(CORRECTED on 01.11.16, in orange, seven years after I started this blog, and now that I know better.)

(CORRECTION:  In this article, I write Electors must only vote for a President who is Constitutionally qualified for office.  However, the Constitution does not require this; only laws enacted in the states can require their state Electors to vote only for the President who is Constitutionally eligible for the job.)

(UPDATE 07.01.10: In this article, I mention that John McCain was born on a military base in Panama.  However, I am not certain this is true.  this is untrue. I also said that Larry Tribe concluded, Mr. McCain is a NBC, and provided a link to the NYT article which explained his reasoning.  However, I wish to emphasize, as I have done in several subsequent articles and comments; Mr. Tribe did not say, McCain was born on a military base; or that, being born on the base would be dispositive as to whether he is a NBC.  In fact, he only said, McCain’s parents worked on the base.)

To: Concerned Americans
From: Team jbjd
Subject: Find Out Whether Barack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen as Required under Article II of the U.S. Constitution and Stop the Electoral College from Voting for Him, if He Is Not
Date: December 1, 2008


By now, almost everyone paying attention to the election seems to know that under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, the President has to be a natural born citizen. But hardly anyone seems to know there is no provision in either federal or state law that says anyone, anywhere, has to check. That’s right. Nothing. Even so, voters in general have the right to express preference for a Presidential candidate without respect to qualifications for office. Of course, Electoral College voters must ensure he is at least Constitutionally eligible for the job.

Issue: Given that Article II of the U.S. Constitution says the President must be a natural born citizen, could Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and Chair of the 2008 Democratic National Convention have certified that Barack Obama was “duly nominated” as the Democratic Party’s candidate for POTUS; and could the Party chairs of the Democratic Party in all 50 states and the District of Columbia then have submitted his name to state officials, along with Ms. Pelosi’s certification, to be placed onto the general election ballots; and could state officials have placed his name on the ballot and then certified the final number of votes cast for him; and can he receive the requisite votes for POTUS from the Electoral College (“EC”) when it meets on December 15 and then on January 20, be sworn into office, all without being a natural born citizen?
Answer: Yes, absolutely; if the EC fails to stop him.

While the U.S. Constitution spells out in Article II that the President must be a natural born citizen – “natural born” and “citizen” are distinct qualifications – neither federal nor state law requires that any government actor must determine whether the candidate for POTUS satisfies these conditions. True, Ms. Pelosi’s signed a Certification of Nomination after the Democratic National Convention; but in this document, she only promised he is the Party’s nominee and not that he is Constitutionally eligible for the job. (UPDATE 10.11.10: As I pointed out in several articles subsequent to this publication, since the DNC Rules require the nominee must be Constitutionally eligible for the job, this turns out to be a distinction without a difference.)

In fact, throughout the entire election process, only one opportunity is prescribed in writing to confirm the candidate’s eligibility: when the state in which the candidate seeks to get onto the general election ballot has enacted both a law that says any candidate seeking to get onto the ballot in that state has to satisfy the requirements of the office sought; AND a law that provides for challenging the candidate’s eligibility under state law.

For example, here is the requirement to get onto the general election ballot in the State of GA, under the Official Code of GA Annotated (O.C.G.A.), §21-2-5, Qualifications of candidates for federal and state office; determination of qualifications. “Every candidate for federal and state office who is certified by the state executive committee of a political party … shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.” (Note: President, U.S. Senator, or U.S. Representative are federal offices.) This means that, according to GA law, when the state Party chair submits the Party nominee to the Secretary of State (“S of S”) to be put onto the general election ballot, that nominee must be eligible for the office sought. But there is no corresponding GA law that says the S of S receiving this paperwork from the state Party chair must verify this eligibility. Under that same law, the State of GA set up a mechanism by which voters may file a challenge with the S of S questioning the eligibility of a candidate to appear on the ballot; and for the S of S to initiate such a challenge on her own. “The Secretary of State upon his or her own motion may challenge the qualifications of any candidate at any time prior to the election of such candidate.” But again, the operative word here is “may.” In other words, even in a state like GA, one of the few states with laws that provide for a mechanism for voters to challenge a candidate’s eligibility to get onto the general election ballot, no law requires the state to investigate the candidate based on that challenge. (Notice that technically, even GA law does not confer power on the S of S to determine whether any candidate is eligible for the office sought but only to determine this: whether he is eligible by virtue of satisfying the requirements of the office sought to get onto the general election ballot.)

Documentary evidence establishes that Presidential candidate John McCain is a citizen. At the time of his birth, both of his biological parents were U.S. citizens and had lived in the U.S. for the requisite years past the age of majority to pass on their citizenship to their newborn son. (Plus, there is no indication he was subsequently adopted by a foreign national of a country that disallowed dual citizenship, which condition could have ended his American citizenship.) As to the issue of whether he is “natural born”…, there is speculation both ways. He was born on a military base in the Panama Canal Zone, where his father, a member of the armed services, was stationed at that time. While then officially a part of the Country of Panama, the Zone was administered by the U.S. (NOTE: I have been unable to ascertain whether he was born in the Zone; or in the country. But this represents a distinction without a difference. Because at the time of his birth in 1936; the U.S. Code did not automatically confer U.S. citizenship at birth to those children born in either Panama or the Canal Zone, whether on a military base, to U.S. citizen parents. Instead, he was naturalized in 1937, less than a year after his birth, by Act of Congress. ) Whether this set of circumstances satisfies the requirement of “natural born” which the drafters had in mind when they wrote the Constitution has never undergone judicial scrutiny. (Constitutional scholar Professor Larry Tribe of Harvard Law School, an advisor to Senator Obama who appeared in the candidate’s first TV spot of the 2008 Presidential campaign, in IA, has concluded McCain is natural born.)

