I have been posting my thoughts in the comments section to articles appearing in the Boston Globe (on Boston.com) for well over a year and had never been ‘disappeared.’  Until now.

Here is the evidence of my omission.  (See frame 3 (three).)

Here is the verboten text.

Mr. Obama may be out of a job soon.  Wait for the fallout from dozens of citizen complaints of election fraud to state Attorneys General.  (These complaints were filed in applicable states – we have identified 6 (six) states so far, GA, HI, MD, SC, TX, and VA – which states allow only the names of eligible candidates to appear on the ballot.)  Citizens in these states have charged that members of both the state and national Democratic Party submitted Certifications of Nomination to state election officials swearing Mr. Obama is Constitutionally eligible for the job of POTUS to get them to print his name on the ballot without ascertaining beforehand whether he is a Natural Born Citizen.  And, when questioned, so far, the challenged D’s, including The Honorable Nancy Pelosi (acting in her non-governmental role as Chair of the 2008 DNC Services Corporation Convention); DNC Secretary Alice Germond; and (former) DNC Services Corporation Howard Dean refused to produce any documentation that was the basis for their determination.  Boyd Richie, Chair of the TX D state party, also refused to produce the documentation.  But turns out, under TX law, he may have no choice but to give the voters what they want; and AG Greg Abbott may have no alternative but to make him.  https://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/remember-the-alamo/

Boston Globe staff writers Susan Milligan and Bryan Bender, whose byline appears on the article entitled, “Obama turns to economy; urges Congress to unite,” found all of these comments/commentators welcome to stay.  (All mistakes appear in originals; where feasible, original formats were retained.)

kmmsw wrote:

The reason there was questions over Sarah Palin’s infant son at the time – what 40 year old woman doesn’t tell her family, her friends, her office staff, etc that she is pregnant until 2 weeks before giving birth. And there is little difference in the way an early pregnant one looks and someone would gave birth a couple of months prior.

1/28/2010 11:43 AM EST

hotbarb2614 wrote:

To all you idiots on this website. Get use to it President Obama will be president till 2016. I’m 63 years old and I’m tired of you people bitching and moaning. Yeah you have all the answers, you know were all the money went. Then tell me this What did Bush and Chenney do with all the money they left us in debt with, where is it? The president has manage to stop the bleeding and not a one of you appreciate it. Well if you don’t like it here, then move. Better yet leave the country.I’ve got news for you the Republicans won’t be at the top for a long time to come. To bad everything is a joke to them, thats all they did was laugh last night.I’m glad they think people losing there jobs and there housesis funny.

1/28/2010 10:42 PM EST

Adnug wrote:

Osama claiming that he cut American’s taxes is a flat out lie. I ask this forum has anyone seen there paycheck increase or property tax decrease in size because of a tax cut since he took office?……I didn’t think so!

1/28/2010 12:20 PM EST

footsyball wrote:

Why is it the GOP has sudden amnesia when it comes to the collapsed economy? …Always looking out for themselves and their greedy pockets. Were there any thank yous for the bailouts? …Had the gov’t not orchestrated bailouts, we’d be in a far worse position today. The GOP really needs to budge and get their heads on straight. And to all of you who spit your spite and want the president to fail, you are just immature blinder-wearing idiots.

1/28/2010 11:00 AM EST

BTownExpress wrote:

What a pathetic human being! Is he really so arrogant and unbalanced as to believe that everyone else is the problem? It certainly appeared as though he was pointing at everyone in the country- except him! … This single term Senator with no applicable experience is the biggest loser to fill the office! There is absolutely nothing satisfying about a supposed eloquent speaker who progressively lies about his lies- NOTHING!

1/28/2010 11:03 AM EST

Maxwell2 wrote:

Obama,Reid & Pelosi = Axis of evil.

1/28/2010 12:31 AM EST

rightminded wrote:

Botox Pelosi and her big flipper-hands that robotically clap after everything Barry says, MUST GO.

1/28/2010 9:21 AM EST

Thrumble wrote:

As an aside, Reid and Pelosi should be loaded into a damn cannon and fired into the sun. They’re either completely selfish or utterly stupid, I can’t tell which. Probably a bit of both.

