If you have been unable up until now, to wrap your brain around the election fraud that occurred in the 2008 Presidential (Electors) Election in applicable* states like Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, among others; well, this picture showing how that fraud was carried out in Texas is worth a thousand words.

As you follow this roadmap to fraud, keep in mind:  if Barack Obama failed to satisfy the eligibility requirements to get officials to print his name on the ballot in the state of Texas then…

*Applicable states for the purpose of charging election fraud in the 2008 election are those states whose laws only allow the names of qualified candidates to appear on the ballot.

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Freedom costs.


*Applicable states for the purpose of charging election fraud in the 2008 election are those states whose laws only allow the names of qualified candidates to appear on the ballot.


  1. jtx says:

    Your “roadmap” is something that may help some Americans to begin to think more deeply about the eligibility issue. And the post describing Professor Zinn was genuinely touching and should help others understand that there are those who realize that irrespective of the political parties involved, the eligibility issue of BHO is indeed a serious one that should in no event kick off an unmitigated string of name-calling as it has done in some places.

    (remainder of comment, which included links to the work of other practitioners dealing with eligibility-related issues, omitted by jbjd)

    jtx: Thank you. I hope you are right about my homage with a ‘twist’ to Howard Zinn. (I omitted the remainder of your lengthy comment because in both content and tone, it contained materials outside the scope and nature of the interactive work that goes on here.) ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Texas Voter says:

    This roadmap is an incredibly beautiful thing!

    Texas Voter: Yee Haw! Can you believe this? Erica Thunderpaws, who is from TX, said she had an idea; she would get back to me. She came back with this concept to create a visual representation of the work on this blog; because now that she ‘got’ it, she wants everyone else in TX to ‘get it,’ too. (Of course, people from every state reading this will understand variations of this scenario occurred in their states, too.)

    And, after 20+ hours of work spanning 2+ days, with dozens of emails back and forth; and proofing, re-proofing, and proofing again, voila! We virtual acquaintances had managed to create this primer on election fraud in TX.

    I knew as work progressed, this was ‘something.’ (I stayed home for 2 days; I could not put this down.) Responses like yours have proven, I was right. Now, if only this work inspires people to vent their frustrations at wrongs they perceive occurred during the 2008 election cycle by petitioning their government (federal and state executive and legislative personnel) to redress their grievances; and insist on a suitable response.

    P.S. Hey, TV, I am sure you noticed your contribution prominently displayed, huh. It takes a village…

  3. azgo says:

    GGGreat! …job! Oh, this is a fun one, there are so many places to click and grab the information.

    I believe Texas AG Abbott and Texas SoS Andrade should have signed and picture framed originals of this artful graphic in their offices, just to remind people that Texas doesn’t put with election fraud! Any gift-giving Texans out there?

    azgo: Thank you. (Now you know why I had put aside working on Alabama. And why I wish I could ‘work’ on ‘fighting the good fight’ for a living.) I trust you shared this with your friend(s)… ADMINISTRATOR

  4. For the public record, today I sent the graphic to AG Abbott as well as the Texas SoS, Elections Division.

    ericathunderpaws: I hope your activism inspires other citizens of Texas to file complaints, too. Motivating AG Abbott to move on this, is all about the numbers. ADMINISTRATORS

  5. Alecia says:

    jbjd,Erica Thunderpaws…You Rock

    Alecia: Hello; and thank you. ADMINISTRATOR

  6. Lisa says:

    Erica – the graphic shows the last step with Greg Abbott ignoring the complaint … is that the last step or is it really the beginning? What happens now?

    Lisa: Hello; Erica must have sent this here so that I could answer your question.

    You ask, “What happens now?” Well, that all depends…

    Whether to pursue an investigation or prosecution is a discretionary act, according to the law. Thus, AG Abbott is wholly within the law when he determines not to investigate the well pleaded election fraud complaints filed with his office. And not even acknowledging he had received specific complaints; or informing complainants how he will proceed, is also perfectly legal.

    But consider this.

