UPDATE 06.21.12: Okay, this is getting complicated. As it turns out, SoS Andrade has determined, the legal standard of entitlement for Presidential candidates to appear on the ballot is this: they must be federally qualified for the job. When it comes to Independent and Write-In candidates; the SoS determines they are federally qualified through the ballot application she devised, self-affirming Constitutional eligibility. She only assumes the RPT and TDP have confirmed the federal qualifications of candidates whose names they electronically transfer to her office, to appear on the ballot. The RPT verifies, using the same type of self-affirming ballot applications used  by the Secretary. On the other hand; the TDP says nothing on its application about being federally qualified for the job. WILL TX AG ABBOTT PROSECUTE the TDP for VIOLATING the TX PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT?

UPDATE 05.04.12: Events in 2012 have mooted out much of this piece. Specifically, Boyd Richie has now produced the 2012 candidate application submitted by Barack Obama, which contained neither evidence of Constitutional eligibility nor a self-affirmation from the candidate. But as it turns out; SoS Andrade wasn’t putting either the D or the R Presidential nominees on the ballot because, having established federal eligibility, they were entitled, under the law. Indeed, TX law does not require Presidential eligibility to appear on the ballot. Rather, having determined on her own that federal eligibility was a prerequisite for both Independent and Write-in Presidential candidates getting on the ballot; she was either exercising her discretion to assume federal eligibility of party candidates; or, merely applying a different eligibility standard for these affiliated candidates. TEXAS, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

UPDATE 04.08.10: I have revised the Texas citizen complaints of election fraud against Boyd Richie to AG Abbott and request for investigation; to reflect the information contained in this article.  These complaints can be downloaded from the sidebar but, please, before filling in your (real) name  and (Texas) address and forwarding a complaint to Mr. Abbott, make sure you have read it completely and understand thoroughly what you are signing.  As always, if you have any questions, come back here.  (And, by all means, feel free to contribute to the work that goes on here by clicking on a PayPal button and donating accordingly.)

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Freedom costs.


  1. Miri says:

    “. . . by not producing this evidence, s/he is presumed to be ineligible.”

    Brilliant, jbjd, as usual. Thanks for your hard work. I do believe that history will thank you.

    Miri: Phew! This is the first comment on this article; no one else but me saw this before I posted. Thank you for the words of praise. I spent 2 (two) whole days pulling this together. But I, too, am pleased with the outcome. ADMINISTRATOR

    • Miri says:

      It was serendipity that I came to your site just about the time you posted this. It took me a while to read and digest, but that one simple, logical point was SO interesting. Too bad the DHS statutes are more specific than Texas election law. However, as you found from prior cases, “Silence is equivalent to a false declaration where circumstances IMPOSE A DUTY to speak and one DELIBERATELY remains silent.” [Emphasis added.]

      I admire your implacable pursuit of truth. Again, thank you.

      Miri: Thank you and you are welcome. But know what? This ‘legal’ article is intended to show to those people still demonizing the D’s to the benefit of the R’s; stop it. The R’s have lawyers who could have brought this case; after all, they knew how to ‘do it’ given that the D’s had ‘done it’ to them in 2006. TDP Chair Boyd Richie is a lawyer. Certainly, WH Counsel Bob Bauer is monitoring developments in the states, and is aware of the citizen complaints of election fraud, in which his antics in Hollister are prominently mentioned as evidence to support charges of election fraud.

      So, it is understandable that lay people are challenged to grasp the meaning of this latest article. I can assure you, the RPT and TDP in Texas, and their attorneys, know exactly what I am talking about.

      Keep filing those citizen complaints of election fraud. Neither club is your savior from bad government. ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Ditto. Now what? (Wishing I lived in TX)

    Greg Goss (ReElect “NoBody”): I don’t know; I don’t live in Texas, either. But I would imagine, if I did, I would be pretty angry right about now, that my AG has been ignoring my citizen complaint of election fraud against Boyd Richie. And that the RPT has failed to intervene on the citizens’ behalf.

    Is anyone out there planning on running in the next Presidential preference primary in Texas?ADMINISTRATOR

  3. “AG has been ignoring my citizen complaint” Isn’t this the kind of behavior what the Citizen grand juries were designed for?