1/29/2010 9:31 AM EST

aicohn wrote:

The guy has lost his mind and is unfit to hold office. … He’s incoherent & has no business having access to the nuke codes.

1/28/2010 12:43 AM EST

peek-a-boo wrote:

Obama’s speech would be easier to watch if one didn’t have to see that idiot Pelosi behinid him fawning on his every word. I really thing she’s in love with him as she looks at him as though he were some kind of God.

1/28/2010 7:17 AM EST

nicry wrote:

I want to thank comrade obama for being a clueless ,arrogant left wing radical….

1/28/2010 7:32 AM EST

Hansonbrother wrote:

“TRB1 wrote:
I suspect Obama was an affirmative action admit”


The modern American Republican, everybody. Take a bow

You want to know what’s wrong with our country, I mean at the very core of the country? People like this. Scared little weasels who vent their frustration at people who are smarter than them, who’ve achieved more than them, who’ve pulled themselves up from worse circumstances than them, by posting racist idiocy on an anonymous message board.

One guy goes from no where to editor of the Harvard Law Review. And some guy in his mom’s basement, wearing a Cheeto-stained t-shirt says “I suspect Obama was an affirmative action admit”

what a useless pig

1/28/2010 11:43 AM EST

charlieka wrote:

Cully wrote “Many Brown defenders and apologists point out that you do not need to be a natural-born U.S. citizen to take your place on the Senate floor and, of course, they are right. But you do need to be a citizen. Scott Brown, for reasons unknown, refuses to produce any documentation to the general public to resolve the status of his citizenship. Doing so should take less than an hour. Even if he kept the original copy in one of his other homes, UPS ships anywhere in the world overnight.”
Bottom line if were Brown I WOULD ALSO NOT PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTS since we have a seated president who/WHOM still has NOT proven his origin. AND YES I will stand by that statement .I say to OBAMA and all YOU OBAMA LOVERS PUT UP OR SHUT UP. PERIOD… I still have no president…Currently looking for one…If you find him, let me know.

1/28/2010 12:53 PM EST

1340 wrote:

Why hasn’t Scott Brown been sworn in yet? I’ll tell you why. Paul Kirk is being used by the democratic party as a vote for legislation they are passing. Kirk is supposed to be home. He is no longer a substitute senator for our state. His status changed the moment we elected our new senator. Today Kirk was used to vote for lifting the debt ceiling.So much for “no legislation will be passed until Scott Brown is sworn in”. They lied!!!

The democrats, specifically Harry Reid has received the certification from our secretary of State Galvin and is now stalling. He and John Kerry know exactly what they are doing. It’s intentional. They are waiting for the go ahead on a vote for healthcare. They will use Kirk to vote for the legislation that the citizens of Massachusetts said NO to.

Kirk is a puppet for the democrats and they are using him that way and the democrats are showing their disdain and contempt for the people of Massachusetts.
They are showing disdain for our state constitution.

Are we going to let them get away with it?

Scott Brown should be in Washington DC stopping this bunch. Instead he’s left here doing nothing but waiting. That’s not what we elected him to do.

I have already emailed Harry Reid but it will take more than one person. It will take thousands of Massachusetts citizens. Stop them from showing disdain and disrespect toward our state.

Contact Harry Reid and John Kerry via email/ and or phone and tell them to SWEAR IN SCOTT BROWN NOW!!!! Enough of the deceit and stalling. Enough of using an imposter to represent our state.

1/28/2010 10:41 PM EST

zacklyright wrote:

The early call on the 2012 Presidential election:Philanthropist Hillary Clinton / Sen. James Webb (VA; US Navy, Ret.)


Gov. Mitt Romney / Gen. David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.)

1/28/2010 6:05 PM EST

eriqueGonzales wrote:

As someone born in Ecuador with friends and relatives in Latin America, I’m terrified watching how people in the United States are being manipulated just like people in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador to put a Marxist in power.