Some have charged that even if being born on the base would otherwise have made him a natural born citizen, he wasn’t actually born on the base but in another hospital outside of the U.S. Zone and so, while he is a citizen, he cannot be considered natural born. (As I just explained above; whether he was born in the Zone or the country has no bearing on the analysis of his status as NBC.) Confronted with these accusations, McCain voluntarily handed over his original long form birth certificate to Washington Post reporters whose investigation confirmed he had been born in the hospital on the base where his mother, still alive, said she gave birth.

On the other hand, nothing has been confirmed about the natural born status of Barack Obama.

As with John McCain, questions have also been raised as to whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen. As previously stated, McCain responded to these questions by producing his long form birth certificate for the press, which investigators used to confirm his legal status. Here’s what Obama did last June to respond to questions as to his own eligibility: he posted on his web site, “Fight the Smears,” a copy of what his campaign called his “Birth Certificate,” which seemed to indicate he was born in HI. Further, they insisted this document put to rest once and for all questions as to whether he is a natural born citizen. In fact, it did no such thing.

Even assuming the document Obama posted is real; it is still not a “Birth Certificate,” anyway. Its title is “Certification of Live Birth.” (Yes; Annenberg Political says it’s a real “Birth Certificate.” But keep in mind, Annenberg FactCheck is funded by the Annenberg Foundation, who employed Obama as the Chair of their Chicago Annenberg Challenge (“CAC”), selected by Bill Ayers for that position, where he doled out to community organizations the millions of dollars donated by the Foundation in a failed campaign to increase the test scores of Chicago public school students.) FYI, according to the government web site of the State of HI, officials there will accept a “Certificate of Live Birth” as primary evidence of, say, Hawaiian birth; but they will not accept a “Certification of Live Birth” without additional documentation.

Besides, even if it turns out Obama was born in HI, this does not resolve his natural born citizen status. What if he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, the Indonesian national who married his mother; would that have made him a citizen of Indonesia? And, if he was a citizen of Indonesia, would this have terminated his status as a U.S. citizen? (Circumstantial evidence indicates at some point, Obama was a citizen of Indonesia. The AP printed a copy of his Indonesian grade school registration form, which listed his name as Barry Soetoro and his nationality as Indonesian. (His religion was listed as Islam). At that time, only Indonesian citizens could enroll in school. According to U.S. law, when it comes to dual citizenship, deference is given to the law of the foreign sovereign. This means that, if Indonesia did not recognize dual Indonesian/American citizenship at that time then, neither did the U.S. And Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship. Also, regardless of the type of document his mother was able to obtain in HI to verify that, in fact, sometime within the past year, somewhere, this baby was born, alive; that original document would have been sealed when he was adopted by Mr. Soetoro, and a new document issued naming Lolo Soetoro as the birth father.)

Obama’s personal narrative includes the story that his mother left Indonesia and brought him back to HI at age 10 to live with her parents. Assuming at that time he passed through U.S. Immigration and Nationalization, he then became a naturalized citizen. Of course, naturalized citizens do not qualify for the job of POTUS. If he never passed through Customs, he could be an undocumented alien. (His personal narrative also includes the story that he traveled to Pakistan for 3 weeks while in college. Seeing the passport he used to re-enter the country might clear up the mystery of his citizenship once and for all.)

Of course, if he was born in Kenya – a paternal grandmother in Kenya claims to have been present at his birth there – then at no time would he have been a natural born citizen, since his mother had not satisfied the U.S. residency requirements after attaining the age of majority, to automatically pass on her citizenship status to her son.

Then there is this entry from on Obama’s web site, “Fight the Smears.”

When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

Several researchers have concluded that regardless of any other considerations, the clear language and intention of the founders/drafters of the Constitution means, this ‘dual sovereign allegiance at birth’ kills any eligibility for POTUS under Article II. (Notwithstanding his pronouncement that McCain is eligible for POTUS; Professor Tribe has remained silent as to the eligibility status of his candidate, Obama.)

Bottom line, just because the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama as their candidate for President; and just because the state chairs of the Democratic Party in all 50 states and the District of Columbia submitted his name to be placed on the general election ballot; and despite the fact that state officials in all 50 states and the District allowed his name onto the ballot and millions of voters cast their votes for him, this does not mean he is eligible to be President.

Of course, he is not the President; indeed, he is not even the President-elect.

Once the results of the state elections are certified by the appropriate state authorities in each state, the next step in the process of choosing a President is the vote by the Electoral College (“EC”) on December 15. And like every other deliberative body involved with this election, the EC is not legally obligated to determine the candidate’s eligibility, either. Under the United States Constitution and federal law, the electors may cast their votes for anyone they want. However, under the laws of a number of states, the electors in those states must pledge to cast their votes for the candidate who won the state’s Presidential election. And some states have enacted laws that require electors to honor their pledges or their parties. Yet, in the history of the EC, no “faithless elector” has ever been punished for voting for someone other than the Party candidate. But since electors are generally chosen by their respective Party based on criteria like Party loyalty and years of service, they rarely go against the will of the Party. On the other hand, the Presidential electors in each state are presumed to honor the conditions laid out in the U.S. Constitution.

So, what would happen if the EC voted for him and then his ineligibility is confirmed? Under the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the worst that would happen is that Vice President Elect Joe Biden would be sworn in as President on January 20. Then, he would choose a VP of his own, subject to Congressional approval. (Note 01.08.11:  this scenario presumes, Congress makes clear, it will not Certify the vote of the Electors based on the fact, they elected an ineligible President.  Please see expanded analysis in QUALIFIED ≠ ELIGIBLE.) Of course, if EC voters receive information before December 15 that Obama is ineligible for the job, pledged or not, it is unimaginable they would still cast their votes for him. Only, how are they ever going to get this information?