    Greg Goss (ReElect “Nobody”): I have no idea; but the shortest distance between 2 (two) points is a straight line. By law, whether to pursue an investigation is a discretionary act. (That’s good; otherwise, who knows who could be the target of a bad faith investigation!) But clearly, if the AG evaluates the sound basis for these complaints then, he will do the right thing. (All AG Abbott has to do is to request the documents from Mr. Richie; see the Open Letter to Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas. https://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/open-letter-ag-abbott-tx/ )But less than 100 citizens have downloaded and (presumably) filed the TX citizen complaint of election fraud. Why risk his political career on the backs of 100 citizens out of … ?

    How many Texans made it to DC for ‘tea party’ rallies? How many have made it to Austin? ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    “I do believe that history will thank you.” so say you one, so say you all.
    I love it when you get your well deserved and well earned compliments.
    Just so you know I just posted at: Breitbart tv, hillbuzz, Oil for Immigration,and Defend our Freedoms.
    I hope you and your son are well-“Brilliant, jbjd, as usual.” what a lovely compliment-I was just thinking about all the hard work and years of studying that goes into all of your fine work.

    Michelle: Thank you very much. (I always get several hits from your posted links.) I hope notoriety, if and when it comes, pays better than this. ADMINISTRATOR

  5. Tony says:

    Awesome….but when will the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public come to an end? When will this ever see the inside of a courtroom (for purposes of finding the truth- not for the purpose of dismissing the case!).

    WHEN will Obama be publicly, irrefutably exposed as a fraud?

    Tony: Welcome; and thank you. As to when this fraud will be exposed under the law, well, it could happen at any minute. That is, AG Abbott could be persuaded to investigate the citizen complaints by asking Mr. Richie for the documents; or the TDP (or a prospective Presidential preference primary candidate) could file a lawsuit.

    Or, the press could start reporting on these efforts to expose whether Barack Obama is Constitutionally eligible for the job and, more importantly, on the people involved in the campaign of fraud that installed him into the WH. ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Michelle says:

    “I hope notoriety, if and when it comes, pays better than this.” ME, TOO.
    I was notorious in Chicago, I told the guys the three riots I started were not my fault, purely coincidental.
    Hope you get an interview with drkate, but Andrew Breitbart would be fun, I know you can hold your own with anybody.
    May all good things come to you as a result of consistently maintaining the truth through out.
    Conceptually I think this is such a beautiful thought. jbjd-repairing the harms done to our Constitution.
    “Tikkun olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎) is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world.” In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period.”

    Michelle: Whoa, this was a beautiful comment. (I didn’t know you could write in Hebrew!) ADMINISTRATOR

  7. Michelle says:

    jbjd-not only are you loved, but you are respected. Hope you can feel the love from all over the country.
    Once upon a time Howard Zinn was the teacher and you were the student. For us you become the teacher, we have become the students, so in many ways this man’s fine work continues.
    I had a job that did a lot of work with Israel, it is so cool to see blueprints written in Hewbrew.
    They are a riot with their 2 tin cans and a string.

    Michelle: That is so cool! I love teaching; but I give up my ‘day’ job when I am working on something like this article I posted today. (I know you have some idea how much time and effort goes into such an undertaking.) I just hope people realize, I only focused on TDP v. RPT in the first place because it clearly demonstrates, the Republicans have been as complacent about pursuing eligibility issues as the Democrats. COUNTRY before CLUB. And I have pointed this out at the risk that some less than competent attorney will now endeavor to ‘run’ with today’s rationale, which is only intended to show that the RPT is as culpable as the TDP. (Worse, that some incompetent lawyer will, on the basis of my work, milk the golden calf that has become the cottage industry of filing frivolous lawsuits, for yet another day in court.)

    Individual citizens needs to fix this mess; and they need to do it, in Texas. No more saviors; we are all teachers and students. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. Benaiah says:

    Eloquent work…

    Thanks jbjd!

    Benaiah: You are welcome. Thank you. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. TeakWoodKite says:

    Outstanding. More later jbjd. I posted a question for you on part II, I problems posting….


