworn in, in April. (Thank you again!)

  18. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I didn’t do any of this on purpose. I swear to God. I went to 4:30 Mass came home, couple of chores turned on the news and the story about George Washington came on about the overdue books, what caught my attention was the $300,000.00-then they said “Law of Nations” I couldn’t believe it. I really don’t think they can collect the fine. I don’t know if this is metaphysical, mystical, serendipitous or what. Well most of the country sure is developing a new interest in our Constitution now that it has abused so much since 08.
    I saw your post at Citizen Wells and you know I agree Nancy and Bauer are getting off too easy, can a lawyer file a suit against those two charmers?
    Previously this evening I sent a post at Breitbart suggesting the Texas Tea Partys and other Texans visit Greg Abbott with all your documented evidence Idioms-in huge numbers I hope. I think frustration is making me more determined. I wonder how Erica Thunderpaws is doing with her citizen complaints, I know that she has been diligent also.

    Michelle: I have gotten well over 100 hits just from the links you have been posting on Breitbart. EricaThunderpaws posted an article a few days ago about the citizen complaints; I also got several hits from that. As far as going after Bauer, well, I had ‘hinted’ that people could file complaints with the bar. But I need to post a more dedicated proposal to get people to do this. As far as going after NP, well, this is complicated by the fact, people can go after her for conduct related to her role as Chair of the 2008 DNC Services Convention but not for conduct related to her position as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. And A’sG will certainly use this duality of roles to justify not going after her. (People will buy that excuse, too.) But realistically, anyway, why would A’sG go after her when they won’t even go after, say, Boyd Richie, just a state party chair; or how about Kathy Hensley, the FORMER Treasurer of the D state party in SC, who scribbled BO’s eligibility to get on that state’s Presidential preference primary?

    But what I really meant was this. More people need to pose the question: given that thousands throughout the country cannot obtain any documentary evidence on which to determine BO’s eligibility; how did NP, BR, KH, and others from the D party determine his eligibility to swear to state election officials he was eligible to get on the ballot? So, when people involved in the tea party give rallies, this question should be asked. When people respond to criticism for being in the tea party, they should respond with, ‘Yes, I am crazy. Now, answer this: on what documentary basis did NP determine…’

    But in Texas, the numbers are so staggering… I really think these citizens could provide the catalyst to make this ‘case’ break at any minute. In fact, your posted link saying, such an opening could occur at any time, is hot right now! ADMINISTRATOR

  19. Michelle says:

    Thanks jbjd-I’m glad it is hot right now. When I lived in Illinois our bosses were from the great state of Texas and I know how much they love their country and the Alamo and their great state. I also know many Texans have been trying to get responses to their citizen complaints since 08.
    Go Texans.

    Michelle: You are such a great cheerleader but, I only began posting these citizen complaints of election fraud in the fall of 2009. (Yes, I mentioned challenging BO’s eligibility to get on the ballot in the summer of 2008 but that was not about fraud. Rather, that was only about ineligibility. I realized swearing he was eligible was fraud around New Years (I think), when I arranged to hand deliver the request for documents I worked on with Justin Riggs, to Nancy Pelosi. (I wonder whether people are putting pressure on the RPT?) ADMINISTRATOR

  20. See:

    Tea Party Question of the Century

    EricaThunderpaws: Nice! (You must be reading my blog!) And when people tell me, ‘His birth certificate is posted,’ I say, ‘Oh, I am sorry; I did not make myself clear. I was not asking on what basis YOU determined BO is eligible; I was asking, on what basis did THEY determine he was eligible. And they won’t say.’ ADMINISTRATOR

  21. Pete says:

    Have you ever wondered if George Washington and John Jay meant by Natural Born Citizen? I guess now it is very clear that Washington was well aware of the definition of NBC, as was John Jay. See what Washington was reading.

    NBC means two Citizen parents born on Native soil. Obama fails the Vatel, law of nations, definition.


