Have you heard? The Democratic National Committee Services Corporation (DNC Services Corporation or, Corporation) is “considering” revising its Presidential nominating rules.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-South Carolina, said that the 2008 nomination contest “yielded a great candidate,” but readily acknowledged the problems that arose.

“We need to improve a little bit in spite of the fact that we got a great candidate out of the process,” Clyburn said Saturday at a meeting of a DNC working group tasked with drafting a new plan. “It was not very comfortable at various points along the way.” (Emphasis added by jbjd.)

Ya think?

However, the CNN article explicitly mentions the change being discussed is limited to these topics. 1) The Corporation is looking to revise the calendar of primaries/caucuses so that in the future it will not ‘have to’ penalize any state for leaving the starting gate too soon; and 2) they want to limit the authority of the unpledged delegates – read, superdelegates – to effect the final outcome. (Yes, I meant to write “effect,” as in, make the result what it is.)

Notice, there is no mention of adding a caution to pledged delegates from vote binding states that they must vote according to their state laws and not the Corporation’s requirement to exercise their “good conscience.” (In other words, they must vote for the candidate they were elected by the voters in their home states, to represent, and not the favored candidate of the Corporate bosses.) And no mention of implementing safeguards to ensure the Corporation sticks to the rule requiring the nominee for POTUS “must be qualified under the U.S. Constitution.” (p.14, K.1 and 2).

Both the movie “Jaws” and the television show “Saturday Night Live” debuted in 1975. The hysteria – which Merriem-Webster defines as “behavior exhibiting overwhelming or unmanageable fear or emotional excess” – produced by the movie resulted in a hysterical – as in, excessively funny – skit on SNL, called “Land Shark.”

“Blues Brothers” Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi teamed up as Roy Scheider (playing the Sheriff) and Richard Dreyfuss (the shark expert).

The premise of the skit is simple. The Land Shark, determined to eat its prey, manages to trick unsuspecting apartment dwellers into opening up their doors to him by offering up a series of incredible rouses until he finds the fiction that works.

Land Shark | Movies & TV |

Think of the DNC Services Corporation as land sharks. For your own safety, ignore them. Always keep in mind, everything coming out of the National is smoke and mirrors. Why on earth would anyone credit the word or good intentions of the same people who perpetrated election fraud to get state election officials to print the name of BO on state ballots notwithstanding the Corporation refuses to respond to requests from hundreds or thousands of voters to disclose on what documentary evidence they based their Certification, he is Constitutionally qualified for the job? (See, for example, “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES” below on this blog.)

Better yet, appreciate the joke that is the DNC; and laugh.

4 Responses to BEWARE of LAND SHARKS

  1. TeakWoodKite says:

    jbjd, First let me wish you and yours a most cheerful holiday.

    Great read.
    “DNC Services Corporation” Now there is a contradiction. Do you recall the DNC, very early in the pre-primary season, attempted to rig the “Super Delagates”? If I recall correctly that was rejected and then lead to what transpired later where they were treated like free agent? BO didn’t have the “Quan” then and he never will.

    TWK: Of course I recall this situation with the sd’s. Let me remind everyone what I wrote in “NEVER LESS THAN A TREASON” (part 2):

    So, who are these ’super’ delegates? Well, they are high profile members of the party, including federal legislators, chosen in advance by members of the DNC. (Here is a pretty good history of SD’s; ignore the part of the article that refers to whether “pledged” delegates are actually “pledged.” The authors, one a Democratic strategist and the other, an attorney, obviously never heard of vote binding states.)

    Take a look at how Ms. Pelosi tried to steer the votes of those Democratically appointed SD’s. On March 16, when BO had just come off his lopsided caucus ‘wins,’ she told Politico the SD’s “should reflect the will of the voters.” (She never specified whether she meant, the will of the voters as expressed by the final delegate count in their districts; or by the total delegate count; or by the overall popular vote.) But bombarded by cries of ‘foul’ at appearing to take sides in the battle for the nomination, by April 1, Ms. Pelosi had changed her mind. Now she decided, these SD’s had the “right to vote their conscience.” And it’s a good thing she did. Because according to the DNC Call, which contains the rules that governed the 2008 Convention she Chaired, even delegates “pledged” to their candidates as the result of votes cast in the primary/caucus election are not actually ‘pledged’ but only, “shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.” (It’s about time they added a line reminding pledged delegates from vote binding states, “If you are from one of the 13 vote binding states then, in your state, voting for someone other than the candidate you pledged to the voters you would represent, is against the law.”)

    TWK, a happy holiday to you and yours and a healthy New Year. ADMINISTRATOR

    P.S. On one of my appearances on drkate’s Revolution Radio – the links to the podcasts are in the sidebar – she asked whether there was any way to remind people, the DNC is like a private club. I replied, yes, we could use their official name, Democratic National Committee Services Corporation. I have used this official corporate title ever since.

  2. Michelle says:

    “Democratic National Committee Services Corporation.” Thank you, for those of us who don’t work with these issues all the time…I had no idea and it is the accurate name.
    I can’t wait until they start calling for “donations” for the next elections, they will get an earful. When I receive the mail soliticians I send back with USURPER marked on it, with no money. I wonder how many of those they are getting?

    Michelle: Several. People are returning the donation envelopes with all of the other printed matter stuffed inside, instead of payments. ADMINISTRATOR

  3. Michelle says:

    December 19, 2009

    Michelle: You almost ‘gave me a heart attack’! I thought somehow the link to that shark skit which appeared in my draft for this post; had somehow been eliminated in the final version. No; it’s still there. That black and white bar in the middle of the article, where the text says, “Land Shark,” is the link to that Spike TV SNL skit. ADMINISTRATOR

  4. Michelle says:

    jbjd-Thank you for the info I’m so glad other people are sending this literature back marked usurper, they think were stupid and have the nerve to ask for money from the stupid.
    Re: the shark skit well DUH.Makes me laugh every time I see it.
    I’m just coming to realize that by Pelosi signing off with no eligibility isn’t that conspiracy-therefore Rico & Racketeering would kick in? Bauer simply adds another person?

    Michelle: BINGO. And the evidence of the ongoing nature of the crime would be, those constant ads on the internet directing people concerned with BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS, to the FTS web site, once Paid for by Barack Obama and then Citizens for Obama (his Presidential campaign) and now wholly paid for the DC (per the disclaimer in the footer). But let’s start ‘small,’ with the states.

    As for Attorney Bob Bauer, his courtroom shenanigans go to the evidence in support of such a charge of fraud.

    You of all people can imagine how frustrating is, knowing how to resolve so many of the issues still grating on millions of people regarding the 2008 election cycle; and not being able to convey to these masses, this is simply a case of election (ballot) fraud. ADMINISTRATOR

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