  10. wodiej says:

    jbjd, thank you on behalf of all Americans who value freedom and liberty.

    wdiej: You are welcome. As you know, I have been ‘at this’ since before the summer of 2008. In these past 2 (two) years, I have become gradually convinced, people are listening and learning. Next time, we will not be so easily fooled. ADMINISTRATOR

  11. bob strauss says:

    jbjd, Beautiful work product. What can the people do next to get those in position, in the government, to act and bring this issue to justice?

    bob strauss: Thank you. Citizens first need to understand how our government and political system work. This means, if people believe BO is Constitutionally ineligible for the job AND, based on this belief want him out of office, they accept, he was legally elected according to the Constitution and can only be removed from office through Impeachment. However, based on prior conduct, Congress appears unlikely to introduce Articles of Impeachment to even begin to investigate whether unlawful activity played a role in his ascent into office. So, we can only hope to provide cover for Congress to trigger this investigation by getting a state official to validate that something illegal occurred. The contemporaneous laws that were broken and are most likely to give rise to a finding of such unlawful conduct are election laws in applicable states, which are those states whose laws in 2008 only allowed the names of eligible candidates to appear on the ballot.

    But citizens in all states still have not even checked their laws, let alone stopped whining about the results of the 2008 election (in December) and begun to reverse the ignorance and complacency that allowed this to happen in the first place!

    Citizens in Texas have a leg up on other jurisdictions. There, laws treat state party Chairs like public officials. And, coincidentally, in Texas, TDP Chair Boyd Richie signed Mr. Obama’s Certification of Nomination and submitted this to state election officials to get BO’s name printed on the ballot. The supporting evidence that could establish election fraud are therefore strongest in Texas.

    But in all states in which election fraud could be alleged, citizens must file complaints with their A’sG. If these complaints are ignored, they must visit their state offices. And bring their friends. Whether to investigate reports a crime has been committed is a discretionary function of the AG’s job. I wish the A’sG would proceed based on this well drafted citizen complaint. It appears, they will not. So, make ignoring these complaints more costly for these public officials than pretending they were never received. ADMINISTRATOR

  12. Faxed the revised complaint today to AG Abbott, Texas SoS Election Division, TDP Chair Boyd Richie, my county GOP headquarters, and the Travis County Republican Party headquarters in Austin.


    Erica Thunderpaws: Great work. Just so that everyone is clear, and no one is kidding anyone. Anymore. ADMINISTRATOR

  13. b fuller says:

    Thank you for the complaint form for Texas. I AM from Texas and HAVE sent the form to our AG. I have also followed up to ensure delivery and to show that I am a native Texan and not happy with what is going on. I am a member of the Bryan-College Station Tea Party (Rep. Chet Edwards is history)and have attended meetings around the state. So far, nothing has been done but the office of the AG is aware that public opinion and the great sleeper is awakening. Here in Texas, awakening that beast is a very bad thing to do. I will forward any correspondence or information that I get. Again, thank you for helping a non-lawyer state his case eloquently.

    b fuller: Welcome; and you are welcome. A citizen does not have to be a lawyer to know when s/he is being scammed. And it took a lot of lawyers, R and D alike, to pull of this scam. Of course, educating ourselves about this process will prevent anyone from taking similar advantage of us again.

    The first priority is to protect the electoral process. All else comes next. ADMINISTRATOR

  14. P.S. There’s no certainty the envelope will get delivered, but this afternoon I also mailed a cover letter, the complaint form, the Roadmap to Election Fraud diagram, and the Open Letter to TX AG Abbott to Rush Limbaugh in Palm Beach, FL. His name and address are listed in WhitePages.com.

    Those of you in other states might want to consider doing the same so that Rush doesn’t think I’m a lone voice. Rush comes from a family of lawyers, so he better than most should understand the arguments. Most importantly, he has the talent to synthesize complex issues for the general public.

    EricaThunderpaws: I assumed people were copying and distributing these documents but, if not, hopefully your efforts will inspire copycats. I also sent these to an investigative reporter on the Board of the FOIFT (Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas). But you give me an idea. Maybe I need to post the contact information for the Board – I previously posted snapshots of the list of names and affiliations, in TEXAS TWO-STEP which includes several members of the Texas press. ADMINISTRATOR

  15. You may want to submit this info to John Stossell, National Enquirer, Globe MAgazine, etc.

    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco: Be my guest! ADMINISTRATOR

  16. Michelle says:

    jbjd-just so you know I just did a survey for Jim Demint’s office. In comments I attached this web-posting, just noticed South Carolina is an applicable state besides. In case you hear from him…..

