I have elaborated extensively on this blog to numerous issues raised in comments from my readers, not necessarily related to the topics of the posts where these comments appear. For example, I have explained that FactCheck cannot be sued for posting false information on BO’s COLB (no privity); and that the National Guard Plaintiffs I proposed to establish standing in federal court to determine whether BO is a NBC are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (until federalized). I have also provided information specific to both laws and events occurring in individual states, including FL, AZ, and HI. And of course, I have clarified legal misinformation appearing on other blogs. For example, Leo Donofrio’s pronouncement that declaratory judgment cases only seek advisory opinions and so, the federal courts are Constitutionally barred from hearing such cases since they present no “case” or “controversy” is patently absurd, given that the federal Declaratory Judgment Act authorizes such suits. (My federal military Complaint is a Declaratory Judgment case, as Leo well knows, having referenced my Complaint on his blog.)

If you want to understand more about how our government works – and does not work – please read these comments and my responses. They inform as much as the original posts.

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