Several citizens have already filed lawsuits in both federal and state court to address the issue of whether Barack Obama satisfies the Article II requirement that the President must be a natural born citizen. The stated goal in several of these suits is to get the court to compel state officials – usually, the S of S – to vet the candidate as to eligibility, by arguing such vetting is a requirement of the job. That is, having sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution these state officials must verify the candidate’s eligibility. However, while some state laws explicitly require the political party to submit only the names of eligible candidates for inclusion on the state’s general election ballot; as previously stated in this memo, no state law requires a state official to confirm the eligibility of the candidate the major political party submits. As such, most judges have already dismissed these suits, ruling that the nexus between swearing to uphold the Constitution and having to investigate a candidate’s eligibility for POTUS is too attenuated for the court to compel the specific performance sought in the suit.

Some of the lawsuits filed in state courts have also been dismissed for lack of standing. That is, the Plaintiff lacked the particularized interest in the case of, say, another candidate on the general election ballot. Able to circumvent this barrier to standing, Alan Keyes, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under President Reagan and candidate for POTUS under the American Independent Party filed a suit in CA attempting to prevent the Secretary of State from submitting California’s 55 electoral votes until Obama provides proof of his US citizenship.

The petition filed in August by Plaintiff Phil Berg, Attorney, in federal district court in PA is different. He asked the court merely to Declare whether Obama is a natural born citizen based on several documents he asked the court to order Obama to produce. He named as Defendants Obama, the DNC, and the FEC.

In Opposition to Berg’s Motion, Defendant Obama, joined by the DNC, insisted he does not have to produce evidence he is a natural born citizen. He pointed out that Mr. Berg is just one of millions of voters with no special interest in whether he is eligible. That is, as an individual citizen, he lacked standing to bring this action in the first place. Thus, under Article III of the U.S. Constitution, he had failed to present a “case or controversy” for consideration by the federal court. Justice Surrick agreed, granting Defendants’ Joint Motion to Dismiss. It is this ruling against Plaintiff’s Motion for Declarative Judgment on the basis he lacks standing that Berg has appealed up to the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”), asking for Certiorari, meaning, an agreement to review the case. The SCOTUS has given Obama until December 1, 2008 to submit his arguments against Berg’s request for cert. But even if the court grants cert. AND rules in Berg’s favor on the issue of standing; the case will then be thrown back to the trial court for a new hearing, which could stall on deliberations over other procedural issues, without reaching the substantive issue of Obama’s eligibility for POTUS. In the meantime, the EC vote will already have taken place. Since they – like you – have no conclusive evidence Obama is not a natural born citizen, without demanding such proof, their vote for him is a fait accompli.

So, other than the EC, can anyone else prevent this from happening? Yes. You. You can bring the court case that will survive the challenge from Obama, the Plaintiff lacks standing.

Issue: Given that the President functions as Commander in Chief (“CIC”) of the armed services under the U.S. Constitution; that the CIC is authorized to order members of the armed services, including the national guard, into combat duty; that while serving combat duty such combatants may logically be required to inflict casualties on the enemy; and that causing the death of another under the color of law but not the rule of law could subject that combatant to criminal charges of murder and, on conviction, to execution for his crime; does a member of the military or national guard, currently deployed in or scheduled for deployment to a combat situation, have the particularized standing required by the federal court so as to create a case or controversy under Article III of the U.S. Constitution to successfully petition the federal court to examine whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen and rule on his eligibility to be POTUS?
Answer: Yes.

The elements that would establish standing in federal court, and which Judge Surrick found missing in the Berg case; would be present in a case where the nexus between the injury that would likely result if Obama is not a natural born citizen is more direct. For example, if Obama is not a natural born citizen then he is legally ineligible to be POTUS. And that means any orders he issues under the color of law of POTUS lack the real authority of law. Commanding troops to go into combat where they will likely inflict casualties on the enemy, if illegal, thus exposes soldiers to the death penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, merely for doing what they believed was their job. (Conversely, under the Code, questioning the legitimacy of the President to hold this position once he is in office subjects soldiers to discipline under “Contempt for Officials.”) This nexus between Obama’s ineligibility and the likely harm that would result establishes standing, in the eyes of the law.

Mr. Obama also pointed out to the court that alleging a violation of Article II “fails to state a claim for which relief can be granted because it fails to establish a cause of action.” Mr. Berg justified his presence before the court by citing the Declaratory Judgment Act. But as Obama successfully argued, this Act only affords a procedural remedy to an underlying cause of action. Thus, “a court must find an independent basis for jurisdiction.” And there is no federal cause of action under Article II. But he was wrong.

There certainly is a cause of action under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for soldiers who would be compelled to engage in conduct that could result in execution, deprived of due process of law because their Commander in Chief is ineligible for office.

42 U.S.C. §1983 states

Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or
usage of any State . . . , subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the
United States or any other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation
of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall
be liable to the party injured in an action at law …. “In order to bring action under §1983, one must allege that defendant violated plaintiff‘s constitutional rights and the deprivation must have been committed by a person acting under color of state law. Barna v. City of Perth Amboy, 42 F.3d 809, 816 (3rd Cir. 1994). Under the definition of acting under state law, the defendant in a §1983 action must have exercised power ”possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is clothed with the authority of state law.“ West v. Atkins, 487 U.S. 42, 49 ( 1988 ) (quoting U.S. v. Classic, 313 U.S. 299, 326 (1941)).

And there’s a cause of action under that same law for all of the families of all of those members of the armed forces, including National Guard members who would be deprived of their loved ones under such a scheme.

The most obvious “person” subjecting Plaintiff(s) to this unlawful “deprivation” in a §1983 suit is the S of S in Plaintiff’s state. But Defendants could also include Barack Obama; Nancy Pelosi; the DNC; and the state Party chair, since all of these people were inextricably bound up in the governmental function of carrying out the election to be deemed state actors in this enterprise.

In conclusion, no one has verified candidate for POTUS Barack Obama is a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution, notwithstanding the EC is poised to cast their votes for him on December 15. Unless someone produces documentary evidence establishing he was born in Kenya, the only forum to conclusively decide his legal status lies in federal court. This means filing a suit that would survive a challenge to standing. Given the recent pronouncements by the court in the several cases pending, among the Plaintiffs who could establish standing necessary to force this inquiry are members of the military or National Guard scheduled for deployment or about to be scheduled for deployment to a combat zone; and members of their families.