    Pete: I never waste my time wondering what the former President or Secretary of State might have thought was the definition of NBC. Unlike you, I never assume any definition which might be messaged out of one text or the other; was THE definition intended by this country’s Founders and Drafters. Rather, I know no definition means anything unless it comes from a federal appellate court in a case directly on point. I certainly never conclude that anyone reading the book Law of Nations must have been looking for the definition of NBC (instead of, for example, trying to piece together what is meant by the Congressional power, “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations” in Article I of the Constitution). ADMINISTRATOR

  22. slcraig says:

    I am soooo tired of comments from people like Pete below, whose entire political reality was acquired at some ACORN recruiting drive handing out pak’s of smokes.

    The source of Vattel was not whole cloth but a distillation of the long and ongoing inquiry into the Laws of Nature and their relation to social activities of mankind resulting in works of the kind ‘The Law of Nations’.


    By Aristotle

    Written 350 B.C.E
    Book Three
    Part II

    “But in practice a citizen is defined to be one of whom both the parents are citizens; others insist on going further back; say to two or three or more ancestors. This is a short and practical definition but there are some who raise the further question: How this third or fourth ancestor came to be a citizen? Gorgias of Leontini, partly because he was in a difficulty, partly in irony, said- ‘Mortars are what is made by the mortar-makers, and the citizens of Larissa are those who are made by the magistrates; for it is their trade to make Larissaeans.’ Yet the question is really simple, for, if according to the definition just given they shared in the government, they were citizens. This is a better definition than the other. For the words, ‘born of a father or mother who is a citizen,’ cannot possibly apply to the first inhabitants or founders of a state.”

    Choosing to ignore an Article of a Constitutional Document that has, in 220 years, propelled humanity from candle-lit nights to viewing the lights upon earth from ‘spaceship’ is NOT in humanities best interest.

    slcraig: Welcome to the blog.

    NEXT TIME, NO CITE; NO POST! Here is a cite to a text that includes the works of Aristotle.

    As I referenced in my post, THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE people tend to view Vattel’s Law of Nations as a Treatise rather than a Compendium. I suspect your obvious frustration that not everyone else is as informed as you in this matter stems from the fact, the information is out there; and that you believe, since you found it, everyone else should be able to find this, too. (But I have no idea what you mean by that reference to ACORN.) ADMINISTRATOR

  23. Richard says:


    Your work is awesome! It appears that the Chair of the DPT Boyd Ritchie, has one of his legs caught in a bear trap by not releasing the requested information based on the Texas Open Records act. If I’m interpreting it clearly, he has opened himself up to a civil suit in Mandamus based on Sec. 161.009

    It looks more interesting the more i look at it, the fact that you may have indeed “check mated” the election fraud that the TDP/DNC committed.

    The RPT/RNC just needs to realise that YOU tactically have opened the door.

    My freaking gosh, where is the Chair of the RPT and Michael Steele of the RNC ???

    You mentioned an opposing candidate has standing under Texas Law i believe didn’t you ? Who would that be ?

    If I’m correct, AG Abbott, can crash this fraud party himself, or a civil suit in Mandamus from the RPT or from an opposing candidate.

    You have definitely disarmed the the DPT, now let’s help the RPT to see that you have given them the victory by exposing the election fraud.

    You deserve the honor and the glory jbjd !!

    Richard: Welcome; and thank you.

    It appears to me that you understand the facts; and the law; and the facts as applied to the law. And I can assure you, the RPT knows what you know, and knew it beforehand. But the person who needs to act is AG Abbott. And not just because he knows all of this too – read JUDGE ABBOTT WOULD ORDER TDP CHAIR BOYD RICHIE TO DECLARE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA IS INELIGIBLE FOR THE JOB – but because addressing the charges of election fraud filed by the citizens of TX with the office of the AG, is the job for which the citizens of TX election him and are paying him.

    The R candidate with standing is the person who wins the Texas Presidential preference primary. Because at that point, s/he has the same organizational interest as the RPT, which is, having the R candidate win. (See, before the primary, the candidate wants to beat out the other candidates from the same party. Whereas the RPT is considering campaign strategy (and expenditures) against the D candidate even before the primary.)