    When you citizens of Texas elected this man to be your AG; did you anticipate he would act in this way? Did he make promises to you that would lead you to believe he would take your concerns more seriously? If you (and your fellow citizens) cannot persuade AG Abbott to move ahead on these complaints, would you consider supporting him in any other public office in the state? Would you support his continued occupation of the office of the chief law enforcer in the state?

    The way to get AG Abbott to redress your complaints of election fraud in Texas is by the numbers. Make it politically unfeasible for him to ignore you. So, my best answer to your question is, it all depends on the citizens of Texas.

    However, while a criminal investigation into election fraud falls within the jurisdiction of the AG; when it comes to pursuing rights under the TX open records law, well, there is more than one way to (fill in your favorite colloquialism). But I am not ready to go there yet.ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. I see that you are from Texas. Did you download and file one of these citizen complaints of election fraud with AG Abbott?

    • gail says:

      My daughter wanted to get a piercing before she was 18 which requires parental permission. I went with her in order to comply. They required a photo ID from both of us. When they realized that I had a different last name than her, they refused to perform the piercing. I was required to return home, find her official birth certificate (not a copy) which would verify that I was indeed her mother! So in Austin Texas a parent must produce a photo ID AND an official birth certificate to grant permission for a minor child to undergo a piercing.
      Tell General Abbott to pursue this investigation!

      gail: Welcome. We can all think of circumstances where producing one’s birth certificate is required in order to receive services which seem insignificant as compared to, preserving the integrity of the ballot. But requiring production of the birth certificate may or may not be the result of law. Perhaps this practice is intended to protect the service provider from tort lawsuits down the line.

      No laws require specific evidence that would establish a candidate’s eligibility for office, that would trigger the state printing his or her name on the ballot. You – that is, the citizens of Texas – could write them.

      P.S. Know what would be really horrible? What if the TX Department of Health has in place provisions for licensing of a business that provides ear piercing, requiring proof in the form of a birth certificate that the client is 18; when we know no such laws exist for the purpose of having a name printed on your state election ballot?

  7. Texas Voter says:

    It seems to me that there was plenty enough public and legal controversy about Obama’s eligibility prior to the 2008 election. So the TX SoS and the TX AG both knew or should have known that there was reason to believe that BHO’s eligibility was in question and should be verified in order to ensure compliance with both TX state law and the US Constitution.

    That, to me, only compounds the culpability of various offices of the State of Texas for neglecting to enforce or even investigate this violation of Texas law.

    So ~ may I have permission to print copies of the roadmap and pass them out on the grounds of the Texas capitol?

    Texas Voter: You bring up two very important points.

    First, I absolutely agree that the burden of taking action was heightened by the fact, people knew the TDP was breaking the law. The candidate told us, in June 2008, ‘I acknowledge there are questions about my status as a NBC.’ Ha, he bought a web site and announced this fact to the world! Still, the decision to prosecute is discretionary, under the law.

    Second, as a citizen of Texas, I would hope you feel free to pursue redress with your government, for any issues, as you see fit. (I would love to see a picture of one of these roadmaps in the state house newsletter; or on its on-line site!)


    P.S. If you happen to engage voters about the work that goes on here; you might direct them here to download and file the complaints. As I said in my response to Lisa, where we go from here depends in large part, on the numbers. (You might also point out to them, this jbjd woman from the north produces all of this work for free and politely suggest, if they take this work, they might donate to the kitty.)

  8. Michelle says:

    jbjd-re: Roadmap to election fraud map Texas.I saw it on Jefferson’s Rebels, and I sent it in comments on Oil for Immigration and Breitbart.tv comments. I have a question for the Texas ladies, is it possible to e-mail (letters to the editor type thing) and just make a note that they are still waiting for responses? Objective: to make as many people possible in the state of Texas aware of the issues and complaints filed and responses duly anticipated by citizens.
    Great Graphic by the way. I thought of doing it in l to 10 order but this is better.