  1. Jeff says:

    He was born in Kenya. Bet on it.

  2. mcr says:

    Great job. Sounds accurate. Hopefully, some action will be taken on this.

  3. Ted says:

    Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.

  4. wodiej says:

    excellent, I personally think the little (deleted by jbjd) was born in Kenya far away from a Hawaii hospital.

    I am further astonished that Obama had the nerve to say he didn’t have to prove he is natural born and that millions don’t care. If he was a citizen he would have produced proof. He’s a fraud,

  5. Please NoBama says:

    Hey Barack…..Who’s your Daddy ??

    Please don’t take me wrong on this subject. I definitely want to be sure that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a natural born citizen of the United States or not. That is the only issue here.

    If he was born in the British East African Protectorate of Kenya and his mother came back to Hawaii as soon as she could so as to register his birth in Hawaii, why would she have admitted that his place of birth was Kenya.
    She recognized the benefit of being a United States citizen, not because she thought he would become President some day, but just because it’s better to a citizen of the United States than a citizen of Kenya.

    So what we really need are the birth records from Kenya and the archives from the British East African Protectorate of Kenya, which I believe are located in London England. Those records, if they actually exist will show Senator Barack Hussein Obama as being born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to become POTUS.

    This could open up a whole new can of worms for Senator Barack Hussein Obama since there is apparently no record of him becoming a naturalized citizen. He would then be considered an illegal alien and subject to deportation.

    If we could determine whether or not Stanley Ann Dunham Obama even held a passport in 1961, that could give us clue as to which course of action we should pursue. If she did not have a passport, then she never went to Kenya in 1961.

    “Passport records dated after March 31, 1925, remain in the custody of the Department of State, Passport Services. These records normally consist of applications for U. S. passports and supporting evidence of U. S citizenship, and are protected by the Privacy Act. Passport records do not include evidence of travel such as entrance/exit stamps, visas, residence permits, etc., since this information is entered into the passport book after issuance.”

    So that brings us to the question of why is Senator Barack Hussein Obama so adamant about not releasing his actual vault birth certificate. There must be something that would have caused him great harm prior to the election, and would have stopped him from becoming elected.

    What could that little piece of information be?

    Could it be that his father, as listed on the actual birth records, is not Barack Hussein Obama Sr.? Could it be that another man is actually his father?
    That would have been embarrassing before the election, but not a game changer.

    However, what if the name listed is El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, formerly known as Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X ? Or how about the Radical Communist Frank Marshall Davis ?

    If either of these two men are indicated as the father on the actual birth certificate, and he was born in Hawaii, then he is eligible to be POTUS.

    However if this information had come out prior to the election, or prior to the primaries, we would have a different President Elect right now, possibly Hillary Clinton.

    So what happens now? If any of the lawsuits are successful and Senator Barack Hussein Obama is required to produce his actual birth certificate for inspection, a deal will be made. A private meeting between the Supreme Court Justices, an independent forensic inspector, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, and his attorneys will review the document and certify that he is in fact a natural born citizen of the United States. No further information will be released and “We the People” will be forever kept in the dark.

    We will have a president who got elected on a lie, using 650 million dollars of questionable origins, and who has a background of shady acquaintances.

    God help us and God help the USA.

  6. ChiefRoss says:

    IF he was born in Hawaii and IF he is legit, why would a Harvard Graduate allow this entire scenario to drag on and on? An Educated man with nothing to hide would have proven himself, TO AMERICA, to be qualified long ago.

    Hence, his qualification is undoubtedly in question and he only has himself to blame. This act of thinking he doesn’t have to prove it, claiming that he already has, is nothing more than a childish act of deceit.

  7. Sane Person says:

    You people are nuts. Obama is right – the burden of proof is on the one who brought the suit, not on him. If I said “John McCain is a traitor” (which I am NOT saying) it would be up to me to PROVE it. Berg’s application was thrown out partly because he has no standing, and partly because he had NO supporting evidence. NONE. If he had, he would have shown it to every news organization on the planet. There is no evidence. If there were, McCain would have used it AND McCain would actually have standing to bring it to court. You are all delusional. Get used to saying “President Obama” because your fantasy is nothing more than a neo-Nazi wet dream.

  8. Sane Person says:

    Chief Ross – he didn’t allow it to go on. His birth certificate is posted on his website.

  9. Citizen says:

    “Sane Person” – Claiming someone is a traitor is totally different than asking Obama to prove that he is qualified to be POTUS. If you apply for a job, you are required to show your qualifications and that is all that this lawsuit is asking for. It is not accusing him of anything, which your example is. Further, McCain was afraid to make it an issue since he had some questions surrounding his citizenship as well. If Obama is a natural born citizen, there should be no problem with proving. it. I could prove my citizenship and would be happy to do it if asked.

  10. I will repost this in all blogs that I can~ I know there is an USAF-R that filed suit in NC~ so this would apply to him since he is military? even if retired? ok, time to get this viral people!!! start posting everywhere~ and it may be a good idea for this to be put as a narrated you tube~ we must think of all options to spread the word!

  11. Karen says:

    What am I supposed to do? Am I asked to find soldiers willing to file a class action lawsuit? The article sort of hints at it but doesn’t come right out and say it.

  12. Sane Person says:

    He showed his qualifications. There is a photocopy on his website. But the person launching the lawsuit *isn’t* the one hiring him. Berg has no standing – he is not the employer.

  13. Expose The Obot says:

    I stll can’t believe that the MSM is not reporting any of this which really sucks!! I also can’t belive all of the people that don’t have a clue that he has not proved (showing the real “Vault” copy) to the US that he is a real citizen of the US and if they do know abuout the issue they keep telling us to check it out on his website or the bogus internet. I’ve done my homework….