The similarities between Rafael Correa’s campaign for president of Ecuador and that of Obama for U.S. president are amazing. Correa had no experience but was young, charismatic and had good speaking skills. Correa’s slogans were the same as Obama’s: CHANGE, YES WE CAN, etc.

Informed Ecuadorians were not able to convince their clueless compatriots that Correa was a fake and not the young and wonderful savior the media was portraying. They could not compete in ads with the millions Correa had (mostly from unknown sources).

Once he took over, Correa dissolved Congress and took control of the legislative and judicial powers. In other words, he became a dictator. Ecuadorians are poorer than ever. The CHANGE has been toward Marxism and greater poverty for all.

It’s now obvious that Correa works with Chávez and terrorists AGAINST Ecuadorians and the United States.

Most informed Ecuadorians, when they realized the similarities between Correa and Obama, felt confident that Americans could not be fooled as Ecuadorians had.

However, it seems many Americans are as clueless as the poorest and most ignorant people in Ecuador or Bolivia.

1/28/2010 9:49 AM EST

eriqueGonzales wrote:

Castro and Obama share many of the same values and principles for the country’s economy:

1. Redistribute the country’s wealth – Marxism 101

2. Grow the size of the government – Create new departments dedicated to supporting Item 1

3. Blame greedy American corporations for the pains of the US and the rest of the world

4 Increase taxes on those already paying the largest percentage and total amount. The top 1% already pay 39% of all taxes.

5 Nationalize healthcare

6 Campaign on a principle based on appealing to the lower income 50% of the US to despise the rich and convince 45% of the other half that their life is miserable so that once convinced of their doom and gloom, they will support the doomsayer and will want bigger government

7. Convince the public, that America is perceived as evil, thus, hated by the rest of the world.

8. Abandon America’s principle of helping the world rid itself of dictatorships, thus, put our weapons down, throw our arms up, and retreat in shame from Iraq.

9. Support dictatorships throughout the world and elevate them to be recognized by the US as worthy leaders that need to be heard without preconditions – legitimize them

10. Grow the support base by expanding the lowest income class in the country by increasing and broadening entitlements; however, add to that the importation of poverty into the United States by giving Amnesty to well over 20 million illegal aliens in the country. Furthermore, promote this policy in order to attract even more illegal immigration prior to the granting of the amnesty in order to achieve the highest number of “new, uneducated, government-dependent poor class”, I call the “new poor”.

11. Dictate to Americans that they should be ashamed for using 25% of the world’s energy while only having 3% of the population and that A/C thermostats in should be set at higher than 72 degrees.

12. Give up America’s sovereignty for the “good of the world” and to save the planet from “global warming” by supporting new treaties on international boundaries, not drilling in ANWR or offshore, but standing by while Castro plans to drill off the Florida coast.

13. Campaigning on a message of “change”, because it sounds good.

The list can go on and on, as Castro and Obama share many principles for the formula for a failed state, but one in which the party of the “new poor” remains in power through the growth of government. As this party provides more and more entitlements for its citizens and big government prevails, the country becomes less and less productive. Eventually, America’s economy is no better off than Cuba’s. Therefore, Fidel, go ahead and send Obama that box of Cohibas, for he is a Marxist just like you.

1/28/2010 11:26 AM EST

Chris0721 wrote:

Obama you’re so full of BS! …You’re an idiot Obama! … You don’t have the guts to admit that your “stimulus plan” didn’t work. … ” You’re a coward who can’t face the truth, Obama! At least many Americans who voted for you are finally starting to wake up with a severe case of buyer’s remorse.

1/28/2010 7:44 AM EST

ibsteve2u wrote:

There are only three kinds of people who vote for the modern Republican: Sadists, masochists, and fools.

1/28/2010 7:45 AM EST

stupidpeople wrote:

To anyone commenting that the Supreme court rebuke was great you can now shut your trap about Bush walking on the Constitution because you just supported a sitting President threatening another branch of the gov’t. This is typical Obama style to attack someone he disagrees with even when it is hypocritical. For a constitutional scholar he is pretty dumb when it comes to separation of powers and I believe the 9 justices and all their associates have a better understanding of the law than Obo and the left wing loons

1/28/2010 8:00 AM EST

dopeandnochange wrote:

stupidpeople wrote:
To anyone commenting that the Supreme court rebuke was great you can now shut your trap about Bush walking on the Constitution because you just supported a sitting President threatening another branch of the gov’t.