    Michelle: Thank you. This graphic evolved over a virtual collaboration that spanned several hours and more than 2 days into a final product. It certainly did not begin looking this way!

    The document notes in the bottom right-hand corner, this was published 02.25.10. So, as of Friday, citizens of Texas still were awaiting AG Abbott’s response. (What is not noted is that, the first of these complaints was sent in October 2009.) All of the other points you raise have been addressed in other Comments. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. I have a suggestion for Texas voters. Try to find political action groups in your area and direct them to this website and graphic. For example, if you are a 9/12er or a tea party member, talk to your group. Post this information on their websites.

    For example, SmartGirlPolitics.ning.com is comprised of members across the country, but they also have regional groups linked through their forum. I posted the following in the Texas SGP group forum (which has over 400 members):

    A number of Texas citizens are filing complaints with TX Attorney General, Greg Abbott, alleging election fraud by the Texas Democratic Party. Anyone in Texas who wants to join this initiative can begin the process by first viewing this graphic, and then contacting the author, jbjd.

    A Roadmap to Election Fraud in Texas in the 2008 Presidential (Electors) Election

    I posted the same information on ResistNet.com.

    One place to find active groups in or near your zipcode is MeetUp.com. And, of course, there’s always Facebook and MySpace, etc.

    If you can’t find an established group to work with, start your own using one of the social networking sights.

    Your mission is to spread the word, and direct readers here to download the forms for submission to the appropriate officials. Your mission is also to get people to contact their legislators and demand that they write laws to prevent this kind of election fraud from happening again.

    My two cents.

    ericathunderpaws: Hello, virtual collaborator! Your “two cents” are priceless. Great suggestions for getting the word out. I especially like the fact you point out, remedying what happened in the past is one thing; preventing it from happening again is necessary, too. (Remember, drafting new ballot eligibility laws, with enforcement ‘teeth,’ is not tantamount to defining NBC. In other words, it’s the difference between saying, ‘This is what is meant by NBC for the purpose of being President’; and, ‘this is what is meant by the word eligible for the purpose of getting the state to print your name on the ballot.’ See, if you fail to meet a state’s eligibility laws, all this means is, you don’t get your name printed on the state ballot. This in no way prohibits the Electors from lawfully electing you. Because the Constitution and U.S. Code are silent as to the factors these Electors must consider when they vote.)

    But if you cannot get your elected officials to enforce existing laws, it makes no sense to enact new laws, and expect a different outcome; of to elect new officials with the expectation they will be more responsive to your petitions for redress. ADMINISTRATOR

  10. Since Boyd Richie ignored my request for information under the TX open records law, the ball is back in my park, so this morning I downloaded and faxed the fraud complaints to TX AG Abbott, the Secretary of State (Elections Division), and to Richie as well. Then I sent jbjd redacted copies of each fax transmission.

    ericathunderpaws: Thank you for providing me with the proof of transmission. Knowing the ‘numbers’ helps me think. ADMINISTRATOR

  11. jb,

    Could you tell me how many people have either verbally claimed to have filed a complaint of election fraud in Texas, or how many have submitted copies of their fax transmission reports to you? Just would like to know that I’m not alone.

    Also, do you know if there would be any consequences for Richie or anyone in the Democrat party if they were to attempt to get even, embarrass, or otherwise harass people who file these complaints?

    ericathunderpaws: You are definitely not alone! The TX complaint (all versions) has been downloaded more than 100 times. And people have informed me, they also copied the complaint for distribution. But I don’t know how many of these have been sent to the AG. (The copies of the complaint to the AG, which are then forwarded to the SoS; are for informational purposes only. The SoS has no jurisdiction in this criminal matter.) Dozens of citizens from Texas have informed me, they mailed the complaint.

    As for the second part of your question, I will answer that shortly. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Did you (or anyone else) send copies of these complaints, or the request for records to Boyd Richie, under the TX open records law; to the Freedom of Information Foundation of TX (“FOIFT”)? https://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/02/14/texas-two-step/

  12. I have now, thanks to your reminder. Also tried to register with FOIFT.org for posting purposes, but they have yet to send me an email confirmation so that I can log in.