    And let’s not forget, the Texans in the U.S. House of Representatives can introduce Articles of Impeachment at any time, based on the fraud exposed in the work that goes on here on this blog. Each of them needs a copy of the Roadmap to Election Fraud in Texas, emailed so as to preserve the links. (OPEN LETTER to GREG ABBOTT, ATTORNEY GENERAL of TEXAS contains this and other documents which paint the whole picture of evidence of election fraud in Texas for federal legislators – both R and D – representing this state and other states.) ADMINISTRATOR

  24. Michelle says:

    jbjd-question re: fraud. If I understand this correctly both R’s and D’s if AG Abbott does not do his job to get Boyd Richie to do his job not only is there a problem with past fraud but what guarantee do the citizens of Texas (no matter party affiliation) have in knowning any further elections may be tainted with fraud. In other words if they don’t address any past, current fraud what about future fraud. I don’t think a state especially Texas would want that taint.
    Or am I reading too much into this?

    Michelle: No; you are reading this situation in exactly the right way. The ballot eligibility law as it is written by these citizens of Texas afforded them the right to feel secure with the knowledge, even if we wish our fellow citizens had voted otherwise, at least we are not saddled with an ineligible candidate. But that security has been shattered forevermore with the knowledge, the implicit meaning of that law, that is, the party would not submit the name of an ineligible candidate; only existed in the minds of the citizens and not in the minds of the political party. But the party, while in some ways legally bound to specific performance such as production of certain records; does not share the privity with the people that connects them with their AG. No; he is tied to them not only by Texas statute but also by Texas Constitution. Thus, by refusing to enforce existing law then, he can be said to have broken faith with the people who are his sovereigns.

    We sometimes characterize these efforts to compel enforcement of election laws as a ‘game of cat and mouse.’ But clearly, the breach of trust between the governed and their government in relation to Presidential eligibility under the U.S. Constitution, is no laughing matter. ADMINISTRATOR

  25. slcraig says:

    Here too is a ‘link’to a site which contains the works of which I posted as an excerpt from the Title, Book and Chapter ‘cited’;

    And yes, you define the source of the frustration I deal with correctly in part, although I obviously failed to convey that the 0’pologist’s and political foot-soldiers, aka, ACORN, would have use all believe that this country was Founded in a vacuum and without historical context or precedence.

    Citizenship, in the final analysis, is THE topic of all things concerning the ‘0’. That is, if the Article II requirement is found to be satisfied by the ‘0s’ circumstances of birth, then there is no longer a need for Article II Sec I Cls V. With its loss comes a cancer on whatever remains.

    All the while his 0’pologists suggest that even the most tenuous connections to American Citizenship is sufficient justifying usurpation by way of ‘the ends justifies the means’, or, more pointedly said, ‘We will bury you’.

    slcraig: I hear you. ADMINISTRATOR

  26. kjTX says:

    jbjd… WOW! No, I hadn’t listened to DrKates show before entering my last post(s)! Indeed it is a coincidence! And an amazing one at that! But I am listening to the show RIGHT NOW (podcast), as I type this. Another GREAT show!! Hopefully, if you are ever on Dr Kate again, PLEASE send me an email ahead of time, ok? 🙂 Still no word from the three * (Abbott, Richie, and the SoS). Keep up the GREAT work! You are BRILLIANT! Thank you!!

    kjTX: Thank you. (I took out the noun you used for the 3 people you named; no name-calling here.) I would not expect to hear from the SoS, as her jurisdiction only extends to preparing the ballot. No provision in TX law requires her to vet the candidate. However, as you heard me say on that last radio show, given that the SoS IS required by statute to prepare the ballot; and given that by statute, in TX, candidates on the ballot MUST BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE JOB; and in the absence of any mechanism for vetting as to eligibility, you could propose to this SoS that she write rules to ensure next time, all candidates are, in fact, eligible for the job before she grants them access to the TX state ballot.

    Please pass the word to your fellow Texans to read my blog. I have written extensively about the Lone Star State. I predict when the eligibility fraud hits the proverbial fan, it will be deep in the heart of Texas. ADMINISTRATOR

  27. TeakWoodKite says:

    Then, I realized, in that first line, you are quoting me!