  14. Brian C says:

    Here comes the burden of proof argument.

    Berg: Ok, proove you are qualified to be POTUS

    Obama: Here’s my certificate of live birth

    Berg: Not good enough, I need more

    Obama: Ok, here’s the State of Hawaii saying my birth certificate is legit

    Berg: I don’t believe them. PROOVE you are qualified

    This is what has happened. The burden of proof is now on berg to DISPROOVE obama’s COLB and the Hawaii official statement. You can’t continually insist on prooving your proof over and over again.

  15. TC says:

    No, BHO has not proven he is a natural born citizen. For those that ‘must’ ignore the legalities of what his certification shows, there is no help. But all Hawaii stated was that they have a certificate on file. That certificate can show him being born in another country. Hawaii has never stated that he IS a natural born citizen of that state. Or the US.

    A vault copy is what is needed to prove where he was born. When he produces that, and it is certified that it is valid, and IF it shows he was born IN Hawaii (even though there are NO records showing his mother was ever in either of the hospitals on the island) – then he will have proven he is a US citizen.

    Until that day, everything he does will be subject to civil unrest in this country.

  16. 30yrdemnotanymore says:

    I think that he was not born a U.S. citizen …I think, just my opinion, That is why he won’t hand over his information from where he went to collage, was it Columbia?…I think when he went he went as a a foreign exchange student from Kenya and it would be on the papers.

    He was adopted by an Indonesian, went to school as a child to a school where you had to be Indonesian to get in, it was a time of war, he used it to get in collage… How hard is it to get in that school? Could of an exchange student got in easier?

    just my opinion…could be why though…

  17. Sorry bunch says:

    Man you people are absolutely insane. Whatever you are on, up the dosage. I cannot believe this empty argument is still going on. Like a bunch of half-wit losers blogging crap on the internet all day know more than the entirety of the United States government and every agency that would be looking into Obama and his eligibility. Can one of you mental giants explain why the RNC, FBI or any actual organization with even a shred of credibility (and I am being generous including the RNC in that list) has not come forward with ANYTHING substantive?

    Now while you sit at home masturbating to Rush Limbaugh and Berg keep repeating this same phrase… President Barack Obama… as you will be hearing it for YEARS.

  18. mcr says:

    Sorry bunch, why are you attacking us instead of addressing the issue re Obama?

  19. Doug says:

    You people are pathetic. Obama is president, period. Stop crying about it and get back to flippin’ those burgers. Oh, and WodieJ, you’re a real hero for referring to our president as a “little son of a bitch” while sitting there in your parent’s basement. Punk.

  20. Sorry bunch says:

    Ummmm… because there is no issue beyond the rantings of a small group of malcontents who seem to want to completely ignore logical reasoning?

    Again I ask the same question. Why has no credible group, agency or party come forward with any form of credible evidence? Citing Berg is laughable since he was the same whack job who filed suit against Bush claiming that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. And you guys are latching onto him as though his word is gospel?

  21. Tired of being called racist says:

    To Brian C.

    You conveniently forgot something in you timeline.

    Mr. Berg made his argument in the court.

    Obama has responded, as you say outside of the courts.

    You can put forth anything you want and declare it anyway you want.

    HOWEVER, doing it in the court is VERY different.

    All Obama declarations have come OUTSIDE of the court, where he can claim whatever he wants to claim.

    The only official claim he has made in court is that Mr. Berg does not have standing.

    He HAS NOT offered ANY documentation for the court to verify. Including a notarized official statements from Hawaiian officials.

    In fact, everyone that have followed these cases are waiting for submission of any documents to the court, besides filing of motions to dismiss the case.

    As for COLB, the fact of matter is that a COLB is done AFTER the actual birth.
    Never mind that to offer such an evidence in form of a jpg file on a website is ridiculous, to start with. And demanding that such an action be taken as positive proof is idiotic, at best.

    The main point by those of us that question Obama’s qualification to be POTUS is as simple as, IF YOU’RE QUALIFIED, WHY DON’T PRODUCE THE PROPER PAPERWORK TO THE COURT FOR VERIFICATION???

    Obama has done EVERYTHING but that.

  22. R. C. W., Sr. a Decorated American Veteran says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Senator Barack Hussein Obama will, if sworn in, become the Commander-In-Chief of ALL Military and Civilian FORCES throughout the World of the United States. Each member of those forces, for security Clearances must undergo a FULL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION or they cannot receive even low level security clearances with the PRESIDENTIAL EYES ONLY being far above Top Secret.

    Senator OBAMA as President Elect has been challenged in several cases which seek to show clearly the Birth was in Kenya and none of his family members were on Orders from the U.S. Government so he cannot become the PRESIDENT. Sadly this FRAUD and possibly perjury will reach out to ALL MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. The other sad part is of the $650 Million Dollars received by his Campaign, perhaps virtually NONE will remain for the NEXT person should another election be called PLUS the donors are SECRET and perhaps FOREIGN NATIONALS have given him sums of money OR received SUMS OF MONEY FROM THOSE DONATIONS which violate laws again.

    I have sent a SIGNED LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT, FBI, SECRET SERVICE and members of Congress asking for a FULL AND COMPLETE INVESTIGATION AND BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION giving them perhaps the 48 HOURS needed to confirm with the Ambassador for the United States in KENYA plus Customs and Immigration Official records and Flight RECORDS OR LOGS that Senator Obama was BORN IN KENYA AND ARRIVED AS AN INFANT WITH HIS MOTHER FROM KENYA. Such would cinch the U.S. Supreme Court and FBI OR PRESIDENT INTO ACTION to protect this great Nation from FRAUD AND PERJURY. Next question will be WHO WILL MAKE LAWS GETTING EVERYONE IN CITY, COUNTY, STATE, FEDERAL APPOINTMENTS BE SUBJECT TO BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS AND PROOF OF BIRTH BEFORE AMERICA GETS TAKEN OVER BY FOREIGNERS ?