Of course the question now stupidpeople is whether moonbats like Olbermann, Matthews or others will recognize that?

Probably not because they are Odumba’s leading mercenaries, drunk from the kool aid that they consume on a nightly basis.

1/28/2010 8:04 AM EST

Here are just some of the gravatars calling attention to their respective comments, so these would not be missed.

My comment was accompanied by a grey silhouette.

As you can see, comments allowed to remain posted were not censored for length (many were longer than mine); or the use of profanity and name-calling (I eschew the use of both, as people who have been reading my comments in the blogosphere for almost 2 (two) years can attest); or criticism of BO’s policies (I failed to mention any); or even questions as to his status as a NBC (I only pointed out that when questioned, members of the D party refused to provide the documentary basis on which they had determined  BO met Constitutional qualifications for the job; and suggested legal means existed to pierce through such obfuscation).

So, what had I done wrong?

Years ago, I helped to organize clerical workers at a private university.  Many of our graduate students came from the developing countries, and were junior members of their government or armed forces.  Many of their countries of origin were hotbeds of civil war and revolution.  I recall a conversation between one such graduate student and me, during a period of labor unrest on campus.  At one point, his eyes opened wide and he exclaimed, ‘You don’t look it but, you are really quite radical!’  I immediately protested.  ‘No, I’m not!’  He smiled.  ‘What do you suppose I mean by the word ‘radical’?’  I described the strikers who take out keys and scratch cars crossing their picket lines.  ‘No,’ he shook his head, knowingly, ‘those people are crazy.  YOU are the real radical, because of your thoughts.  And you are far more dangerous, because people listen to you.’

With that long-ago conversation in mind; and, judging by the comments posted above as well as the hundreds of other comments allowed to remain at the party, I figure my hosts unceremoniously kicked me out solely because what I was thinking not only displeased them but also was communicated in such a way that, they anticipated, other people would listen.

12 Responses to “jbjd” BANNED in BOSTON

  1. Texas Voter says:

    They sure make it easy to tell when you are being especially effective

    Texas Voter: I know! And what is really interesting to me is that, at this same time, the Boston Globe ran several flattering articles about Howard Zinn, who died on the 27th as well. I knew Professor Zinn, and submitted a warm personal anecdote on one of those threads, apprehensive that they might not post it, and wondering whether I could tolerate a refusal to let me post my fond remembrances. Well, I went for it; and, notwithstanding I used the same computer, with the same IP, and the same moniker; they posted it (and many readers ‘recommended’ it)! (At some point, I will post an article about Mr. Zinn.) ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. Did you end up sending both the citizen’s complaint of election fraud to AG Abbott and the request for documents to Mr. Richie?

  2. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Welcome to the big time. “Banned in Boston” for goodness sake. So glad we have freedom of speech. I am always left wondering re: this fear. Fear of the question, fear to post questions. If you struck a nerve and a big one Good for you. I will keep on keeping on too.

    Michelle: I am seeing vestiges of your good work, everywhere! ADMINISTRATOR

  3. ImaLindatoo says:

    Amazing. You know, I used to find more reasons to read them in the previous years, but that has been lost these past couple. I guess NY Times is using their model for them and tossing them in the trash bin in the process. However much propaganda until their demise.

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts jbjd.

    ImaLindatoo: You are welcome. Interesting that you raise the possibility, the quality of the Boston Globe has eroded since the paper was purchased by the NYT. (I suggested this could explain why, the Globe announced Martha Coakley had won the special election against Scott Brown for U.S. Senate…at 1:00 in the afternoon, 7 (seven) hours before the polls closed. http://thephoenix.com/blogs/talkingpolitics/archive/2010/01/19/boston-globe-calls-election-for-martha-coakley.aspx ) ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Thank you for the compliment, since I live in Florida now and our state was not applicable I try to get your information out wherever, whenever I can.
    My new secret hope is that you get interviewed by Andrew Breitbart, like those wonderful interviews with drkate. It would be so interesting, I believe Andrew has the guts. I just never know where I’ll be able to slip in your information-usually it is some comment that really ticks me off. I’m an American first but a native Chicagoan I don’t want the whole world to think that most people who live there are mobsters like Obama and minions. Most are like the folks you know honest, hard working loyal American citizens. Hopefully lots of folks in the applicable states are contacting their A/Gs.