    May I quote you?

    I was being “ridiculed” by a co-worker as to the legality of BO being POTUS, and I responded in saying
    ” as a legal matter” BO has not provided ANY documentation that a court has accepted as valid.

    he ; ” but he has posted his BC”, to which I said 1) it is a fraudulent document and at any rate it has not been determined by a court to be valid”….
    (he did a few back flips and then)
    he said, “but the state of Hawaii said ‘they’ have looked at the vault copy and “certified” it is authentic. Are you saying the state of Hawaii commit fraud?”.

    As a practical matter, I said yes because they did not refute the fraudulent image on his web site, also if BO had requested the state release a copy of it, this representation on BO’s “fight the Smears” site would have been (and is) a crime.
    He did another back flip, when I asked him How did NP or any other DNC person certify if BO did not release his vault BC?
    (blank stare and he walked off… muttering something about me being a “birther”.)

    I find it interesting that I have avoided any discussion of BO at work because of the vitrol response when attepting to converse in a calm and reasoned way with individuals, who when confronted with FACTS, call me a racist.

    Reading your posts and the comments is very informative and some of the best reading on the web. Has any official from either the Texas AG’s or the RNC or DNC responded to any of your work? That is very telling if not.

    TWK: Know what I say when people try to persuade me, evidence exists in the public record that would establish BO is a NBC? I say a variation of this. ‘Great, thanks for that information but, with all due respect, I could not care less on what basis YOU have determined BO is a NBC. No; I want to know on what basis NP (etc.) determined he was a NBC, BEFORE swearing he was to state election officials to get his name printed on the ballot. But when I asked, she wouldn’t say.’ Of course, now I point out, ‘Even BO’s attorney, Bob Bauer doesn’t use that COLB as evidence his client is for real.’ And I laugh. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Have you listened to my last appearance on Revolution Radio with drkate? (It’s in the sidebar.) After that, I think I am not a favorite of either the D’s OR THE R’S!

  28. Michelle says:

    jbjd-you did the one thing that neither the D’s or the R’s have been able to do. You told the truth and documented the truth, as of today they seem to be avoiding that precious commodity. We will continue to press on until they decide to tell the truth, those who have sworn oaths to uphold it.
    Just in case I sent an e-mail of the idioms article to a Texas Tea Party group requesting that they forward to all the Texas Tea Party membership. Can you imagine an e-mail of this article sent to every newspaper in the state of Texas?

    Michelle: This is so serious; the ‘closer’ we get to 2012, the more I begin to fear, we could be in for another round of subterfuge and theft of electoral process. But you are absolutely right in trying to alert the actors in Texas. That state will save the union. ADMINISTRATOR

  29. Updates:

    No response from AG Abbot to my revised citizen complaint filed on 4/7/10, but nothing in politics surprises me anymore.

    In the interim, I’ve been busy raising public awareness of the eligibility issue with the following recent articles. While these articles do not address elector ballots, they do support our arguments that Obama’s eligibility is justifiably questionable. The third article below garnered over 10,000 hits, which indicates to me that the public is interested.

    Kenyan Minister Khalwale Asks When Obama Will Repatriate
    (link omitted by jbjd)

    James Orengo, Kenyan Minister of Lands, Declares that Barack Obama was born in Kenya
    (link omitted by jbjd)

    This article was linked from WND’s home page:

    Hmmm. Kenyan Embassy is enroute to “soccer game” that never was
    (link omitted by jbjd)

    Erica Thunderpaws: I deleted the links because I don’t want to encourage this preoccupation with stories alluding to ‘the holy grail that establishes once and for all’ BO lacks the Constitutional eligibility for POTUS. It’s like watching the aftermath of a car wreck. And so what, anyway. Are those 10,000 any smarter about how their government works, and therefore better armed to prevent BO or someone else from stealing the WH again? Like vultures, these 10,000 jump on any piece of garbage about BO’s ‘definitive’ eligibility, however attenuated, and then on to the next hint of carrion.