    Thank you for your time and for reading this post. IT IS NOT OVER YET !

    I have ASKED for the President to take Senator Obama and his entire FAMILY into protective custody immediately PLUS charges should be filed for felonies known and unknown at a later date but the KIDS will be safe !

    R. C. W., Sr.
    A Decorated American Veteran
    Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
    111508 22:34 HRS or 111608 -03:34 HRS GMT/UCT/ZULU

  23. rovingpatrol says:

    Obama has admitted his duel citizenship on his own website. That alone means is CAN NOT be president.

  24. queenofhearts2u says:

    Consider the following case note from the Yale Law Journal:

    The note was published in 1988, and thus the author did not have any motivation to mold and shape her arguments or conclusions to benefit the candidacy of Barack Obama.

    According to the author, the issue of whether a person born of one American and one alien parent qualifies as “natural born” has never been resolved. In a related footnote (number 5), the author considers the question of whether it matters which parent (Mom or Dad) is the American, and which is the alien parent, suggesting an answer that may not be pleasing to “the One”:

    “Whether, in cases of one citizen and one alien parent, the father or the mother is the alien might also affect natural born citizen status since, under American naturalization statutes in effect around the time of the Constitutional Convention, the citizenship of the child depended on the citizenship and residency of the father. See Act of Mar. 26, 1790, 1 Stat. 103, 104. The American naturalization acts were based on earlier British statutes. See, e.g., An act … For naturalizing … the children of natural born subjects of the crown, 4 Geo. 2, ch. 21 (1731). The Supreme Court in Montana v. Kennedy concluded that the Naturalization Act of 1802, the controlling statute at the time of the petitioner’s birth, made children born abroad citizens only if their fathers were or had been citizens. Montana v. Kennedy, 366 U.S. 308, 310-11 (1961). Until 1934, citizenship of the mother could not be passed on to her foreign-born children. See Rogers v. Bellei, 401 U.S. 815, 826 (1971).

  25. Larse12 says:

    Obama’s Mother Fraud on Obama’s Birth Documents

  26. The Lizard says:

    I saw this article yesterday and voted on it. Seems with all of the lawsuits Obamabots are working full time to ensure the “ONE” is never vetted properly.

    I am adding your site to my blog list. Thanks.

  27. Carlyle says:

    I’m posting this on several blogs today to see if I can encourage some “viral” email and posting activity and to encourage some people to send something like this to their local newspapers.

    I am repeatedly amazed, stunned, and frankly staggered, at the unwillingness of my Democrat acquaintances and correspondents to face this issue. The outcome for them could be particularly bad. It seems to me that the rational course of action under such extreme circumstances is to engage in Risk Mitigation.

    It is a fact that Obama has yet to provide the necessary documents showing his eligibility for President. Millions of people in the US know this. The military knows this. Foreigners, even heads of state know this. In particular, if Obama is NOT a US citizen, the country of which he IS a citizen knows this for sure. And would be in a position to perpetrate great harm to Obama and to the US.

    The rational and intelligent approach would be to get this resolved. Seriously, if this were happening to my preferred candidate, I would be screaming the loudest. If I believed in my candidate I would want this cleared up NOW to prevent unrest domestically or internationally. If there were the slightest doubt, the sooner we know the truth the better. The truth (whatever it may be) cannot be hidden for ever. The truth WILL out. It is just a matter of timing.

    The time is NOW – this will not get better later. The problem is not lessened, but worsened, by the Electoral College meeting in December and formalizing his election. The problem is not lessened, but worsened, by the Inauguration in January. No treaty will be safe if there is doubt about the constitutionality of our president. No executive order or signed law will have any power. The military is sworn to protect the constitution, not the president. What will they do (what MUST they do) if eligibility and constitutionality are still at issue?

    Do you have any idea of the ENORMITY of the problems if Obama is indeed not constitutionally eligible?

    And, this is NOT brain surgery or rocket science. This is easily resolved. Please, regardless of your emotions and affiliation, do every thing you can to get this problem resolved. Simply raise a public outcry that Obama must provide the same records that every other presidential candidate has provided. Question why he has not done this so far and why he continues to refuse and to throw dozens of lawyers into the gears to prevent this disclosure from happening.

    America – what is going on?

  28. Jean Breban says:

    Obamshoud have a very easy way out of this mess by showing a minimum documentation.

    He refuses to do his duty.

    There is only one possible reason : he cannot.

  29. John says:

    Although Congress in 1975 passed a law creating
    the Federal Election Commission “to oversee the


  30. billie nellie says:

    Hold on just a minute boys and girls.John and hillary both knew he was not a naturalborn citizen and did nothing about it, absolutely nothing. Everybody knows the “one” only beat hillary because of the caucus states.She was robbed of the primary in the caucs states. I think the results of the dem primary were already determined before the primary began. Nobody said anything because he was Black.They knew that whoever complained was going to be labeled a racist. The result of the general election was determined as soon as paulson screamed “Bailout needed” just a few weeks before the general election. Mccain was ahead before paulson proclaimed “monetary emergency”.
    Nobody had the Balls to make an issue of citizenship because again they feared the racist label.
    Now we have the same problem again. None of the judges want to touch it with a 10 ft pole. My gut feeling is that he is going to pull this scam off
    because he is black. If a white man had the same problem the streets would be burning.

  31. RJ says:

    Reply to John 11/18/08 @10:55 pm:

    Below is the link to the lawsuit for Writ of Mandate filed by Alan Keyes in California where he has ‘standing’ as he was on the ballot as the Presidential nominee with the American Independent Party (I believe it is called). He alleges it is incumbent — under California election law — on the Secretary of State to verify the eligibility of candidates for whom electors are to vote. His arguments on the state level seem compelliing to me — a non-attorney.

    LINK REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR: John, the Keyes case is an example of the type of legal action mentioned in the memo, wherein the Plaintiff attempts to persuade the state court to compel a specific performance by a state official, namely, vetting the candidate as to natural born citizenship status; notwithstanding such performance is not prescribed with particularity under state law.