    Michelle: Don’t I wish it! Thank you so much for all your hard work getting the word out. ADMINISTRATOR

  17. I just published this on my blog:

    Complaints of Election Fraud Filed in Six States

    EricaThunderpaws: Wow, thanks for getting the word out. (The only state we know for sure allows the action of mandamus to be used to compel party officials to carry out their ‘ministerial’ duties, is Texas.) ADMINISTRATOR

  18. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Really anything for you. You worked so hard for so long. I discovered Phil Berg in Aug 08. He put me in a state of shock, he really did-somewhere along the line, I was directed to you, TexasDarlin so I know who has been plugging away at this-everybody discovering more as they went along. Here’s my Scarlett O’Hara imitation: “As God is my witness”-wherever, whenever I can find an opening I will put in a link to your fine work on this web-site.

    Michelle: Thank you for the kind words and for distributing the work. (Now, if only psychic benefits were paying my rent!) ADMINISTRATOR

  19. Brian Hodges says:

    This is pretty thoroughly debunked over at Politijab at this thread: http://www.politijab.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2608&start=125#p127523
    starting about the middle of page 6.

    Bottom line is jbjd doesn’t know what she’s writing about and is misreprssenting what cases stand for and what parties have asserted. She also has no idea what the function of a motion to dismiss is.

    But, let the blind lead the blind. It’s all about that scary blck man in the White House, isn’t it?

    Brian Hodges: See article for reply. ADMINISTRATOR

    • msbetz says:

      (comment omitted in its entirety by jbjd)

      msbetz: I could not post the content of your comment because it contained allegations not supported by fact, or by references to credible sources. ADMINISTRATOR

  20. kjTX says:

    I listened to all of your shows with DrKate, and was on the edge of my seat! You took me back in time… I remember VERY well the entire primary season of ’08. It was horrible. I was a former Clinton supporter (aka a “conservative dem”; they don’t exist anymore), and was a delegate for her at the county convention here in Tarrant county. (I was also a precinct chair) What a fiasco that convention was! 25 hours long!!! I kid you not! I saw fraud and cheating where ever I looked!!! I reported what I saw, to the powers that be, and it was like talking to a wall. I sent in numerous written complaints, as well. Got me nowhere. I wasn’t alone, either. Not by a long shot. MANY Clinton delegates did the same thing. Fraud was running rampant that day. Fast-forward to TODAY!! (I’m now a conservative independent, who voted for McCain…) I’m happy to report that I downloaded, edited, and mailed the complaint to Abbott, and copied Richie and our SoS, as well! I sent it certified, return receipt to all three offices. I included a cover letter, explaining what I wanted, and requested that I receive the requested docs within the next two weeks. I signed the cover letter, “a PROUD 8th Generation TEXAN, and NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN”. Thank you for your great advice and documentation! I’ll report back when I have any further news.

    kjTX: Yee Haw! Welcome; and thank you. Thank goodness drkate invited me to christen her new show on Revolution Radio with 3 (three) appearances in a row. Sometimes, hearing the narrative of the fraud makes following along with my posts more digestible. Everyone says, these 1 1/2 hour shows flew by; I recall before each show, I wondered, will I have enough to say? Of course, I had more to say than I had time!

    Now, you might go back and read the blog, including the comments. Many of these exchanges between my readers and me could stand as independent posts. And keep coming back. As your tone demonstrates, it does a body good. ADMINISTRATOR

  21. Michelle says:

    jbjd-I was thinking as a follow up to the many citizen complaints, another e-mail letter to the editors wouldn’t hurt. I found this listing of all the Texas newspapers by circulation. I was going to send an e-mail myself but they want name,address etc. but I am not a Texan. I thought I would send this along just in case the Texans would like to follow up again.
    Saturday, August 11, 2007
    “Texas papers by circulation
    I couldn’t Google up a list of Texas papers sorted by circulation, so I made one, in hopes it can serve as a resource for people seeking to get oriented. This is by no means all the newspapers in Texas; it’s mostly TDNA member papers. For all 524 paid-circulation Texas newspapers, sorted alphabetically, go to the TPA database and search for “all” with a blank search field”

    (These Texans are doing a great job, I hope that they are also aware that GiGi Gaston did a 4 part video entitled We will not be Silenced, just on the Texas fraud alone. Highly documented, these folks did a ton of work also, documents exactly what kjTX mentioned.)

    Michelle: Great idea. If just one of the large Texas dailies picks up the story of election fraud viz a viz the Certification of Nomination… At some point, when I have time – I spent more than 3 (three) hours today on Politijab, a left of left site, answering questions about this article and then spent another couple of hours preserving their 5 (five) pages of comments for a future post – I will look up and post the contact information for the FOIFT Board of Directors. Many of these people are members of the media. See TEXAS TWO-STEP (Of course, I think the fact that organization refused to help enforce the Texas Open Records Law is a story all by itself! ADMINISTRATOR

  22. Brian H says:

    I’ve come up with a possible reason that the courts, and others who should know better are dismissive of the demands for O-documentation.

