Just a quick note to assuage the panic of some readers that this proposed bill will insulate BO from the forced disclosure of documents tending to establish, he is not a NBC.  Here is the link to the proposed legislation, H.R. 985, Free Flow of Information Act, which includes both a summary and the full text of this bill.

In short, if passed, this law would apply to members of the press, and delineate under what circumstances members of the press would be required to provide the information requested by various branches of the government even absent a court order.


  1. Mary says:

    My only questions is>>> Who does the below refer to
    From Section 4 (Definitions), 2 (Covered Persons)

    (C) any person included on the Annex to Executive Order No. 13224, of September 23, 2001, and any other person identified under section 1 of that Executive order whose property and interests in property are blocked by that section;

    Does anyone know?

    Mary: Hello; are you new here? While your question is slightly off topic, as I understand, you are asking for a list of people whose property in the U.S. is affected by this order. For a full list, see the Department of Treasury’s site, ADMINISTRATOR

  2. Patriot Dreamer says:

    jbjd, not sure what your e-mail address is, but check this out:

    It’s not much, but it’s a start.

    Patriot Dreamer: Thank you so much for your comment here and on other blogs. Yes; I saw this and I screamed out loud, “Oh my f* God!” My teenage son ran in. ‘What’s the matter?’ How could I explain to him in 10 words or less… But you get my drift. I need to read more before commenting on the specifics but, as you say, “it’s a start.” ADMINISTRATOR

  3. d2i says:

    hey jbjd, i have a couple of questions for you.

    have you or anyone else looked at Obama’s voting record? Not his policy votes BUT primary and general voting record?

    second, have you or anyone else reviewed Illinois electoral law regarding their requirements to run for state or federal office? If so, could you provide a summary?

    i ask b/c i’m curious how he was able to run for federal office w/o having to show some official proof of citizenship – natural or native.

    thanks. i’ll keep checking back with you.

  4. d2i says:

    hey jbjd – i got my answer to the second question – Illinois eligibility requirements – 9 years of residency and 30 years old and US Senate the same, 9 years of residency and 30 years old.

    It’s that first question – his general and primary voting record that I’d love to learn more about.

    also, is there anything a Secretary of State can do post election to challenge eligibility? If so, your guidance would be most welcomed.

    d2i: Nice to hear from you. And thank you for taking the initiative to answer your own question. However, while your answer to IL state senate qualifications may or may not be true, your qualifications for U.S. Senate are inaccurate. According to the Constitution, Article I, section 3, a U.S. Senator must have been a citizen (of the United States) for at least 9 (nine) years. Go back and check IL state requirements; it would make more sense if this read, the candidate must be a citizen and not just a resident of IL. That is, Bill Ayers wrote BO’s Dreams from my Father at the same time he announced BO would run for state senate. And in that book, BA, pretending he is BO, says something about finding his HI birth certificate in a trunk, when he was in high school. Unless BA was thinking way ahead, he was planting that lie so that no one would question BO’s eligibility for state office. As to your second question, the AG can do something, assuming someone files a complaint alleging the state D party perpetrated a fraud by Certifying to the S of S that BO is a NBC, to get his name printed on the general election ballot. (I am working on this complaint for HI so that we can use it as the model for other states. What state are you from?) ADMINISTRATOR

  5. d2i says:

    jbjd – i’m from virginia. the political lay of the land is this – we have gubernatorial elections this year. The Rep. candidate running for Governor is the former AG and was replaced by a moderate but even handed Rep AG. We are a bellweather state for the 2010 elections. Virginia is purple right now and both parties will be pouring tons of cash into the race. The new DNC chairman is our outgoing Gov. – Kaine. He has done everything in his power to elect D’s and came out very early for Obama. Hope this helps and thank you kindly for your reply. It’s most

    d2i: Thanks. Knowing what state you are from helps me to figure out which election laws apply, both in terms of which executive officer is in charge of elections and, whether any laws require the candidate for POTUS from the major political party must be a NBC. Violating existing laws to get BO on the state’s general election ballot makes charging fraud much easier. ADMINISTRATOR

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