    I have been trying to create a civics quiz for citizens, based only on the work on this blog. Let’s see whether people know as much about our own government as they seem to know about the other stories littering the blogosphere, which have no bearing whatsoever on how to run our Constitutional Republic.

    Ten thousand hits. Too bad those curiosity seekers were not directed here. Imagine the teaching and learning that could have been going on… ADMINISTRATOR

  30. Richard says:


    I e-mailed and forwarded this to Joseph Farah/WND and Canada Free Press. You don’t have to post this.

    Mr. JB Williams,

    Thanks for your awesome articles.

    The lawyer that goes by her screen name JBJD from her site at :, may indeed be going right at the juggler vein.

    If you haven’t heard of her, she has cornered the Texas Democratic Chair, Boyd Ritchie, asking him to show documentary evidence to prove how he certified Obama was constitutionally eligible to the Texas electors, enabling them to place him on the Ballot.

    He has refused to release the proof, and according to Texas Law, he has opened the door by way of the Texas Open Records Law for himself to be forced to release them under a suit of Mandamus. The Attorney General Greg Abbott, has also been petioned with time dated letters and requests demanding that he enforce the law via the open records act, against Boyd Ritchie.

    It is significant because if Boyd Ritchie can’t show how and why, then Attorney General Greg Abbott can order him to declare Obama ineligible, and to be removed from the Ballot, and be charged with election fraud. No standing to qualify for, no opened minded judges to hope for etc…

    The Texas republican party can also sue (with standing) in a Mandamus suit, via the open records act, supported with precedent case judgement in their favor. In fact the current Attorney General was the precedent case Judge….

    The Texas Republican Party has not seen the OPEN DOOR that JBJD has opened for them…….There would not have to be a determination of Vatell’s, or John Jay’s, or any other definition of Natural Born Citizen. Obama would be condemned with election fraud based on the simple fact that the TDP and the DNC can not show documentary evidence that Obama should be on the Texas Ballot !!

    The Attorney General Greg Abbott, can demand proof or look the other way, because he has discretionary authority on the matter….However, he is put on record by JBJD and also by many citizen complaints via certified mail.

    In summary, there is more that one way to Out Obama, but the work that JBJD has done is flying under the radar, and has enormous power all by itself to bring down Obama. Everyone’s looking down the road or over at so and so’s case, im looking at Texas and JBJD. Only the Texas Republican Party has STANDING based on precedent case law………and they are YET to do anything about it…


    The golden KEY is in both of their hands as we speak, this should be all over WND, DRUDGE, etc. but it’s not, it’s just flying right under the radar.

    My question to you is, take a deeper look at http:// and see if it warrants your help. thank you.


    Readers: This is the email I sent back to Richard.


    …but JB Williams knows all about my work. Because he stole it and said it was his. Even when confronted with the evidence this work belonged to me, he maintained he received the work anonymously. Of course, to this day, he continues to bank on that work.

    CFP is a right wing propaganda rag with neo-Nazi ties. (Do a search on my blog for CFP and JB Williams. It’s all explained there.)

    Like so many other charlatans tied to the ‘eligibility’ issue, JB Williams and Joseph Farah have turned issues related to BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS into a cottage industry that has made many of them rich. And work they stole from me helped to feather their nests.

    Know how many people have downloaded from my blog the citizen complaints of election fraud and filed these with their state A’sG? Hundreds. Know how many people have donated to MY blog? Ten (10). And not all of these people live in applicable states for filing complaints.

    I would be curious to hear any response you receive to your email.

    Thanks for the thought, anyway.


    Richard: Please, when referring to me, use small letters; this helps to distinguish between me and the person who steals my work, who uses caps.