  32. RJ says:

    To the administrator:

    I did not realize this web site was not a forum within which to exchange information and ideas regarding the Constitutional crisis we face.

    Certainly the other lawsuits filed by Berg and Donofrio and the assertions contained therein are freely discussed and analyzed in the postings above.

    If John is interested in the Keyes case it can easily be found on the Internet.

    RJ: This topic specifically deals with attempts to secure standing in federal court, which jurisdiction provides the only forum for a comprehensive analysis of whether Obama is a natural born citizen. In addition to proposing a mechanism to pierce the standing barrier, the memo also describes failed attempts in state court to force a full vetting; and the reasons these efforts have been unsuccessful. This is our attempt to focus on what will work, and not to expend energies on what won’t. ADMINISTRATOR

  33. Tony Stark says:

    The location of Obama’s birth is actually irrelevant, whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. The fact is that his father was a British citizen at the time of Obama’s birth (who became a Kenyan citizen after Kenya’s independence) and, according to the laws at the time, acquired the citizenship of his father. This makes Obama essentially a dual citizen of both the UK (becoming Kenyan later on) and the US. Even Obama’s Fight the Smears website admits this. Being a dual citizen at birth does not make him a “natural born” citizen of the US. If people want to insist that having a mother who is a US citizen (even though she was underaged) entitles Obama to be considered a natural born US citizen, then Kenya has every right to insist that Obama was also a natural born Kenyan citizen due to his paternity. How can one be a natural born citizen of two countries then? This issue of divided loyalties is really the heart of the argument against considering dual citizens as natural born citizens of any country.

    Tony Stark: It looks like back in the day, I did not respond to each comment. Mea culpa. It’s late but, here’s my answer. No definition of NBC exists where the federal appeals court has failed to issue such definition in a ruling in a case directly on point. ADMINISTRATOR

  34. Brian H says:

    Insane Person;
    The scan of a COLB printout on a modern computer is NOT the document wanted. Besides which, the scan itself is probably a pastiche of his sister’s and/or other douments.

    With Obama, you can be sure that nothing he says is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Always.

  35. maureen m. kelly says:

    Please continue this discovery. The importance of preventing this type of constitutional reach is incalculable.

  36. Brenda says:

    What is really strange to me is that the people who want to work for Obama have to answer 7 pages of questions that pertain to the person and just about everyone else the person knows. However, he won’t answer anything because he is the one–horse crap. He is not my president, and he certainly is not the one. He wouldn’t be able to be in the FBI or Secret Service just because of the people he as associated with his whole life. He is such a fraud and is going to ruin this country, and I truly believe we are all going to be little socialists who bow down to Obama. Not in this life.

  37. BerlinBerlin says:

    to billie nellie

    You are right, unless the judge is black too (Clarence Thomas)
    Or the law suit is filed by a black person (Alan Keyes)

    And the true racism is that we have to think that way, that any move by a non-black person is worthless.

  38. MHGinTN says:

    ‘Sorry Bunch’, agitprop volunteer for the criminal enterprise DNC, posted: “Like a bunch of half-wit losers blogging crap on the internet all day know more than the entirety of the United States government and every agency that would be looking into Obama and his eligibility. Can one of you mental giants explain why the RNC, FBI or any actual organization with even a shred of credibility (and I am being generous including the RNC in that list) has not come forward with ANYTHING substantive?”

    This is a typical DNC operative approach to try and accomplish two goals, and it is specious from the outset because it demands someone prove a negative, rather than recognizing that Obama is being hired by We The People, so he must prove he is in fact Constitutionally eligible:

    1) make those opposing the candidate based on his lack of Constitutional eligibility appear to be raving loons … since when is demanding someone follow the Constitutional a loony thing?

    2) paint the issue to appear that government officials have actually been on the job verifying eligibility … and of course, had the DNC actually done this in the primaries or the Rodham Rodent challenged in the primaries, they would be able to post the long form actual record of birth, which they cannot since they have no such documentation.

    Bottom line: agents provocateur like this nasty mouth DNC fool will continue to try and squelch enquiry because Barack Obama cannot and will not produce proof of eligibility to meet Constitutional/legal standards. The Obama criminal enterprise is arranging things to extort power by growing the threat of violence from Obama sycophants if he is challenged and removed from candidacy. Obama’s chosen candidate in Kenya used the same methodology to gain power sharing in Kenya after he lost that election. Violence and riot are the natural tools of criminal souls like Obama and Raila Odinga.

    There is only one way top deal with agents like ‘Sorry’, ignore the nasty mouthed obamatrons and continue to demand this little Chicago crime-squirrel show absolute proof of Constitutionally defined eligibility.

  39. Karsten says:

    Interestingly enough, the birth Certificate posted and said to be authentic clearly states he is African…..Humm, in the 60’s it would have listed Negro or Black.

    The terminology African American didn’t come about until quite a few years later and all the Civil Rights Movements.

    Maybe they were just Way Forward Thinkers that filled this one out or maybe it is the biggest Split Up Ever in a Forged Document?

  40. If Obama were born in Kenya, I believe his mother would have to notify the US Embassy, and have him named in her passport in order to bring him to the USA, as I and many other mothers have done with our children when travelling abroad in the seventies and eighties. Therefore records should exist in the US State Department.

    Similarly the British FCO should have something on children born to foreign nationals such as Stanley Ann Dunham and definitely on children born to local troublemakers such as Obama’s alleged father who tried to turn Kenya over to the Soviets.

    This whole scenario is so bizarre I sometimes wonder if we’re being held hostage or blackmailed/threatened. The image of the Pretender with the bona fide Hero on two “throne” like chairs was a mega turn off. Obama and cohorts seem to “own” everyone or is McCain trying to be a good loser and honor the Office of the Presidency?