    They know something we don’t.

    And here’s what it could be:

    (comments deleted by jbjd)

    Brian H: Random speculation without any evidence to back this up has no place on this blog. I trust that the courts – both state and federal – have as the basis for their several rulings in these multiple cases involving ‘eligibility,’ their findings that none of the cases presented thus far has established both that the court has jurisdiction to hear the case (which includes that the claimant has standing to bring the case); and that the complainant has presented a claim for which relief can be granted (which includes that BO is Constitutionally ineligible for the job).

    I know all I need to know about how BO got elected to prove applicable states should never print his name on the ballot again. ADMINISTRATOR

  23. Kelly Canon says:

    I was just wondering, did (or have) you ever read the information that Dr Lynette Long produced throughout the ’08 primary season? She kept a wealth of information on the stats/numbers and collected a TON of personal accounts (witness reports) on the cheating that happened across the country. I used to turn to that site constantly, as I followed the primaries. Then, suddenly, her site converts to a “protected” site, requiring a username & password. I’ve tried to contact her, to no avail… It’s like she fell off the face of the planet. Anyway, I was just curious if you had ever read her blog (before it went behind the “iron curtain”)? http://www.lynettelong.com. If you google her name and “caucus fraud”, she’s all over the place, but nothing recent. It’s like they just buried everything for some eventual future use. Your thoughts?

    Kelly Canon: Welcome! Yes, Dr. Long’s work was brilliant. I, too, often referenced her work to establish the pattern of misconduct that permeated the 2008 election cycle. But the limitations of her work mainly consisted of this: as these caucuses and primaries were manifestations of the ‘internal’ candidate selection process of political parties, such misconduct generally did not implicate legal rights otherwise impinging upon the act of voting.

    Certain exceptions to this ‘private club’ model of candidate selection can be found in 2 (two) specific legal schemes: delegate allocation to Congressional districts in TX by the Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”); and vote binding laws for pledged delegates in 13 (thirteen) states. The delegate allocation problem in TX is the subject of a lawsuit against the TDP by LULAC. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/10391674/LULAC-V-Texas-Democratic-Party/ Letters to A’sG in vote binding states appear in the sidebar of my blog. ADMINISTRATOR

  24. Kelly Canon says:

    Update!! I just found Dr Lynette Long’s info… She’s a practicing psychologist in Maryland (DC metro area). Not only did I find her, I *called* her!!! I was fully expecting a voicemail, but she actually answered. Silly me. I stuttered and stammered, but eventually got to my point… You see, she has a wealth of info on Boyd Richie as well as all the cheating and fraud that happened here in Texas, and I really want to nail that guy (and the DNC) to the nearest wall… But I digress…

    Anyway, I gave her your site address, and I really think the two of you not only need to talk to eachother, but also go on Dr Kate’s show TOGETHER. What an eye opening show THAT would be!! Dr Kate may have to tack-on a few more hours to her schedule!

    At the very least, you two need to compare notes! I truely hope you can reach her, and can benefit from her studies on the caucus fraud… I sent you her cell number, via email. Hope this connection will be of some use to you!

    Kelly Canon: Wow, you have been busy! Thank you so much for the lead. I will follow up. ADMINISTRATOR

  25. azgo says:

    Hi jbjd,

    Here is where all the goobly-gosh about the evolution of the credit box on the now OFA/DNC BC page, http://www.fightthesmears.com/articles/5/birthcertificate.html, comes from as discussed a while back.

    From US Code, Title II, Congress; Chapter 14, Federal Election Campaigns; Subchapter I, Disclosure of Federal Campaign Funds;

    Ҥ 441d. Publication and distribution of statements and solicitations

    (a) Identification of funding and authorizing sources

    Whenever a political committee makes a disbursement for the purpose of financing any communication through any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, outdoor advertising facility, mailing, or any other type of general public political advertising, or whenever any person makes a disbursement for the purpose of financing communications expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, or solicits any contribution through any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, outdoor advertising facility, mailing, or any other type of general public political advertising or makes a disbursement for an electioneering communication (as defined in section 434 (f)(3) of this title), such communication—

    (1) if paid for and authorized by a candidate, an authorized political committee of a candidate, or its agents, shall clearly state that the communication has been paid for by such authorized political committee, or [1]

    (2) if paid for by other persons but authorized by a candidate, an authorized political committee of a candidate, or its agents, shall clearly state that the communication is paid for by such other persons and authorized by such authorized political committee; [1]

    (3) if not authorized by a candidate, an authorized political committee of a candidate, or its agents, shall clearly state the name and permanent street address, telephone number, or World Wide Web address of the person who paid for the communication and state that the communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”


    Number (1) from above, “Paid for by Barack Obama 2008. All Rights Reserved”.