    Also, my work does not state that AG Abbott can order Boyd Richie – his name is spelled without a “t” – to declare BO is ineligible for the job. Only a court of law can do that. But Greg Abbott, current AG of TX, used to be Justice Abbott, on the Supreme Court of TX. And was in his capacity as a Judge that he signed the order in Bradford v. Vento, which case held that non-disclosure is tantamount to admission of a lie, where a duty can be found to disclose. ADMINISTRATOR

  31. Michelle says:

    “Sincerity is always subject to proof.” JOHN F. KENNEDY
    as soon as I read your response to Richard (who is sincere) we at Citizen Wells well remember when JB Williams stole your work and messed something up along the way in his translation-still makes me mad. JB Williams that is not nice what you did, you need to apologize and make amends to jbjd and you know it. This is not supposed to be a cottage industry, that is like enabling the criminals to get away with what they did and encouraging more bad behavior-guilt by association perhaps? If not an outright provable crime how do you think most people will view your “profitable activities”? since everything is highly documented you are NOT going to come off looking like patriots rather you will look like privateers much like those who committed the fraud in the first place. Do you really want to look like them? This is the same kind of garbage journalism coming out of the Main Street Media-very few believe anything they say anymore.

    Michelle: Wow; you have just given me the title of my next post. (I was writing this next post, which is inspired by both Richard’s email and another from Erica Thunderpaws; focusing on a theme with only a possible title in mind – Collaborators – the actual use of which word I reject for my purposes as its meaning was cemented in WWII to reference acquiescence with the work of Nazis. But privateers, well, that’s another story.)

    Like you, I, too, thought these latest articles would ‘start something.’ I am still waiting.

    As for JB Williams setting the record straight with me, well, he cannot; and, with all due respect to you, I cannot tolerate even the thought of communication with him. What he did went beyond stealing my work. He subverted that work by publishing false conclusions based on the facts, turning what was an individual state requirement for wording in a Certification of Nomination; into another hyperbolic conspiracy rant that by following state law, this evidenced fraud. It did not. (And he really exposed his ignorance of the individual state nature of these election laws when he said emphatically, after receiving this anonymous documentation, he followed up by requesting Certifications from every state; and HI was the ONLY state that required this eligibility language in its Certification. Guess he missed SC!) However, he can admit to his readers (and listeners, as this admission he sought Certifications from other states was made on the radio) his work is not always original, acknowledging he cares more about headlines than about spreading the news. ADMINISTRATOR

  32. Michelle says:

    jbjd- “I cannot tolerate even the thought of communication with him” I am the same way, do something bad to me or one of my friends, family, innocent person on the street-like lying-I’m done immediately.
    The honorable thing for him to do is rectify where he publishes. Honor and integrity are important.
    Looks like I need to get busy and start something.

    Michelle: You are one feisty woman! Please understand, while I considered stealing my work bad enough; what really enrages me is this constant misrepresentation of the work! Here I am, working furiously to try to impart accurate information to my readers in an effort to ensure that no one in our government can take advantage of us again; and there are people like those others named, working just as hard to screw things up! It’s like battling on 2 (two) fronts! ADMINISTRATOR

  33. Michelle says:

    jbjd-You are second article down on Oil for Immigration @ 5:23

    Michelle: Nice going! That’s it; if AG Abbott does his job, next step: Impeachment. (And we’ll have to thank Politijab, because if they hadn’t made fun of my work and insinuated I was motivated to produce this work because of racism, I would not have put together IDIOMS!) (Thanks, Michelle, for giving me a laugh!) ADMINISTRATOR

  34. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Thank you, and thank you for explaining background re: Politijab-that racism accusation non-sense has gotten to the point of insanity.
    When I was a little kid in Chicago my father would have all his guys (Construction) come over at first light so whoever got there first and was hungry my Mom made them breakfast, daddy’s crew was his brothers, guys in the neighborhood and 2-3 black guys friends from the army-I think) let’s put it this way I was a much bigger kid when I found out they were not members of the immediate family.

    Michelle: You made me laugh, again. ADMINISTRATOR

  35. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I’m glad I made you laugh. This whole thing is/has been very intense. I love Opera with their way wacky librettos but they sound so beautiful, but the story lines are like well a little crazy. This thing with Obama is like high French Farce, opera-soap opera stuff-this is supposed to be a government representing WE THE PEOPLE? This is a scandal of epic proportions any way you look at it-with the most dire of consequences. Thank God Almighty most Americans have retained their sense of humor, but I know many Americans are truly suffering. Shame on our government and any and all who supported or contributed to this sham and they know who they are.