    Michelle: You are quite welcome. Those radio spots were my first interviews; I could not believe I had sufficient information/knowledge about the 2008 election cycle to fill 3 hour-and-a-half shows! And, each time, I felt as if the show had been minutes instead of over an hour. (Listeners commented they felt the shows flew by, too.) I would love to do another interview to get the work across to a larger audience. (Maybe then more people would check their state laws to see whether they can file a citizen complaint of election fraud.)

    Hate to break it to you but, the impression of Chicago as a political cesspool is deeply ingrained in the American psyche, from JFK’s father buying the election for his son; to BO stealing the nomination ‘the Chicago way.’ ADMINISTRATOR

  5. TeakWoodKite says:

    Bravo jbjd. 🙂

    TWK: Thank you very much. ADMINISTRATOR

  6. […] I wonder why they removed this one…you should see the others.  Go read here. […]

  7. Michelle says:

    jbjd-thanks we Chicagoans are very aware of the impression that Chicago gives to the world of corruption-a reputation that is very well deserved. They earned it, let them live with it. Actually there are many heads to that monster. Mayor Daley’s office, Cook County, and South Side-all corrupt to the max. I was born in Chicago which is Cook, but we moved to DuPage County when I was 6. Talk about two different worlds.
    I haven’t even mentioned all the different mobs-Italian, Greek, Chinese, Russian etc. Honest honorable Chicagoans have suffered for a long time, maybe all this will be cleaned up and soon.

    Michelle: You know what? Maybe it will take people outside of Chicago to spearhead the campaign to clean up that city’s mess. Sometimes, it’s easier for an outsider to strike the first blow. No doubt, once the rest of us get the ball rolling, the beleaguered inhabitants of the windy city will take over. ADMINISTRATOR

  8. d2i says:

    You go girl! Sock it to them. Censorship is alive in well in all forms of corporate media these days. Sad. Very sad.

    Any update on Texas?

    d2i: Funny you should ask. There is an update, which I will add to the REMEMBER the ALAMO? post. But given the tenor of this comment, I can tell you now, you won’t like it. ADMINISTRATOR

  9. Snertly says:

    A simpler explanation might be that they simply did not care for the self-promotional link at the end of your submitted post.

    Snertly: That could only make sense if mine is the only comment with such a link; and, it is not. ADMINISTRATOR

  10. […] my recent travails with the Boston Globe – see, “jbjd” BANNED in BOSTON – I found their obituary much better; at least they mentioned Howard’s involvement with the […]

  11. Parker says:

    I am so glad I found this website. It really was educational. I feel so embarrassed because I ignorantly thought it was just the Illinois Sec’y of State that had to sign off on Obama’s eligibility to be on the POTUS ballot. So it was the Sec’y of State of all 50 states that had to sign off on whose name was put on the ballots of each state? I would think I need to be fitted for my tin foil hat but as you point out that is was a carefully orchestrated plan by the a Democratic Corporation and their intimidation of all those delegates in all those states. Just …Wow!
    This was a contemplated orchestrated plan to usurp our Constitution and Obama and his whole campaign ticket needs to be thrown out of office along with Pelosi who failed to bring his eligibility factor into at least one Congressional judicial hearing. I believe if he was taken out of office then the office should reinstate Hillary on the ticket with the Democratic ticket winning and therefore she should be seated as President. Do I or don’t I have that scenario right?
    Those Democrats in Congress that knew full well that Obama was not eligible failed to bring up the issue in arguments in Congress. They all knew that he was not eligible because of his dual citizenship..The “Dual Citizenship” was a red flag in signing off that anyone was eligible to be President.
    In 2004 (s.2128)it was the Democrats that introduced this bill in Congress to:
    1) Define what “Natural Born Citizen” term means as referred to the eligibility of the POTUS. (It was stated by Barbara Boxer that the term has been debated throughout American history and yet never resolved with no resolution made as to its meaning other than the POTUS must be born on American soil by two American soil born parents….so there you have their own words stating that the issue of eligibility was a factor never settled other than both parents being born on American soil….which all those in Congress who were part of that bill that never passed…knew full well that without a Congressional deliberated ruling on the Natural Born citizen term that Obama’s dual citizenship automatically disqualified him.
    Ann Coulter has said that the birther issue was insane and she based that on the fact that surely Hillary Clinton would have been able to fight that.
    So the talking heads of the Republicans aren’t debating the issue. The DNC and MSM are all geared up to mock and ridicule anyone who ever touches the subject.
    There is a precedence of removing someone from a sitting office after an election when found later to be ineligible…a Democratic Governor in North Dakota. I am not sure who took office after he was ousted.
    Please correct me if I am off on any issue. I welcome your superior knowledge on the subject.
    Parker R.