    Voting “Present” so frequently in the US Senate is a declaration of contempt in the Marxist handbook and a violation of our democratic right to speak and vote on our laws through our representatives.

    Any proof of his graduation from Harvard, Columbia, Occidental? He couldn’t qualify as lecturer in U Chicago but was given a room, blackboard, and salary from private funds.
    This man is a Manchurian candidate, probably one of a number selected and groomed via Affirmative Action and the intellectual left, but the one chosen for today. He has had a free ride all the way through to the hijacked election.

    It is imperative for our National Security that Obama’s foreign donors be identified.
    Again, why isn’t this being done, or is it?

  41. […] Find out Whether Barack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen As Required Under Article Ii of the U.S. Co… To: Concerned Americans From: Team jbjd Subject: How One Courageous Soldier Can Find Out Whether Barack Obama is a […] […]

  42. The Lizard says:

    Excellent post.

    I know this was taken down from RCP. Not sure What Obama is hiding but it is something.

    My belief is that the vault version will reveal Obama as a fraud. I think it will show a late registration. The probable cause of the late registration is that Obama was born out of country. His mother returned to Hawaii immediately after the foreign birth (maybe within three or four days) and registered late and had witnesses stating Obama was born with a midwife at the home.

    No Obama’s mother was not thinking of the Presidency. She was thinking of the rights all Americans have. American citizens are entitled to more than legal aliens. Hopefully the Supreme Court enforces verification of citizenship.

  43. John Adams says:

    Let’s see what happens in the Martin case set for hearing tomorrow Nov.18 in Hawaii seeking an order from the court for the Hawaii Department of Health to produce the long version of Obama’s birth certificate.
    The Keyes case probably has the best shot at getting somewhere for several reasons. One is that the attorney handling it, Gary Kreep is an excellent attorney. Many of the other State lawsuits were filed by non-attorneys and they do not have the finances of the Independent Party to serve all of the parties and then do the necessary discovery which will cost a fair amount of money.
    There are now two case in front of the SC but the Berg case will likely go no where. People are expecting some kind of hearing on Dec. 1, but it will likely be a confirmation the SC is not taking the case.
    But with upwards of 15 lawsuits filed around the country the SC may take it up.

  44. Hey, TROLLS…If your lying cheating boss was legit,..he’d show the document. What’s the big deal? Hand it over. He WILL go down BIG TIME in a hailstorm of shame and embarrassment because he’s NOT ELIGIBLE. Do you think that a bunch of little trolls blogging in their parent’s basements scare us? You will have to pry our First Amendment rights out of our cold, dead hands. Why don’t you go out, get a real job, and leave us adults to fix America? Clearly you’re too uninformed to know what you voted for. A FRAUD. He WILL get busted and God bless EVERYONE who is putting up the fight to keep the most dangerous CRIMINAL in America’s history out of the White House. He should be deported, not rewarded for his lies.

    BUH BYE TROLLS: I admire your passion; but performed a little clean up on the words. ADMINISTRATOR

  45. wendy says:

    Many lawsuits is a good thing, but I wish all these people filing lawsuits would compare notes, and find out the one way that they could provide standing. Seems to me someone from the military getting ready to be deployed is our best bet. Is there anyone out there you have heard about in the military going to be doing this?

  46. Keith says:

    Trust me, if BHO does produce the “vault copy” of the birth certificate, there will be those claiming it a forgery and the result of vast conspiracy. That is how these things work.

  47. Robb - Cincy says:

    Like any Crimnal Trial – If you are Guilty as Charged – your best to not offer any of your own Testmony – DO NOT TAKE THE STAND – Perhaps the actions lately are BHO’s way of responding – “Present” …. When Guilty as Charged … you hope your surroguts can keep you free from discovery !

    My personal ‘Big Picture’ beliefs, as we see Clinton people being appointed, is that The Clinton Machine has the facts, knowledge and grip on BHO’s xxx already – Likely, this was a longstanding plan to allow the
    Voting efforts to compel a Democrate Winner in BHO, allowing HRClinton to become POTUS … where do you think all the money has come from – not from poor blacks as advertised. We are all the butt of this coming Joke.

  48. Robb - Cincy says:

    We must enact the grass roots effort to post, attach and ‘paint’ the demand for * Obama Truth – Birth Cert Proof * – talk it, text it, sign it, cheap ads in local papers – cause the interest to grow – cause people to care and notice … DO YOU CARE ? Expand the dual citizenship argument too. * Do we not remember – Sarah’s son is just being deployed … what better Patriot to Kick-butt in Washington, DC !!!!! She would equal, no, excede her earlier Alaska election Maverick Status – The President Candidate from No Where … The Presidential Innuageration to No Where!

    No doubt, this could even be a ‘Harvard Law School’ – Joke – to dmonstrate perversion of the U S Constitution – to show a weakness
    never resolved to date … what if, what up with that … no joke.

  49. Diane says:

    This takes the cake. I have never heard this “story” before today 11/18/08. Don’t you people think the FBI and the CIA have investigated Obama’s background? Let’s face it. Most of the people (in very high secret places) that didn’t what him to become president would have dragged this information into the light before election day. What is this? It sounds like some white supremacist bull. Why is it so bad to have a black man as president? I just can’t get over the prejudice this country still has. I’m just glad it was this black man instead of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

    Diane: To which “story” are you referring? On what basis do you assume either the FBI or the CIA could have initiated or conducted an investigation to determine whether Obama is a natural born citizen? And, if people in “very high secret places” had information establishing he is not then, perhaps the reason they are withholding this information is that, contrary to your hypothesis, they actually want him to be POTUS. Finally, while you presume that concerns whether the Constitution is being followed equals racism, you fail to offer any causality. On the other hand, expressing relief the black man who could be President is Obama and not Jackson or Sharpton evidences another form of racism: better a foreign black than a domestic. ADMINISTRATOR

  50. Ron says:

    “The acorn doesn’t fall very far from the tree.”

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