    Michelle: And this is the point. I absolutely honor the right of my fellow citizens to elect someone I believe is wholly incapable of doing the job. But I am unable to accept a premise that says, these millions of people would still support this Presidency notwithstanding Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi and several others perpetrated fraud to make it so. And, having proven with clear and convincing evidence that fraud was perpetrated to make BO the President; I can only speculate as to the reasons the people who successfully planned and carried out this fraud, chose this man to front the “farce.” ADMINISTRATOR

  36. Michelle says:

    Beverly Sills – Mignon – “Je suis Titania” – 1979
    My nerves must be shot, but Beverly Sills is singing in the background making feel me much better.

    I believe most Americans are honorable people and when they find out the truth they will do the right thing as they always have-in good times and in bad, this is why the media is trying to suppress the truth by every foul means at their disposal. What a waste of the first article of the Bill of Rights, and its protections.

    Let the Truth Ring Out like Our Liberty Bell-Loud and Clear.

    Michelle: It will. It is. Soon, enough people will understand the fraud that was perpetrated in the 2008 election cycle to redress those wrongs and prevent this from ever happening again. The hardest part is over, that is, identifying what went wrong – election fraud – and figuring out the best way to redress that fraud – report the crime to state A’sG. ADMINISTRATOR

  37. MG says:

    I gotta find a place to print it out so I can share and send to friends and family!
    I hope the law prevails. AND I hope the people stand up to the deceitful con.

    MG: Welcome. You know, even though I WROTE these articles, I still can imagine what it feels like to read the material for the first time. The truth becomes self-evident, once you ‘get’ that the problems with the 2008 election cycle can be boiled down to the concept of election fraud through false swearing by members of the D party, to state election officials that BO was eligible to have the state print his name on the ballot without first ascertaining he was a NBC. ADMINISTRATOR

  38. Michelle says:

    jbjd-FYI-this is letter is posted at sent by registered letter to just about everybody in govt/State of TX. First, what do you think? and gosh I hope your “prediction” comes true, re: Texas. “That state that will save the Union”.
    552.267 of The Act.
    I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in The Act. Please forward all correspondence to the personal address listed directly under the closing at the bottom of this letter.
    If my request is denied in whole or part, I ask that you justify all deletions by reference to specific exemptions of the act or by specific legal determinations applied.

    Michelle: They stole my work, again. And they not only stole it, but, as usual, they changed it to suit their purposes and ended up sounding like the fools they are. Hyperbole; ridicule; nonsense. Mass mailing to federal officials, of a state law demand. Overkill. Incredible. Privateers all.

    They could just as easily have directed people to my blog, and my letter. Thieves and charlatans. Clowns. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. I just sent this letter to the PostEmail; I am in moderation.

    Who posted this tripe? Next time you steal my work, please, at least consult with me so as to ensure you are not undermining the legitimacy of that work by converting it into a hyperbolic absurd rant. Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro? Typos? Mass mailings to state and federal officials? If you were only interested in furthering the goal of the work on my blog, which is to establish the truth of Mr. Obama’s eligibility (to appear on the Texas ballot); as evidenced by the extensive work carried out there, you would not have risked that outcome by stealing my work and, adding insult to injury, altering the that work so as to hide the theft.

    The Request for Records letters I drafted and posted on my blog; and the extensive legal research which contributed to those letters, research spelled out in detail in several posts, including “IDIOMS!” clearly served as the basis for your work. Only, like so many other thieves of my intellectual property, you could not leave well enough alone but had to change the contraband to conceal your subterfuge, thereby diluting the value of the whole enterprise.

    Shame on you.


    Michelle, since you don’t live in Texas, you are probably unaware that the SoS is not the holder of records in this case, notwithstanding the PostEmail addresses its bogus letters to her. No law requires her office to obtain the documentation that was the basis for the Certification she received of BO’s Nomination. No; the holder of the records we have been requesting, is Boyd Richie, Chair of the TDP.