    Let me know if you need a copy of the fax transmission.

    ericathunderpaws: Nice work. Hold onto the proof of transmission for now; I intend to revisit this .org soon. ADMINISTRATOR

  13. Michelle says:

    jbjd-this is off topic but when I saw this charming video I immediately thought of you and your son. I don’t follow sports so this is the first time I was aware of this talented young man. I hope you like the video. On topic I was able to send the Roadmap Election Fraud 08 to Breitbart tv and Hillbuzz in the comments section. I had already sent one in Oil for Immigration. Best wishes to you and your son.

  14. MadeinAmerica says:


    Erica suggested posting my question here! I live in Ilinois and have written my Congressman re. the eligiblity bill. Of course, I have not received a reply. What do you recommend as the next step? Thank you!

    MadeinAmerica: Welcome! I would gladly answer your question and, if I am able, recommend ‘nest steps’; except, first, I need more specifics so that I know what you are talking about. ADMINISTRATOR

  15. DABIG says:

    (comment deleted in its entirety, by jbjd)

    DABIG: I tried to respond to this comment via the email address showing but, this message was returned as undeliverable. Here is that response.


    I cannot post your comment citing a prior article discussing whether to change the NBC requirement to be President, in the Constitution.

    I know all about this article; and SR 511; and the defeated Senate proposal 2 (two) months earlier. None of these is dispositive as to the question of whether BO is a NBC; all that can be claimed as fact is, some people wrote about the NBC requirement as it applies in the 21st century.

    The rest is speculation. Too attenuated for our work here.


    • DABIG says:

      Two more for Hawaii faxed today 3/2/10

      DABIG: This is great news! I will be posting a summary of our efforts to get state A’sG to initiate investigations into charges of election fraud in the 6 (six) states for which I have already drafted these complaints: GA, HI, MD, SC, TX, and VA. (AL has been identified as an applicable state but I need someone from AL to contact me, before I can draft this.) ADMINISTRATOR

  16. DABIG,

    I’ve been looking for a connection in Hawaii. Would you please consider contacting me about an issue unrelated to jbjd’s initiative? You can do this using the contact form in the sidebar of my blog.


    ericathunderpaws: I have had trouble with DABIG’s email. Hope he contacts you. ADMINISTRATOR

  17. Michelle says:

    jbjd FYI-just in case you need any of this information for anything.
    Wisconsin AG charges five with election fraud, two from ACORN

    Michelle: Thanks for sending this to me. No; it won’t contribute to these charges of election fraud, which are based on the violation of state laws requiring the candidate whose name is printed on the ballot must be eligible for the job. WI has no such ballot eligibility laws. ADMINISTRATOR

  18. Alecia says:


    Can anyone say “flu”?
    I have CFS and when I get the flu it takes me down for the count. Where are we? The last I heard we have all sent the above “wonderful chart” and your site to everyone we could find to send it to. I also sent it to the FOIFT after reading the above post. I have had 0 responses. If you will remember, I called the AG’s office and they told me I would have to send in a complaint (that my original FOI request was not answered) to get a response about why I could not have the information from Boyd Richie. Sorry, my head is still foggy from the flu. Have we decided what the next step should be? Should I send in the complaint that my complaint was not answered??? Anyone out there from Texas have any more ideas? I hate being ignored. I may need to go to my representatives office and sit there and cough. 🙂

    Alecia: Ooh, you poor dear. Sit tight; this health insurance purchase bill changes everything. Texas is the key to everything. Wait and see.

    Of course you can petition the AG to enforce the TX open records law. But, especially given the fact you hate being ignored, why would you? Individual citizens may also enforce this law, on their own, through the courts. But enforcing the law or, engaging in a prolongued court battle misses the point, which is this.


  19. […] for any and all documents that were the basis of his Certification of Barack Obama’s eligibility. https://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/roadmap-tx-election-fraud-2008/ , under […]


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