    Number (2), from above, “PAID FOR BY OBAMA FOR AMERICA”.


    Number (3) is interesting, since the candidate is no longer a candidate, it can not be authorized by a candidate, an authorized political committee of a candidate, or its agents.

    So therefore, is it safe to say the OFA/DNC BC page is just a paid advertisement?

    No wonder Bob Bauer didn’t use this BC web page as some of his best evidence that BO is for real in the Hollister case.

    azgo: Great explanation of the points we fleshed out some time back! (Seems like ages since we noticed the discrepancy among the various ‘credits’ in the FTS site with BO’s COLB, huh?) That is, federal law controls paid political advertising. And you did a great job of pointing out to readers, the reason the wording on the bottom changed, as we had previously noted; is, the law regarding political advertising changed, depending on the candidate’s legal status. ADMINISTRATOR

  26. jbg says:

    Too late.

    For 2008, you haven’t a snowball’s chance in Washington.

    For 2012, the most you would establish “conclusively” is that an individual player in the Texas election apparatus swore falsely to knowledge of BHO’s eligibility. But you would not have established the ineligibility.

    And, for 2012, an election official could argue that BHO’s having been confirmed by Congress and served as President conclusively established his eligibility.

    jbg: Have you read the citizens’ complaints of election fraud? Nothing I propose is aimed at establishing BO’s ineligibility. (Evidently you have not followed my work; on the contrary, I have urged people for 2 (two) years to stop wasting their time trying to prove BO is ineligible. Rather, let him prove, he is.) No; I think he is involved in massive election fraud. Because it’s a crime to swear someone is Constitutionally qualified for office without any documentary basis to support such a claim, just to satisfy state laws that only allow qualified candidates to get their names printed on the ballot. And as I have documented throughout this blog, including in the citizens’ complaints of election fraud to state A’sG (in the sidebar), we have asked several prominent members of the D Corporation to identify the documentary basis for swearing BO is Constitutionally qualified but they refuse to answer. Even though they did write back, they don’t have to tell us, as a matter of law.

    The statute of limitations on criminal election fraud committed in the 2008 election has not run. Even when it does, there is no statute of limitations on when the House can initiate Impeachment in relation to the Impeachable offense.

    Your last statement obviously represents only your opinion, inasmuch as it has no basis in fact. (Certifying the vote of the Electors goes to process and not substance.) ADMINISTRATOR

  27. […] 4a.  IN STATES WHERE VOTERS HAVE ENACTED LAWS SPECIFICALLY MANDATING ONLY THE NAMES OF CANDIDATES ELIGIBLE FOR THE OFFICES THEY SEEK TO FILL MAY APPEAR ON THE BALLOT AND DEFINED THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDATES TO APPEAR ON THE BALLOT, SUCH BALLOT ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS CANNOT CONFLICT WITH THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR FEDERAL OFFICE WHICH ARE FOUND IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. This only makes sense.  Because otherwise, that is, by insisting states get to pass laws defining the eligibility for office; citizens would be attempting to ‘amend’ through state legislation (or regulation) the eligibility found in the Constitution  notwithstanding the only legal way to change the Constitution is through the process of Constitutional amendments prescribed in the Constitution! (And this legal truism has previously been discussed several times on the “jbjd” blog.  See, for example, CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2) and (2 of 2); and JUDGE ABBOTT WOULD ORDER TDP CHAIR BOYD RICHIE TO DECLARE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA IS INE….) […]

  28. […] the state’s Open Records law to subjecting Boyd Richie to Mandamus.  Just for example, see JUDGE ABBOTT WOULD ORDER TDP CHAIR BOYD RICHIE TO DECLARE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA IS INE…; CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the RIGHT (1 of 2); CLOWNS to the LEFT of ME; JOKERS to the […]

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