    What is it that makes people think by adding to a good thing, they can make it better; when all they end up doing is making it worse?

  39. Michelle says:

    jbjd-just so you know, the only thing I understood in Geometry class in High School was “the shortest distance between points is a straight line”. I was a very good memorizer before Geometry but since I never understood it I had to memorize all the theorems and all that mess on the right side and left side of the equation to pull a C,I was spoiled everything else was straight A’s. I really got good at memorizing after that. To this day I don’t understand Geometry-it’s a triangle, I accept that it’s a triangle-never did understand the practical application, but I digress. Fiscal responsibility-that is you. How can they critize Obama for fraud and they go do it themselves? Plagiarizing someone elses work especially for profit is a fraud.
    One last thought: did you ever notice they always steal from the BEST-been a victim myself and some of my girlfriends too. We never liked it anymore than you do, and we always spoke up for one another.

    Michelle: “It’s a triangle; I accept that…” Very funny.

    Yes, this plagiarism is really bad. Because the stakes are so high. Soon I will be posting the article on stealing my work, whose title you inspired. Look for it; it will be an eye-popper. ADMINISTRATOR

  40. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Intrigued as ever, will wait patiently. My father was a master craftsman (carpenter)-just taking that little extra time sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes some hours is the difference between high quality work, at the bottom end-garbage and in the middle mediocrity.

    Michelle: Like your dad, I have set a high bar for myself. Especially in light of the problems I am trying to resolve, I just cannot afford to get this wrong. ADMINISTRATOR

  41. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I read your comments at Citizen Wells-I know both states with which I’m familiar since I live(d)in them is FL, IL and they are out. So I looked up Iowa this is what I found for IA.
    “President and Vice President of the United States from birth U.S. Resident 14 years 35
    All candidates for all offices must complete an affidavit of candidacy, a legal document stating the candidate’s intent to seek office.”
    I could not find the legal document Obama should have signed and have no idea what may be on it. Maybe someone from Iowa could help out. This just refers to intent-but I don’t know if they require supporting documentation of any kind.
    By the way I sent Idioms to, hillbuzz and an inaccurate reporter yesterday. Here’s hoping that you received some feedback.

    Michelle: Nope; sorry, no good. IA is like AZ or NH; the candidate has to self-authenticate. And we have no idea whether he enjoys the legal status he claims. In other words, we cannot un-authenticate him without the documents. This is the reason going after the people who authenticated him is the only successful way to achieve such authentication. No; the law has to say something like, only the names of eligible candidates may appear on the ballot; and someone other than BO had to Certify his eligibility. ADMINISTRATOR

  42. Michellet says:

    jbjd-then I will keep working on Texas.

    Michelle: Your posted links to this blog always result in multiple hits! ADMINISTRATOR

  43. […] Remember, he filed suit against the Chair of the Republican Party of Texas (“RPT”) in 2006, the same year he was first elected Chair of the TDP, which forced the R’s to keep the name of Tom DeLay on the Congressional ballot in November, notwithstanding at the time of the lawsuit, Mr. DeLay had moved to VA and was a legal resident of that state.  (CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2) and (2 of 2); and IDIOMS!) […]


  45. […] As I have detailed in several articles and accompanying Comments, as well as the citizen complaint of election fraud against Boyd Richie, Chair of the TDP:  current Texas state laws offer some of the strongest remedies to the election fraud related to candidate ballot eligibility, that tainted the 2008 election, from subjecting the TDP to the state’s Open Records law to subjecting Boyd Richie to Mandamus.  Just for example, see JUDGE ABBOTT WOULD ORDER TDP CHAIR BOYD RICHIE TO DECLARE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA IS INELIGIBLE FOR THE JOB; CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2); CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (2 of 2); OPEN LETTER to GREG ABBOTT, ATTORNEY GENERAL of TEXAS; A ROADMAP to ELECTION FRAUD in TEXAS in the 2008 PRESIDENTIAL (ELECTORS) ELECTION; TEXAS TWO-STEP; REMEMBER the ALAMO?; and IDIOMS!. […]

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