    Parker: Welcome. So, you felt stupid for not knowing all of this before now? Well, you are in good company.

    Look, you have taken on a comprehensive understanding of this subject matter in a short time and so, not surprisingly, have ‘missed’ some points. Most importantly, know that, there is no binding definition of NBC. And there won’t be, until a federal appeals court hears a case on point, and rules on such definition.

    Before you go further, I suggest you read NEVER LESS THAN a TREASON 1&2; and OUT of the MOUTHS of BABES. Because the main point you are missing is this: we do not elect the President. This is the job of the Electors. Also, you conflate infirm state elections; with the election of the President, as prescribed by the Constitution. Apples and oranges.

    I believe BO was lawfully elected – I have said this many times – and can be removed from office only through the process of Impeachment. (Take your time to familiarize yourself with the work; the understanding will come.)

    Please, now that you have found us, tell your friends. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. As for making fun of us ‘birthers,’ read, GUESS WHOM HOWARD ZINN CALLED HIS “STAR” PUPIL? jbjd.

  12. Gordon says:

    The Republicans will not file election fraud charges against Obama and his henchmen/women because they will open themselves up to the same charges. We have to remember the Rebublicans also ran an ineligible candidate for the Presidency.

    Remember, it was Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that sponsored the Senate resolution declaring John McCain to be elibible to serve as President of the U.S……Even holding committee hearing on the matter and getting Laurence Tribe and other law professors to provide covering (erroneous) opinions as to McCain’s eligibility. Repubs fell into the trap and now find themselves in the position of shooting themselves in the foot, if they dare mount an eligibility attack.

    Any Republican AG that opens that can of worms may bring as much condemnation down upon the Republican party as he/she does by attacking the Demonrats.

    Besides,…. look at the awful line of succession…..President Biden?….President Pelosi….President(s) Clinton polluting the White House again?

    It makes me sick to think that we must suffer through this attempted destruction of our country by these rotten elites, but the entire political system has rotted from the inside out.

    Trying the treasonous bastard and all those who aided and abetted him after he has been voted out of office may be the best way to deal with this situation. All laws he signed would be nullities….all judicial appointments would be invalid… We might get rid of Stevens’ and Ginsburg’s (She can’t zombie around forever) replacements and finally get a constitutionalist SCOTUS.


    Gordon: Long time no hear! First, let me clarify a point I have made several times before but which bears repeating. I absolutely believe BO was lawfully elected President. (Read, “OUT of the MOUTHS of BABES,” https://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/out-of-the-mouths-of-babes/)

    Whether the government officials whom the sovereigns – that’s us – elected into office belong to the R Club or the D Club, in fact, they hold constitutional and statutory state offices answerable to us. We are in charge; redressing the wrongs perpetrated on us is not negotiable. When did we forget that we hold all the power?

    As for the line of succession, well, I would imagine, a President Biden would nominate a Vice President Clinton. (Nancy Pelosi only enters the picture in case of incapacitation without sufficient lead time to fill the position.) ADMINISTRATOR

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